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Table Of Contents 

Staff 1 

Introduction 2 

Dedication 17 

Faculty and Administration 18 


Class Poem 

Senior Biographies 


Student Life 



Senior Activities 


v 1 











" ' ■ ; -. ;■ 


A is 

-i.» J i k iN; ■ 






Green Years 1993 


Rebecca Burk 
Kerry Larkin 
Associate Editors 
Nancy Santoro 
Christine Sceppa 
Klaus Ullman 
Cathy Walencis 
Business Editors 
Sunghyun Chung 
Daniel Hannon 
Sports Editors 
Nancy Radden 
Gregory Piazza 

Activities Editors 

Jennifer Van Gelder 

Janet Rosenblad 

Senior Activities Editors 

Melissa Hener 

Laura Iskenderian 

Senior Biography Editors 

Sarah Brett 

Laura Corcoran 

Faculty Advisor 

Mrs. Frances H. Petrakos 




Fink says, "Think!" 

•l ft'll -"ll J 


Despite different backgrounds, 

interests, and personalities, 

we united as 

the Class of 1993, 

seeking ourselves through 

each other. 

We will walk 

We will work 

on our own feet; 

with our own hands; 

We will speak 

our own minds. 
-Ralph Waldo Emerson 

'Get off my back!" 

Can you find the missing sneaker? 

Wow, I'm actually dancing with Santa! 

Chris takes his happy Halloween hostages captive 

^^^^mm r*ir 


■1^^-. ^A 

1 ^^HT ^ 




A • 1 


The happy couple bids farewell after just tying the knot 

Two's company, three's a crowd! 



A 4 

Sorry, Eileen, I didn't think I was 
that bad of an artist. 


Green spirit pyramid! 

Faculty, coaches, advisors, and 

friends combined to form an 

intricate network of involvement 

and support, which made our 

senior year memorable. 

'Don't walk in front of me, I may 

not follow. Don't walk behind me, 

I may not lead. " 


'You cannot be friends on any 

other terms than upon the terms of 


-Wood row Wilson 



What do you think? Should I keep them or not? 




Sx4Bfe—~- sd 


"Every human being is 

intended to have a character 

of his own; to be what no 

others are; and to do what no 

other can do." 

-William Ellery Charming 

"What lies beyond us and 

what lies before us are tiny 

matters when compared to 

what lies within us." 

-Ralph Waldo Emerson 

"If a man does not keep pace 
with his companions, perhaps 
it is because he hears a 
different drummer. Let him 
step to the music which he 
hears, however measured or 

far away." 

- Henry David Thoreau 

I use Super-Polydant! 


I am woman, hear me roar! 

Rel says these goggles bring out the color of my eyes. 

We set our own personal 
goals and achieved them. 
We made our class what 
We wanted it to be. 

"What you do speaks so 
that I cannot hear 
what you say." 

-Ralph Waldo Emerson 

"We judge ourselves by 
what we feel capable of 
doing, while others 
judge us by what we have 
already done." 

-Henry W. Longfellow 


m * «m — ^^ 

Senior year is about senioritis. 

iris asks, Is 
Is that what I have to get? . 
This one right here?" 

Well, whadda yaTnTnkr 


Girls' Swim Team swims its 
way to a splashing finale! 
Football wins Super Bowl 
against all odds! This is 
what we call achieving 
beyond expectations. 










' : -^H W^ : ** 

'** ■ 1 



Mr. Wayne Cahtterton 

^^ f 

^5JBi.' r ' 



Mr. Wayne Chatterton 
honored by Class of 1993 

As we graduate from Westwood High School, we represent the 
culmination of four years of hard work and dedication by the faculty. 
Everyone of us has been influenced and guided by one teacher in the 
years of high school. Every year, though, the class as a whole decides 
to dedicate the yearbook to one member of the faculty who has 
particularly influenced it. 

This year's dedication honors a man who has spent most of the 
school year teaching seniors and who has guided his students stead- 
fastly through this turbulent year. In his classes, students were intro- 
duced to a new atmosphere of learning dominated by group discus- 
sions and peer evaluations. Many students have found this year to be 
the most academically stimulating of all four years, and have ex- 
pressed the wish that his classes encompass students from all grades. 
The analytical skills and self confidence taught in these classes have 
succeeded in many ways in inspiring the members of our class. 

This teacher's influence extends beyond his classroom. He has a 
definite presence in this school- even students who have never taken 
one of his classes have no qualms in asking for his assistance. He has 
an open friendly air, and students easily place their trust in him. Most 
of all, he never places himself as a teacher on a platform "above" 
students. He never treats a single person with disrespect or distrust. 
He is a fine example of the new style of teaching: accessible, under- 
standing, making an effort to include all, yet still encouraging ambition 
and emphasizing hard work. 

The Green Years 'staff is proud to announce the dedication of the 
1993 yearbook to Mr. Wayne Chatterton. 

L to R: Mr. Chatterton, Kerry Larkin and Rebecca Burk, Co-Editors of Green 


The mind is not a vessel to be 
filled, but a fire to be ignited. r 




Mr. Leo Crowe 
Assistant Superintendent 

Dr. Robert Monson 

The School Committee and the Superintendents led the 
school system throughout the year with commitment and 
strong leadership. Under the chairmanship of Mrs. Mary T. 
Feeley, the School Committee had a very busy year dis- 
cussing, evaluating, and implementing new educational con- 
cepts. Meetings were held every other week at the various 
schools throughout the system, thus giving parents and 
interested citizens the opportunity to attend. Lindsay Tis- 
dale, student liaison, and Mr. Donald Beurman, Westwood 
Teachers Association liaison, attended all meetings and 
capably represented student and staff. 

At the end of the year, Mr. Joseph Quinn retired. Mr. 
Quinn had served the School Committee for twelve years, 
three terms of which he was chairman. The schools and 
community are extremely grateful to Mr. Quinn for his 
dedication and leadership. His sensitivity to students, teach- 
ers, and supporting staff was displayed at all times by his 
knowledge and understanding of educational issues. 

Mr. Donald Beurman 
Faculty Liaison 

Lindsay Tisdale 
Student Liaison 

Mr. Joseph Quinn 

Front Row (L to R): Mrs. Josepha Jowdy, Mrs. Karen Coffey Back Row: Dr. Andrew Onderdonk, 
Mrs. Mary Feeley (Chairperson), Mrs. Anne Christian. 



CLASS OF 1993 

As your high school career draws to a close, it should give you great 
satisfaction to look back at your record of accomplishments. As was pointed 
out by several speakers at Class Night and commencement excercises the 
Class of 1993 has excelled in many areas. Your scholastic achievement far 
exceeded not only the expectations but the hopes of your teachers; as 
athletes you have led the school to an enviable year which included several 
tournament appearances and a state championship. Finally, as people and 
citizens of the school community, you have gained the respect and admiration 
of the school staff and administration. Although it is true that you are the 
smallest class numerically to ever graduate from Westwood High School, the 
list of your achievements is a large one. 

As you move on now to further education, careers and personal lives as 
adults, you take with you our very best wishes for success in your chosen field 
and happiness in your lives. We are sure when your twentieth anniversary is 
celebrated, you will have established an outstanding record in life as you did 
here in school. 

Our very best wishes to all of you. 


F. Flaherty 

Phillip F. Flaherty 

My congratulations to the Class of 1993! You have displayed a 
great deal of academic vitality and creativity since arriving at 
Westwood High School four short years ago. Your energies and 
pursuits led to outstanding achievements not only in the classroom, 
but on the athletic fields as well. You were also a strong force leading 
to the many successes within our new Performing Arts program and 
governance initiative. You have truly reaped the rewards of a strong 
and dedicated faculty which along with the support of family and 
community has prepared you for a bright, challenging and rewarding 

1 urge you to preserve your memories and friendships by becoming 

active members of our alumni. Keep in touch Agi Quod Agis 

Charles W. Flahive 
Assistant Principal 

Mr. Charles W. Flahive 
Assistant Principal 


Mrs. Marjorie Hall 

Mrs. Eileen Kallenberg 


The ladies of the Front Office have taken care of 
the day-to-day needs of students from the beginning 
of freshman year to the end of senior year. They take 
care of tardies and absences; they take messages, and 
hold on to student belongings until the owners claim 
them; and they answer student and visitor questions. 
Acting as the information network of the school, they 
make sure "communication lines" remain in place. 
The Class of 1993 would like to thank the Front 
Office for its dedication and help over our four years 
of high school. 

Mrs. Cassandra Macdonald 

Mrs. Leigh Spencer 

Mrs. Irene Dhosi 

Mrs. Mary Furber 

Mr. Laurence Rettman 
Business Coordinator 


The Westwood High School Business and Industri- 
al Technology Department prepares students for col- 
lege as well as for the real world. This department 
helps students strive to reach their goals and opens 
up for them many career opportunities. Headed by 
Mr. Lawrence Rettman, the department offers 
courses in business law, word processing, accounting, 
and industrial arts. These courses have proven not 
only helpful in fulfilling career goals, but also have 
been enjoyed as learning fun by many students. 



'-»,•: '.--■ 

Guidance - n. something that leads or di- 
rects, as to a destination - this is the main 
purpose of the Guidance office. The Guid- 
ance Department, operated by the capable 
hands of Dr. Kerrissey, Ms. Armstrong, Mr. 
Hughes, Mrs. Levangie and Mr. Bowman, 
solves problems with schedules, grades, and 
by popular demand, college applications. 
Without its help and assistance, students, 
especialy seniors, would be lost, wandering 
in a mass of confusion and hysteria. But 
thanks to the faculty working in the Guid- 
ance office, no matter where a student's 
destination may be, they will do their best to 
lead him or her to it. 

Ms. Carol Armstrong 

Dr Carol Kerrissey, Director 

Mr. Joseph Bowman 

Mr. Thomas Hughes 


Just about every senior has had a 
close relationship with the Media 
Center and the faculty that head it. 
By just leisurely passing through or 
trying to disguise tripping down the 
stairs of the Media Center, one 
soon realizes that it serves as the 
hub of the school. Whether one is 
there during a free block, after 
lunch, or busily working at the Info- 
trac, Mr. Sweezy and Mrs. McCou- 
brey are always there to maintain 
order and assist any confused stu- 
dents with the library's abundant 

.-.. - 

Mrs. Mary Levangie 

resources. However, the Media 
Ceter not only fosters the growth of 
individual students, but also has 
rooms for classes with audio and 
visual needs, such as Music Listen- 
ing. So if one wants to go where 
everybody knows his name, the Me- 
dia Center is the place to go. 

Mrs. Virginia McCoubrey 

Mr. Eugene Swezey 



Ms. H. Joan Dillon 

Dr. Terrence Earls, Chairperson 

::;:s :: N* : : : : :; V; :: : ■ 

r :': :i:: : ^ " i ! ■: ^ 'i^ 4 ^ ^V ' : : : i^S 4 ^ ^ :■ *: ^ 

Good writing skills are important in col- 
lege and in the working world, and the 
four years of English that Westwood stu- 
dents have to take are designed to devel- 
op these skills. The English Department 
instructs students on the use of correct 
grammar and language while supervising 
the development of each individual's writ- 
ing ability. The English Department also 
fosters the development of insight and 
understanding in students through the 
many great works of literature studied 
over the four years. 

The English Department holds many 
memories for students graduating. Who 
can forget dictation tests or the five-para- 
graph essay? Who can forget such won- 
derful lines of literature such as "My 
mother is a fish" from Faulkner's As I 
Lay Dying? Who can forget the amount 
of time and effort the English Department 
dedicates to the student body - in class 
and other activities? 

The Class of 1993 would like to thank 
the English Department for four years of 
hard work on our behalf. 

Mrs. Linda Hanlon 

Mrs. Gail Hayes 

Mrs. Stephanie Kelsch 

Ms. Elizabeth Mclntyre 

Mr. Michael Milan 

Mrs. Frances Petrakos 


■ .. ;- : ;V>v *:./£•"■ ■ • -. mm 



Mathematics at Westwood High means 
lots of formulas and rules, hard work, and 
the wonderful personalities and teaching 
styles of the faculty. The Math Depart- 
ment develops our skills of problem solv- 
ing, logic, and reasoning, enabling us to 
brave later on in life everything from 
household accounts to nuclear physics. 
New initiatives in the Department intend 
to emphasize the universalism of the lan- 
guage of mathematics, as well as to im- 
prove classroom learning by encouraging 
cooperative learning styles. 

Most of all, each math teacher has his 
or her own own vibrant personality and 
brings to each class a different outlook. 
The amiability of the math teachers is 
renowned, and many students will stick 
their heads into Math Seminar merely to 
say hello, as well as to seek help. In 
sports and extracurricular activities as 
well, the support of the Math Department 
is noticeable. A thank you to all math 
teachers for their instruction and concern 
for the well-being of the student body. 

Mr. Edward Baker 

Mr. Harvey Fischler 

"They're always in 
Math Seminar 
when you need 
them. They make 
math fun even 
when you don't un- 
derstand it." 

- Corinna Federico 

Mr. Richard Hargreaves 

Ms. Christine Kelley 

Mr. Raymond Kodzis 

Mr. James Pender, Chairperson 

Ms Karen Tosca 



Mr. Rex Babiera 

Mr. Kevin Burke 

Mr. Peter Geary 

Dr. John Griffin, Chairperson 

"Life will never be 
the same without 
Mr. Burke's tidbits 
of trivia on our fa- 
vorite foods." 

-Jenn Van Gelder 
"Hey, Mr. Relleva, 
how do you spell 

-Shafie Kureshy 

"P-hysics is P-hun!" 

- Mr. Topalian's 

physics class 1992 


Once again, Dr. Griffin led the Science 
Department of Westwood High School to 
another wonderful year of scientific stud- 
ies. Through the use of accelerated labs 
and lectures, the science teachers have 
broadened the minds of Westwood's stu- 
dents, who some day may be the leaders 
of technological fields. We have many 
fond memories of the Science Depart- 
ment which will stay with us for the rest 
of our lives. 

Who can forget the frog dissections in 
biology class, or the air hockey tourna- 
ment in physics, even if it wasn't a dem- 
onstration of frictionless surfaces? The 
experienced staff of the Science Depart- 
ment has combined fun and learning into 
its classes. We, the Class of 1993, would 
like to thank you for all your your efforts 
and for the guidance you have given us. 

Mr. Raymond Keegan 

Mr. Wayne Relleva 




Looking back into the past is just one 
element of the education that the Social 
Studies Department provides for the stu- 
dents under the direction of chairman Mr. 
Brown. A whole new world is opened to 
us through the many courses we can take. 
A student can learn about globals issues 
from Mr. Beurman, government from Ms. 
Walsh-Saumsiegle; or take a look across 
the ocean in European history with Mr. 
Dore, or experience Mr. Brown's after- 
school sessions and lectures in AP U.S. 
history. While offering many other excit- 
ing and challenging courses, the faculty of 
the Social Studies Department has gone 
beyond the classroom in offering guid- 
ance and a helping hand to the students 
they teach. 

Mr. Donald Beurman 

Mr. Thomas Brown 


"History is philoso- 
phy learned from 

- Dionysius of 


Mr. David Dore 

Mr. Brendan Dillon 

Mr. Robert Jackson 

Mrs. Nancy Walsh-Saumsiegle 






Ms. Louise Chereski 

Mr. William Ducheneau 


"If they taught Me- 
posian, I'd be able 
to speak to Balki 

-Garrett Domina 


No one can deny the crucial need for 
knowledge of a foreign language, such as 
the French, Latin, and Spanish taught in 
Westwood High, in an increasingly di- 
verse society. And no one can deny the 
teaching expertise of the Westwood High 
Foreign Language Department, headed 
by Mrs. Hollis Perry. Whether it's an oc- 
casional "Hola," "Bonjour," or "Salve" 
in the hallway, one feels a unique cultural 
spirit when in the domain of this depart- 
ment. The involvement and dedication of 
the Foreign Language faculty has led to 
events such as field trips and international 
food days. We, the Class of 1993, would 
like to express our appreciation to all the 
teachers in the Foreign Language Depart- 
ment and for all the help they've given us 
over the years. 

Mr. Jason Glassman 

Mrs. Linda Lannon 

Mrs. Hollis Perry 

Mrs. Diane Rice 

Not pictured: Mr. James Nocito 


Getting to know one's own learning 
style and the best way to study are some 
of the important things that students with 
special needs learn at Westwood High 
School, especially with the help of the 
Special Services Department. WHS 
prides itself on an innovative and almost 
fully integrated program in which stu- 
dents with special needs are placed in 
courses of all levels. Regular and Special 
Education teachers team up in many 
classes to address the needs of students. 
The Special Services Department also ad- 
dresses the pyschological and physical 
needs of students, completing the care of 
the student as a whole. 


"The Learning 
Center is like 

"The Alternative 
Program has given 
me new promise on 
my outlook on aca- 
demic work." 
"Thank God for the 

Mrs. Carolyn Harvey 

Mrs. Ann Matteson 

Mrs. Anne Mullen 

Mrs. Carol Rosengarten 

y/ Con* 


~rj ttcM. 


w ^r 







Mrs. Lorraine Brinton 

Mrs. Anna Runci 


Mr. Thomas DelSignore, Director 
of Art 

Mrs. Judith DesPres 

The Fine Arts Departments have pro- 
vided Westwood High students with ex- 
posure to a different area of academics - 
the visual and performing arts. The Art 
Department, under Mr. Delsignore, 
teaches art and ceramics to students, pro- 
viding a material outlet for those creative 
juices. The Music Department led by Mr. 
Giurleo spends much time improving the 
musical understanding and skill of instru- 
mental players and singers. And the 
PACE program directd by Ms. Hall pro- 
vided students with the opportunity to 
learn about and peform various aspects 
of the dramatic arts. 

Mr. James Guirleo, Director of 

Ms. Karen Hall 

Ms. Laura Chadwick 

Dr. Joseph Gearon, Director 

Ms. Susan Peters 

Mr. Paul Tuccelli 


The attire: sneakers, shorts, and a T-shirt - 
preferably one stating a clever quote or ad- 
vertising some group. The mission: to strive 
to develop our minds and our bodies to their 
fullest potential. With the guidance of Mr. 
Tuccelli and Ms. Peters, students participat- 
ed in such invigorating activities as pickle- 
ball, weightlifting, volleyball, and every- 
body's favorite - the twelve minute run. 
Nostalgic seniors and juniors will always look 
back on their years of "gym" with the fon- 
dest of memories, as it was not a required 
course this year for upperclassmen, unfortu- 
nately. A special thanks goes to Dr. Gearon 
for his overall support and to Mrs. Clement 
and Trainer Jeff for patching us up when we 
pushed ourselves just a little too far. 


Patrice and her Milton Ave. Girls blew the roof off in concert at WHS 

WHS speakers program presents 


The students in the Art Department created many fine works of art this year, including Mike Hall's work which 
won top honors in competition. 


We laughed until we had to cry; 
we loved right down to our last goodbye; 
we were the best I think we'll ever be. 
-St. Elmo's Fire 

Front Row (L to R): Mrs. Carol Rosengarten (Advs.), Joy Howland (Pres), Christy 
Doyle (V.P.), Sarah Brett (Treas.), Mark Connelly (Sec). 

David Henry Abdou 

29 Carroll Court 

Suzanne Marie Adams 

91 Hawthorn Street 

Amy Mae Beneway 

96 Hillview Road 

Sarah Bronwen Brett 

137 Cedar Lane 

Rebecca Pauline Burk 

231 Farm Lane 

Megan Burnett 

1T4 Ellis Street 

Jeffrey Campanelli 

840 Gay Street 

Kenneth F. Carter 

50 Plantation Circle, Norwood 

Hyun Chung 

133 Hemlock Dnvi 


aH B MB 

Diehard L. Cocivera Jr. 

65 Wildwood Road 

Mark Edward Connelly 

37 Greenacre Road 

John Collins 

48 Margery Lane 

Siobhan Connelly 

185 Forbes Road 

Theresa Marie Conley 

74 Gay Street 

Laura Ann Corcoran 

138 Forbes Road 

John Whitcombe Corlito 

29 Deerfield Avenue 

David D. Cronin 

90 Cobleigh Street 

Noreen Mary Curtin 

73 Hillview Road 



i-y I \.* sWCJi; I '* 

Daniel William Dobra 

43 Mill Street 

Christy Elizabeth Doyle 

116 Phillips Brooks Road 

Kristine Margaret Farren 

346 Weatherbee Drive 

Corinna Marie Federico 

20 Willett Pond Drive 

Matthew Loren Fink 

58 Weatherbee Drive 

Michelle &. Fisher 

222 Washington Street 

Paul Flaherty 

39 Beacon Street 

Qussell C. Flynne 

37 Lakeshore Drive 

Kevin Y. Foster 

84 Webster Street 


Mary Joanna Foster 

237 Alder Road 

Edward William Galvin 

97 Westchester Drive 

Jennifer L. Fox 

17 Loring Street 

Meaghan Kathleen Gadd 

1421 High Street 

Veronica Jane Gozzo 

195 Stanford Drive 

David Edward Green 

218 Winter Street 

John M. Griffin 

145 Chestnut Street, Wrentham 

Donna Marie Gu&lielmi 

130 Forbes Roa 

Michael C. Hall 

1695 High Street 


F. Daniel Hannon 

83 Greenacre Road 

Melissa Jo Hener 

144 Church Street 

Patricia Higgins 

35 Stanford Drive 

Amy Lynn Howe 

3 Strafford Place 

Joy-Marie Howland 

103 High Rock Lane 

Andrew C. Hughes 

10 West view Terrace 

Sonila Elizabeth Hysi 

Whitney Fehr Ik 

303 Dover Road 

Elio Imbornone 

40 Peartree Drive 


Patrice Dionne Jefferson 

5 Westcott St., Dorchester 

Laura Aline Iskenderian 

65 Wagon Road 

Sean P. Keaney 

396 Canton Street 

Matthew David Keller 

27 Willow Street 

Kevin Patrick Kelly 

137 Partridge Drive 

Christine &. Kiriacopoulos 

90 Endicott Street 

George Koukkos 

25 Putting Drive 

Paul Kreraer 

58 Locust Drive 

Asad Kureshy 

1 1 1 Grove Street 


&hafie Kureshy 

1 1 1 Grove Street 

Tara Emilia Laham 

17 Aran Road 

Kerry Jill Larkin 

56 Glen Road 

Brian Michael Lawton 

45 Fisher Street 

Christine Leon 

461 East Street 

Jonathan Gendal Lynch 

148 Forbes Road 

Qobert Randall Magnanti 

33 School St., Hopkinton 

Antonis Mallios 

85 Hillview Road 

James P. Manning 

1537 High Street 


Jennifer &usan Mara 

504 Everett Street 

James W. Marsh 

55 Webster Street 

Katherine Eileen Mason 

31 Winslow Road 

Jennifer Lynn May 

110 Sycamore Drive 

Amy Jean Mazzola 


Wildwood Drive 

Diehard (Scott McCarthy 

26 Buckmaster Road 

Stephen P. McGovern 

76 Bonney Street 

Justin Karl McNair 

45 Linsey St., Dorchester 

Paul Moloney 

83 Stearns Street 


Eileen O'Dea 

129 Dover Road 

Mark A. Onderdonk 

28 Lynn Terrace 

Aisha Cherilyn Owens 

6 Westcott St., Dorchester 

Mark Bradford Paster 

355 Weatherbee Drive 

Christopher John Payne 

225 Washington Street 

Matthew Pellegrini 

62 Church Street 

Grace Ann Petta 

79 Austin St., Hyde Park 

Gregory Piazza 

136 weatherbee Drive 

Nancy Qadden 

185 Stanford Drive 


James Joseph Desha 

82 Thatcher Street 

Diana Dice 

232 Farm Lane 

Janet Dosenblad 

76 Woodridge Road 

Nancy Ann Santoro 

186 Forbes Road 

Mary Elizabeth Dosentel 

84 Washington Street 

Wendy Ann Dowe 

69 Weather bee Drive 

Christine Joy Sceppa 

43 Greenacre Road 

Katerina Semyonova 

130 Pond Plain Road 

Douglas (Sibley 

32 Meadowbrook Road 


Diehard Qoy &iggens 

31 Pond Plain Road 

Craig Sinclair 

145 Providence Highway 

Jeremy Steele 

115 Bowdoin St., Boston 

Kerry Anne Suchma 

130 Woodland Road 

Karen Patricia Taylor 

47 Ellis Street 

David M. Tenofsky 

131 Mill Street 

(Stephen James Tibbetts 

73 Crystal Hill Terrace 

Lindsay Anne Tisdale 

425 Canton Street 

Lisa Marie Troiano 

280 Oak Street 



Catherine Alice Walencis 

80 Pond Plain Road 

Jennifer Anne Van Gelder 

54 Blueberry Lane 

Klaus E>. Ullmann 

310 Farm Lane 

Photos not available: 

Ernst Frederick Herard 

108 Rockdale Rd., Mattapan 

Darrel J. Higginbottom 

25 Holburn SrTDorchester 

Michael J. McDonald 

78 Lake Shore Drive 

6cott Robert Wood 

123 Arcadia Road 


Class and Awards Night 

JUNE 10, 1993 






c^ cY Westzvooct High ScfiooC 


'Westwood, Massachusetts s^^mmL 

Sl °"fa. 

4& ^/* 

There Is No Death 

In one sense there is no death. The life of a 
soul on Earth lasts beyond his departure. 
You will always feel that life touches yours, 
that voice speaking to you, that spirit look- 
ing out of other eyes, talking to you in the 
familiar things he touched, worked with, 
loved as familiar friends. He lives on in your 
life and in the lives of all other that knew 

-Angelo Patri 

Jason Aylward 

Jason Aylward, a member of the class of 1993, would have graduated with 

the rest of his class in June of '93. Since he left us before our big move to the 

Thurston Junior High, only about half of the class knew him. And the ones who 

knew him well were very fortunate. I was one of them. Jason was one of my 

good friends, if not the best; and for a fifth-grader, the loss of a companion of 

this sort is not easy to swallow. He was an extremely energetic, athletic, and 

friendly kid. I always envied him for he just wasn't afraid. He didn't have many 

fears and wasn't afraid to take risks. I always considered Jason a wild friend! He 

was truly unique, and his death came as a tremendous shock and terrible loss. 

We'll never forget him, and we'll forever miss him. For others in the class who 

knew him, please keep his spirit alive inside. 

-Dan Hannon 


•-• • ' ••:■■■'■: 


Love For A Friend 

Cannot Be Expressed 

In Size Or In Weight, 

And Cannot Be Guessed. 

You Know When It's There 

And Know When It's Strong. 

And Love For True Friends 

Can Never Go Wrong. 

Smiling And Laughing 

When Spirits Are High. 

But When Things Go Bad, 

Unafriad To Cry. 

For You'll Understand 

And She'll Understand. 

When You're In Need, 

Just Reach For Her Hand. 

But When She's Not There 

And Cannot Come Back 

And Your World Seems Empty 

And Painted All Black, 

Just Think Of Your Love, 

And She'll Think Of You. 

Loving And Caring 
Is What True Friends Do. 

-Christine Sceppa 

m*w -» jf 1 

Christina M. Grueter 


A Personal Comment to the Class of 1993 

, % 


Most mornings, before heading off to work, I look at a sketch that was drawn by Veronica Gozzo. The sketch 
is of the dogwood tree that you planted in Christina's memory. 

Veronica's sketch captured the youthful spirit of the tree. Its young limbs growing in every direction. It isn't 
majestic, it isn't well rounded, and it isn't fully mature. Not only did Veronica capture the spirit of Christina - a 
picture of her youthfulness that is frozen in time, but she also captured the spirit of each and every one of you. 
Today you are not majestic, you are not well rounded, and you are not fully mature - but some day you will be. 
As you go through life, remember that tree - reach for all the nourishment that is out there, and grow to your full 
potential. |>- 

For our family, the Class of 1993 will always be close to our hearts. Your support of Christina through her ill- 
ness, and the sympathy at her death gave us great comfort during a very difficult time. She could not have asked 
for better classmates and friends. You truly are the Class of Champions. 

Frank, Michelle, Chip & Tim Grueter 


■H HBi 

We'll Remember . 

Mr. Stack taught at Westwood High School for thirty-three 
years. In those years he touched in some way the life of each and 
every student who walked into Room 110. Many of us had Mr. 
Stack as a history teacher freshman year. As I think back I 
remember a man on the first day of classes who gave each of us 
specific detailed directions to our next class. He certainly loved 
history and his boundless enthusiasm gave him the power to 
reach all of his students. After we had talked for hours about 
historical significance, the fall of Troy or the cities of Greece, Mr. 
Stack would always have some story about his brothers. They 
were his family but so was one special lady, Miss Bolles. After her 
death, he continued on and was an example of strength and 
comfort to both his students and colleagues. During his two-year 
battle with lung cancer he enjoyed the many letters from impor- 
tant members of his family - his students. As we leave WHS and 
move on in our lives, Mr. Stack's influence and memory will long 
endure through his students. 

- Nancy Santoro 

Richard J. Stack 

Physics is Phun! Mr. Topalian was a 
teacher who took difficult material and 
made it simple by the use of one of his 
three million gadgets. He was truly a 
different kind of teacher, but a great 
one, as he was able to create a class- 
room where a student felt comfortable 
and able to tackle the next problem 
(which would probably take the next 
three hours). Mr. Topalian showed his 
students many new laws and theories. 
But once in the middle of one of his 
demonstations, we introduced him to 
something new. While we were creat- 
ing a laser show on the wall, the song 
"Bohemian Rapsody" came on and he 
loved it, especially the part with "Gali- 
leo, Galileo." Mr. Topalian's love for 
physics and for his students made him 
a teacher who could reassure us in our 
studies and be a friend who was there 
if needed. He may not have believed 
all of our excuses for being late but his 
love for his students will last forever. 
- A.P. Physics B '92 

Calvin D. Topalian 





Sonnet For The Class Of 1993 
School Spirits 

One day I walked in footsteps of the past 

And felt the touch of spirits I once knew 

They came to play again; my wish come true 

They softly came to me, but left too fast 

The spirits took me back from first to last 

To show me hallways, classrooms, hours that flew 

The pain, the fears, the loss, from these we grew 

The sacred friendships, ties unbroken, vast. 

The spirits told me I had inner strengths 

They gave me help to see a world of peace 

They showed me bonds made firm of endless lengths 

They said the gift of knowledge would not cease 

And now I walk in footsteps quite unknown. 

I struggle forth, but I am not alone. 

Catherine Walencis 


All your money won't another 
minute buy. 

Jidoo, Scamp, Donkey. ..Small, Clean 
Cut. .."What's the deal?", 
"Almighty!". ..Likes: girls, parties, 
most sports, chicken fingers from 
Hey Buddy's, Bart's Bash... Pet 
Peeves: being broke, ignorant 
people... Favorite People: Parx, Sigs, 
Con, Tibs, Ed, Russ, Nancy, Joy & 
Amy, Rick... Where Found: Mobil, 
baseball field, Ed's basement, 
Grandmama's Cottage. 
Basketball 1,2,3,4; Baseball 1,2,3, 
Capt. 4; NHS 3,4; Spanish Honor 
Society 2,3,4; Peer Educators 4. 

S>u& y\dams 
So before we end and then begin, 
let's drink a toast to how it's been! 
"Baby",... Pet Peeves: The WW wire, 
informer ... 

Favorite People: L.C., J.M., C.K., the 
gang... R.M. 14 Wonderland, Den- 
nis, the cup, "I need a hospital", lifts, 
loon, Maine, "Stupid", New Years 
92,93, "L.C., Paramedics and Fire- 
men", MD's, Campout at Pal Rock, 
Bahamas '93, Hockey Party '92, 
Bubalua, Whits NH, Prom, Cape, 
D.P. and the window... Where 
Found: With Liam... Thanks Mom & 
Dad, Good Luck '93! 

It is only with the heart that one can 
see rightly; what is essential is invis- 
ible to the eye. 

Brettie, Sunny, Smurf.. .seldom seen 
not wearing blue. ..Likes: Music Lit. 
with Miss T., Pachelbel's Canon, To 
Kill a Mockingbird, Au Revoir Les 
Enfants, typing to Polka music, na- 
ture walks. ..Pet Peeves: Gargamel, 
home row keys, Sunny Delight, L'eau 
de Tiny, Stonewall's filmstrips... 
Field Hockey 1 ,2,3,4; Class Treasurer 
4; NHS 3,4; FHS 3,4; Green Years 4. 
Thanks Mom and Dad. 

We all came in from the cold, came 
down from the wire, everyone 
warms himself to a different fire. 
Becca, Bees. ..blond, green eyes. .."It's 
a blond thing." "Life is a hypotheti- 
cal swingset." "Flash a smile!" 
"You're such a little"... NBOE, Dead 
Wood Society, orange, GAP, 
Bickford Man, Norwood, Maggies, 
American Music, Kiss off, my blood 
twin, Nerd fests, dancing, shivers, 
Norwood guys, ridge runs, late 
nights...Heath, Buddy, Mel, NS, KL, 
CD. ..Never give up, never slow 
down, never grow old, never die 

]^Ae.c)C\n Burnett 
We all live under the same sky, but 
we don't have the same horizon... 
Mey, Gomer... 

"You're Beat","Bummin"... Likes: 
Pool, Darci's 442, Money... Pet 
Peeves: Working, Fake people... Fa- 
vorite People: Darci, Cathy, Larry, 
S+SM, M.E., K.O., M.J., C.K., OLE... 
Where found: Darci's house, 
Kristine's house, Mad Maggie's, 
McDonalds... Amnesty International 
1,2; Human Rights Club 3,4. 

3eff (SampaKvelli 
Jeff, Little Campa, Campa 
Likes: girls, sports, frosties, parties... 
Pet Peeves: fools, broken up par- 
ties... Where found: parties, office, 



Time goes by, loves are found and 
friends are lost. Cherish the certainty 
of now. If man were to dwell on 
what is gone, life would not exsist. 
Move on, we must , for now we find 
that everything is temporary. 
Favorite People: Nubs, Joy, Us, Matt, 
Andy, Fitzy, Sue, Pal, Smarty, Buddy, 
and the sparrows... Activities: Stu- 
dent Council President 4; Mentors 
3,4; Peer Educators 4; Track 1,3; Bas- 
ketball 1,3... Thanks Mom and Dad, 
Dianne, Kevin, and Bud -1993- 

In Deo Speramus 

Hyuner, Chunger ... Light dark... "no 
car, no drive", "Rejected" ... Likes: 
Music, doodles, free blocks, Dooley... 
Pet Peeves: referred, rejection ... Fa- 
vorite People: All my friends and 
Quantum... Where found: the last 
place not looked, Boston... 
Soccer 1 ,2,3,4; Track and Field 1 ; Base- 
ball 1,2,3,4; National Honor Society 
3,4; Spanish Honor Society 3,4; Math 
Team 3,4; Green Years Staff 4; Stu- 
dent Council 2,3,4; TEC Internship 3. 


The strange thing about trouble is 
that it always starts out being fun. 
Rick, Pal, Billy Ray, C... Short, Dark 
hair, Dark eyes, smiling. .."Jfnome!", 
"Yes. ..No". ..Likes: 3/3/93, one, kiwi, 
road trips, Cape, VT, NH, Led Zep, 
Nub nights in, Bahamas, PBN, 
woods, hunting, camping, pal rock, 
Whit's, Liz's, s-ball, sun. ..Pet Peeves: 
Rm.14, no cash, nothing to 
do... Favorite People: Chris, Ant, the 
nubs, Joy, Heather, Siobhan, Ghenn, 
Dave, Paul, Class of 93. . .P-Puf f coach, 
Color War Capt, Baseball 1,2,3,4; 
Football l^/^Mentors, Peer Edu- 
cators... Thanks M&D. 


3k " S 

i ' j r 

Y "'"'■*■ % 

1 m i 

the eg 

^Jol\n d-o\\'ms 
y... Step lightly.. .STAY 
s...Good: Hendrix, ( 
oarding, TREE shows 

Bad: Norwood, Hip 
: All those who ever r 
g and then some, tht 
. Flashbacks: Utah w/1 
), Amnesty shows, L 
es, losing things, UK/ 
Found: Cliffs, Norwest, 
ost, Barnstable w/MF 
you think you want to £ 
ling you were sent he 
it will if you hear tta 
H your hand to the \ 

FREE. ' 

, Ani- 
ode in 
? Buz- 
^R, Al- 
[ASS... 1 
.... GO } 

^O, DO : 

re for, 
it call, 
vail at 


This time, like all times, is very good 
if we know what to do with it. 
Talks fast, Late... Likes: WL #14, E- 
Block exams, hockey champs, 
Whitey's NR's, Ledge 90, UMASS 
10/31, Whit's NH, Dennis, Cliffs, 
Cape adventures, Jello+Chinese, 
DB's w/ JM, 2/12/93, TH parties, 
Campouts, Daytona 92, D-Ball, 
apple, ho-ho's, Bridgewater, U2, 
G'n'R,SM... Hates: Nub, KT,DS cops, 
no call, frozen locks... Favorite 
People: family, the gang, KS... B-Ball 
1,2,3,4; Soccer 1,2; Track 1,2,3,4; 
SADD, Peer Counseling, Student 
Council, Love ya M+D. 



It's amazing how much can be ac- 
complished if no one cares who gets 
the credit. 

Con, Aikman. .. Modest, Quiet. . . "Be- 
lieve", "Deliver", "You're gonna 
miss". ..Likes: Modesty, perfection, 
success, golf, Dallas Cowboys, G- 
MMama's, close games, Rod 
Stewart... Pet Peeves: liars, Dover, 
maybes, cold... Favorite People: ST., 
D.C., R.S., R.F., E.G., D.A., M.P., T. A., 
J. P.... Where Found: golf course, 
Raynham, Ed's DA... 
Football 1,2,3,4; Basketball 1,2,3,4; 
Golf 1,2,3,4; National Honor Society 
3,4; Spanish Society 3,4; Secretary 
3,4; C-Ya. 




5iob>KaKv (Zonne.\\y 
Always buy what kids are selling on 
card tables in their front yards. 
Si, Sio..."Take it easy!", "Not!", "I 
doubt it!". ..Likes: Jackson 5, BW, 
SLU, NH, Cape, Proms, track.. .Pet 
Peeves: Spanish, LM... Favorite 
People: Class of 93, family... Where 
found: on the phone, driving the 
war wagon, my room 
Field hockey 2,3,4; Softball 2; Ice 
Hockey 4; Saint Dennis CYO 1 ,2,3,4; 
S ADD 2,3,4; Key Club 2,3,4; Mentors 
2,3,4; Ecolibrium 3,4; Peer Counsel- 
ors 4... Thanks M,D,S,E,C&I! 

It is your own face that you see re- 
flected in the water, and it is your 
own self that you see in your heart. 
Cork, Lauura... Smiling, freckles, 
brown hair, easily entertained... 
"What were you like? Blah, Blah! uff 
da!"... Likes: to laugh, JH pool cover, 
"Sardines, pretzles, bongos", CW 
camera, Gushers... Pet Peeves: Split 
ends, "You have pen on your lip", 
Filas, snobs... Favorite People: CW, 
CS, JR, J&AH, the rest know who 
you are... Where found: Cathy's, 
Boston, SAB 1-4; SHH 2-4; NHS 4; 
Tennis &Orch. 1-4; etc. Thanks Mum 
and Dad! 

Image of Utopia a slaughter of phan- 
toms innocent-guilty the human 
world bounded by words and dust 
sweet soft and velvet dust medium 

Pet Peeves: Rap music... Likes: Jim 
Morrison Poetry the unknown East- 
ern and Western philosophy 
"Mysticism". ..Where found: 
"Pastime""In the zone""Spirit 
world""the end of the 
rainbow""LYMANS"... Favorite 
People: M.C.,D.G.,S.M.,J.M., 

IV. (Z^on'in 
"Revolutions start at home; prefer- 
ably in the bathroom mirror." - 
Husker Du 

Dave, King ... Good: Food, egg, Clash, 
Beasties, "I like girlies...", buddies, 
late nights, Conley Compound ... 
Things that make me want to grab 
my machinegun: Smart guys, 
Oinkers, Culture, Raves, hippies, 
Government, pushing my buttons ... 
Megan-Ork-Kav, anyone I spent time 
with. People like you made living in 
this suburban squalor survi vable and 
fun. Where: Redbones w/Ork, 
UMASS, Cliffs. Goodbye! 

This party's over! 

Trouble, Nora, Nirene... brown hair, 
blue eyes... "Let's do lunch", 
"occifer", "You don't have a clue", 
"Do you like reer?", "Hey babee!", 
"Listen honey", "What red light?"... 
Likes: Parties, the famous bus stop, 
Kevin Costner... Dislikes: Being in 
school, not having anywhere to go... 
Favorite People: Jeffrey, G.P., H.M., 
S.M., and all the rest... Where found: 
not in school... 

Football Cheerleading 3; Powder 
Puff 4. 

Dan Dobm 

I am not merry, but I do beguile the 
thing I am, by seeming otherwise. 
Dobes, Guy... Likes: Nub nights in, 
Becket, SHYF, Snowboarding, 
roadtrips, Pb, jumping around, V- 
ball at Hallsy's campouts...Pet 
Peeves: Getting lost in Boston... 
Favorite People: The Nubs, 91 Aides, 
Lin, Jay, my family... Where found: 
Rick's, Lin's, running, recycle cen- 

X-Country 1,2,3,4; Ski Team 1,2; 
Track 1 ,2,3,4; SHYF, Youth Commis- 
sion 4; Mentors 3. 


(Zh^sfy Doyle 
Take your time, think a lot, think of 
everything you've got for you will 
still be here tomorrow but your 
dreams may not. ..Chris, D., Sexy 
leg... Likes: Tea, Cardinal Carnation, 
Supremes, Mame, CYO, Sr. Locker 
buds, Bahamas... Favorite People: 
Smit, Sistas, us, Flowers, PP, Bees, 
Kerry, Class of '93. ..Where found: 
the gym, the barn, Hale, Loaf, Semi- 
nar, Great Woods... Soccer 1,2,3,4; 
Basketball 1,2; Class Vice Pres 2,3,4; 
SADD 3,4; Ski Team 3; Ecolibrium 3; 
Student Council 2,3,4; Peer Educa- 
tors 4. 

Kristine lrc\n*e.n 
I always knew looking back at my 
crying would make me laugh, but I 
never knew looking back on my 
laughing would make me cry. 
Rebel... "You're just looking for a 
party!" ... Likes: Party butts, won- 
derland Rm.14, Dukes of Haz., Dance 
w/ C.K., Bahamas-Loo, New Yrs. 
91-92-93, Prom 92, Cliffs, Ord. Aver. 
S's, Steve Miller, Summer 92, Soph. 
Parties-Cape 91-Bridgewater w/ 
T.C... Pet Peeves: Getting Busted 
(P.C. 3/91, Heaven 9/92, Parking 
Lot 1/93)... Fav. People: "The Gang" 
The rest of you know who you are! ! ! 

You may have to live in a crowd, but 
you do not have to live like it. Cucks, 
Caca, Zena, Ween... Petite, Italian, 
Brown hair, brown eyes. .."No 
Way!", "Really?". ..Likes: Shopping, 
Vacations, Food, Music. ..Pet Peeves: 
Platform shoes, bell bottoms, people 
who try to be someone they're 
not. ..Favorite People: Michelle, 
George, Lisa, Tara, Kerry. ..Where 
Found: Kid's Club, Beach, New 
Pond... Thanks Mom and Dad. 

Matt Fink 
Education is what you have left over 
after you have forgotten everything 
you've learned. .. Matty, BS,Finkster, 
Finky... "You can't stop the power", 
"The dream's alive" . . .Likes: Football, 
food, Bahamas, Bowl 92, V- 
Halen...Pet Peeves: PG, fake 
people... Favorite People: Korry, Elio, 
Kelly, Siggs, Con, Duff, Ron, Whit, 
Wendy, Dave.. Where Found: Grid- 
iron, Korry's, Z34, Spring Valley, SX, 
Jazzy, Gym... Football 1-3, Capt 4; B- 
ball 1; Pres. 1; Student Council 1,3; 
Peer Ed-Counselors 3,4;S-Bowl 4... 
Thanx, Mom and Dad. 

AAickelle Fisker 

If you doubt it, you'll live without it. 
If you believe it, you'll achieve it. 
Michelle, Shelly, Meesha... blue eyes, 
red hair. .."Who me?", "Oh 
gosh!". ..Likes: Shopping, my youth 
group, Florida. ..Pet Peeves: 
School. ..Favorite People: Corina, 
Steve Cubed, Bobby, Tanya, Jenny, 
Noreen, Grace, my family.. Where 
found: Mall, Weymouth, Jenn's... 
Softball 1,2,3; Volleyball 4; Circle of 
Friends 4; Chorus 1,2,3,4; Marching 
Band 1,2,3. 

T^aul PI a kerf y 
I'd rather laugh with the sinners than 
cry with the saints, the sinners are 
much more fun. ..long hair, blue 
eyes... "You're number one", "Bet- 
ter believe it". ..Likes: guitar, The 
Budman, Wild parties, King 
buds... Pet Peeves: No license, gym, 
no brew. ..Favorite People: 
Shawdoggie, additional Guindon, 
George, Stu, MP, CW, AC, TH, AO, 
ECT. . .Where found : Room 1 55, bath- 
room, in a tree, lost. 




T^uss Hyrme 
Living with a consciece is like driv- 
ing with the brakes on... 
Russ, Rusty, Flynny..."Look at all 
that meat", "Hey what's up". ..Likes: 
Hanging out with friends, Playing 
the back 9 on week days at DCPC. 
Favorite People: E.G., M.C., R.S., 
M.P., D. A., ST., S.K., C.S., K.K., D.C., 
J.M., C.K., S.A.,... Pet Peeves: 
West wood Wire, 5 a.m. practices at 
Nobles, Getting kicked out of the 
Hockey 1,2,3,4; Golf 1,2,3,4. 

Kevirv Foster 
"The Future is unwriten, there is no 
fate but what we make for our- 

Nivek, Vek, Tree Diver, Trail Ex- 
pander. "Light the lamp not the rat", 
"I'm too sexy for my leg"... Likes: 
Caffine, cars, adrenaline, water, 
flashlight tag, fire, Rampart, SHYF, 
Night, Metal... Pet Peeves: Hospital 
food, cold water, smokers... Favorite 
People: AB, ME, DH, MH, AK, MK, 
SK, BL, KL, SM, BP, JR, NS, KU... 
Where found: Mad Maggies, trees, 
ski slopes, hospitals... Swimming 
1 ,2,3,4; NHS 3,4; Safe Rides 3,4; Store 

JV\c\^y Poster 

Let me savor this time. Let me cap- 
ture this moment. We've come this 
far to find that without a wind in the 
fire, the burning can smolder. Don't 
let this feeling die, I don't ever want 
to lose it. Mary, Mare... Did I drive 
here? Where are my pants? Keep 
smiling... Likes: Ridge runs, Ger- 
many with MH, Mamae, Ave's with 
Mary 2, Summers of '90 and '92... Pet 
Peeves: College process, snobs, ly- 
ing, lost in Brockton!... MR, KR, MH, 
NS, VS, JR, AD, JG, BL, KF, SM... I 
will remember U!... Thanks Mom and 

I'd rather laugh with the Sinners 
than die with the saints... A tremor 
ran through him, like a shudder 
follows another till there are hun- 
dreds of them, and Peter felt just the 
one. Next moment he was standing 
erect on the rock again, with that 
smile on his face and a drum beat- 
ing within him. It was saying, "To 
die will be an awfully big adven- 
ture."... "I think that wherever your 
journey takes you, there are new 
gods waithing there, with divine 
patience- and laughter.... Goodbye 
everybody, and thanks. 

Don't you carry nothing that might 
be a load, c'mon ease on down, ease 
on down the road. "Random", "outa 
control", "hairball?" ... Likes: Kid 
sister!, hats, smiles, skiing, jiffylube, 
Supremes, Whits, NH, Bahamas, 
Bigtime Mrs. G... Pet Peeves: Ru- 
mors, my driving, goodbyes... Fave 
People: Ron, WI, SC, WR, the gang 
and anyone else who made me laugh. 
"Courage is the willingness to be 
afraid and act anyway." Student 
Council Vice Pres 1-4; SAB 2-4; Key 
Club Pres 1-4; Softball 2,3; SKi Team 
capt. 1-4; I luv U Mum&Marith. 

(Sd C^alvin 
Everything is funny as long as it it 
happening to somebody else. Ed, 
Eddie G...a tall, sincere gentleman... 
"What's going on here!". ..Likes: State 
Championships, Post-Prom week- 
end, #18, San Diego, Road trips. ..Pet 
Peeves: Bishop Connolly, Goal 
Judges, Slicing off the tee, Having no 
where to go.. .Fave People: Sigs, Parx, 
Tibs, Jidoo, Con, Russ, Styles, Sio 
and Kerry V... Where found: Nobles 
@ 5am, My basement, Grandmama's, 

Hockey 1,2,3 Capt 4; Golf 2,3,4; Stu- 
dent Council 2,3; Thanks Mom and 


Rona (^0220 

Life is eternal, love is immortal, and 
death is only a horizon. Rona, Goz, 
Kuks, Ron... "Seriously", "Da Da 
Da"... Memories: Bahamas, Ber- 
muda, NH, Supremes, Dennis, Prom, 
Whit's house, dog pound, Donna's 
car... Pet Peeves: Fake people, Gam- 
blers... Favorite People: Elio, Whit, 
Meg, Sio, Jen, Christy, W.R., N.R., 
DG.,S.A.,M.F. / M.P.,K.K.,R.S.,T.D, 
and everyone else! I'll miss ya! 
Where found: T.J. Maxx, Whit's, 
Bev&Beth, Track-not... Volleyball 
1,2,3,4; Key Club2,3,4; SADD 4; SHS 
4; Thanks Mom&Dad. 

Dave C^reerv 
"Yeah, Don't worry. I have one more 
thing to fix on the quad." ... Likes: 
Quads, Ford trucks ... Pet Peeves: 
Chevy, Accounting ... Favorite 
People: J.C., M.C., D.S., C.W., N.C., 
R.O'b. ... Where found: Work, Ga- 
rage, Maine. 

^)ov\n "T\ and S" 

The pale horse waits only for those 
of the deuce. ...J. B.G., Griff,. ..blond, 
blue eyes, 5' 10", ... "Double talking 
jive", "Mo' money", "BBQ", "check 
the midi", ... speed, heavy metal, 
cars, freedom, guitars; Metallica, 
Megadeath, ... freaks, Seattle look, 
wannabes, Elmer W. Fudd, ... C.W., 
Baby Heuy, D.G., G.K., C.S., Dune, 
Wilbur,Lit, ... Wrenthan, Scooter's, 
Franklin 500, to the point, in the 
Turtle, Dollar's Garage, Lit's. 
Thanks Mom, Dad, Dan, Baby 
Heuy, Clay... 
Good Luck Class of '94. 



'ov\v\c\ c^ugiielmi 
Do not follow where the path may 
lead, go instead where there is no 
path and leave a trail. 
Googs, Da. .."You smell!"... Memo- 
ries: Bahamas, New Years, rm 14, 
NH, Dennis, AAA, Cape adventures, 
Sleepovers...PET Peeves: the radio 
in my car, being sick, lame 
weekends. ..Favorite People: the 
gang and the rest of the class of 
'93...Where found: Pool, Gold's, My 
car.. .Activities: SHH 2,3,4; Swim 
Team 1 ,2,3,4; Hockey 4; Powder Puff 
4. Good luck Class of '93. I'll miss 


H I 



Mike -Hall 
Peace and trust can win the day, de- 
spite all your losing. 
Mike, Hallsy... None... Likes: Baha- 
mas, J.A., terracota, Nights in, roof, 
Camp outs, Prom 92, Balloon fest... 
Favorite People: Ann, R.C D.D. J.L., 
the kid with no nickname, the fam... 
Where found: Wendy's, Quechee, or 
any of the Nub's. 

Football 1,2,3,4; Tennis 1,2,3; Men- 
tors 2,3,4; Peer Counselors 3,4; Peer 
Educators 3,4. 

T)c\v\ \~\c\nv\on 

Live today as if it was tomorrow's 
yesterday. "Was that a crack?", 
"People look up to me." ... Likes: 
Women, music, acting, raves, mak- 
ing people feel good and laugh, ski- 
ing, ectasy(in more ways than 1 ). . .Pet 
Peeves: Stone walls, mushmouth, 
lima beans. . . Favorite People: AK, KS, 
KL, SK, KF, EO, KT, KR, JG, Til, 
Mame gang. ..Where found: Asad's, 
Maddies, Raves. 

Skiing 1 ,2,3,4; Baseball 2,3,4; X-Coun- 
try 2,3,4; Drama 2,3,4; Ecolibrium 4; 
Math 3; Mentors 4; NHS 4; Safe Rides 
4; SC 4; Store 4; Yearbook 4. 



Courage is the art of being the only 
one who knows you're scared to 
death. ..Mel, Hener, T winner.. Blond 
hair, blue eyes. .."It's a blond thing!", 
"Life is a hypothetical swingset", 
"Gurglpq"... Likes: dancing, 
Bickfords man, Ridge runs, NBOE... 
Pet Peeves: Goggles, Waiting... Fa- 
vorite People: Mom, Dad, Sis, DM, 
RB, NS, MF, KF, RA, DM, VS. . .Where 
found: Music room, theater, 
Maggies, Pool. ..Marching Band, 
Winterguard, Drama Club, Mame, 
Jazz Band. ..Don't hurry, don't 
worry, and don't forget to smell the 

Xricia "Higgins 
A woman needs a man like a fish 
needs a bicycle. -U2 
Trish, Farly, Higgs...Pet Peeves: 6' 6" 
Jabas from Holliston, Plainville... 
Memories: Wonderland #14, Wild 
women do!, Dennis, Stiches, Brady's, 
AAA, apple, 11-1-91, Charlie, NR's 
woods, half time. being stupid, B 
Block, winds of change, N.H., New 
Years Eve, Jade, Donuts, Lifting la- 
dies, Physic's carols, garage, flash- 
light, B-ball, track... NHS 3,4; SHH 
2,3, V.P. 4; Basketball 1,2,3,4; Track 
1,2,3, Capt. 4; Class Officer 1,3. 

yAiny "Howe 
Good to forgive; Best to forget! Liv- 
ing, we fret; Dying, we live. 
"I'm sorry!"... Likes: Parties, John, 
friends, shopping, spending other 
peoples money,... Favorite People: 
John, Chrissy, Tony, Ra-Ra, Scott, 
Kerriejen and Ellen... Where found: 
John's, Curby, referral... Pet Peeves: 
Referral, work, nosey people, Deci- 
sions ... 

Thanks for everything Mom and 





It's 1 

g°- 3 


our 1 


not what the world hold 
it's what you bring to it... Jo 
a, Howlando...Big blond 
>y smile... "Step off!", "Hei 
/o!", "So, we lost; at leas 
ed good", "Boom cor 
!"... Likes: Bahamas, win 
irst field hockey game, m 
locker buddies... Pet Pe 
:e clean-up, lunch meetii 
trite people: the Bahama 
r , LC, Bag, My fam... W 
d: the office. 

1 hockey 2,3,4; Softball 1 , 
s President 2,3,4; ETC... 

s for 
t we 
y se- 

2,3,4; ,. 


Think of how much quicker we'd all 
reach the top if we didn't have to 
carry our weight. Andy, Huge, 
Andyman... Unique, Stubborn, a lis- 
tener, a thinker. ..Likes: my close 
friends, Mr. WHS, adventures w/ 
Fitz, Matt, Sarah, JMLL.Pet Peeves: 
B.A.D., Women's wicked ways... 
Favorite People: Sarah, Matt, Fitz, 
Rambo, Class of '93. ..Where found: 
w/ Sarah, Matt's, Boston, Duxbury, 
on the road w/ Fitz. 
Soccer 1,2,3 Capt. 4; School Store 4; 
Safe Rides 4.. .Mom & Dad, Thanks 
for all of your love & support. 

last fort 
eyed g 
Likes: 1 
in pas 
Rona IV 
303 on t 
in colle ( 

^?k mr* 

es will 
i da"... 
is Boca 
?... Pet 
;: Rick 


id soon 
/lom & 

1 1 4 **H 

Wki+^^y Jig 
s experiences are tome 
ies - and the memon 
;ver. WhitllgyBuoty... 
irl... "Ya know da d; 
Dawg 16s NH Baham. 
da challenges all me 
: and those to conn 
;: losing, fakes, ! 
^es... Favorite People 
lere found: Rona's \ 
he court in the flesh ar 
^e- Volleyball 1 23, Cap 
123, Capt4; Thanks ]V 


"Holmes J7mbomcme 
A hard man is good to find... Son, Yo 
Elio... "I think I bit my wrist_see!", 
"What's the deal?", "This kid right 
here."... Fav. People: Rona, Matty, 
Styles, Whit, Teddy, Siggs, Mark, 
Jido, Jon, Tib, Con, Sac... Pet Peeves: 
Teachers, none left, losing photos, 
mayo... Memories: Superbowl, Ba- 
hamas, Track, Casinos, treats, Tur- 
key'92,... Where found: Rona's 
house, Tony's Place, Retreats with 
Mitch and the Posse, Raynham, ANY 

Football 1 -4 Capt,Hoop 1 -4, Baseball 
1-4 Capt, Thanks Mom, Dad, Tarn, 
Sandra, Marg. 

.Laura CJskervdenau 
Success comes to those who have 

Imagination is more important that 
knowledge. Shaks, Shake. ..brown 
eyes, brown hair. . ."Sorry" . . .Summer 
of 92 on the hock-a-mock, the Loaf, 
The Bahamas, REM, Great Woods 

92, Frupeyes with IM...The class of 

93, Senior locker buddies... Church 
all day... 

Field hockey 1-4; Student Advisory 
Board 3-4; Mentors 1-4; Green Years 
4; Peer Educators 3-4; Peer Counsel- 
ors 4; SADD 2-4; Ecolibrium 3-4; 
Mom+Dad+SaroT love you-Thanks 
for all the great times. 




If you can like chocolate ice cream, 
why can't you like me? It is the in- 
gredients in the ice cream that makes 
it accepted into your menu; It is the 
ingredients in this human soul that 
makes me accepted in your friend- 
ship. -Patrice. I'm pretty, Smart, a cry 
baby, cute, sensitive. Likes: Watches, 
BMW's, sun glasses, "The Boys", 
Red, mirrors, men! "I'm so con- 
fused!" Jealous Girls-Stop Jockin'! 
Hang outs: Recording studio, prac- 
tice, Cortee's. Homies: MAG, AO, 
KD, MM, SS, IP, Sisters, Parents, EJ, 
MJ, AW, GP:MH. Milton Ave. Girls! ! 

Matt Keller 

When you go to grab the bull by the 
horns, make sure of what you grab. 
It may not be pretty. Matt, Matty, 
Keller... Easy going, strong-willed, 
compassionate. ..Likes: the 80(the 
dump), 5 min. to spare, JMU trip, Mr 
WHS contest, Retreats, French class, 
the soccer team. ..Pet Peeves: Star 
Market, direction of society... Favor- 
ite people: Pam, My brother, Hughes, 
Fitz, the class of 93 & the rest of my 
family... Soccer 1,2-Capt 3,4; Store 
Manager 4; Peer Counselor 3,4; Bas- 
ketball 2; Thanks to my family-Good 
luck 93. 



Mock the devil and he will flee from 
thee. Styles... well-dressed... "Look 
atallthatmeat!"... Likes: StateCham- 
pionship rings... Pet Peeves: Qua- 
druple OT EMASS Finals Losses... 
Fav People: M.F., E.I., M.P., V.G., 
D.A., R.S. ... Where found: 
Nobles@5am, Football sidelines, on 
a winning team... Remembers: Ed 
getting knocked to Queer St. against 
Southeastern, Bahamas, Girls with 
mental problems. 

Football 4; Hockey 3,4; National 
Honor Society 4; Thanks Mom, Dad, 
Maureen & Sean. I love you all. 

(Skns+y Kinacopowlos 
The moment is only temporary but 
the memory lasts forever... Chris, 
Cricky, Crust, Georgia. ."What 
would you do if", "Baby", 
"Homey". .Prom 92+93,New Years 
Eve 92+93, Parties, NH, Horns, Pal 
Rock, Wonderland, Camping, Wed- 
ding, Dances, B-ball 1,2,3,4, Capt 4; 
Cape, Dukes, Dennis, MD's, Loon, 
NY, Maine, Lifts, Beach, Union with 
Doug, Hall of fame with KT..Pet 
Peeves: Fake People, wire, 
Informers. .Fav People: Doug, JM, 
Sky way.. Thanks Mom, Dad, and Jim. 
I love ya! 



If the road to success runs through 
hell, I will not go. I'd prefer a feast of 
friends to the giant famine. 
Kooks, Gooks... 

"It's all part of the fun." "Don't 
worry, I'm all over it." "A few 
additionals!" Likes: people who truly 
listen, Karaoke, The Doors, fast cars 
on slow summer days. Dislikes: fake 
insecure people, rainy Sundays, 
Problem Sets,"Filas!" por favor. 
Favorite People: Anyone who is sin- 
cere and good natured is my friend . . . 
Football 1,2,3,4; Drama 1-4. 

No one is a failure who is enjoying 

Paul, P.K../T don't know",'T'll do it 
later"... Likes: Parties, Art, Malay- 
sian food, Genesis, Siouxsie and the 
Banshees, Joy Division, Jane's Ad- 
diction... Pet Peeves: Boring week- 
ends, Papa Gino's... Favorite People: 
Megan, Scott, Darci... Where found: 
Papa Gino's, Art room, with the 
gang... Ecolibrium 4... 
Thanks Mom and Dad for helping 
through hard times. Thanks Mr. D. 


Only guard yourself and guard your 
soul carefully lest you forget the 
things your eyes saw, and lest these 
things depart your heart all of the 
days of your lives, and you shall 
make them known to your children, 
and to your children's children... 
Acid, A.K., Big Pak ... "Aced","Cash 
it" Likes: Mary Jane, Biscuits, Frys, 
Dover Cruises, Raves, Mental Com- 
munication... Pet Peeves: Seeds, Su- 
perficiality, lies... Favorite People: 
Keity, A.J., King, J.C., D.C. It has 
definitely been interesting, peace to 
all of the people who made it easier. 

.Skafie Ku^esky 
Place the cubic zirconium on the 
seven segment display and align the 
capacitor to 101 J to get a speed of 

Shafie, Shaf... Brown hair and eyes, 
medium height ... "Now you too can 
live the comfortable lifestyle of 
BMW", "What do you have now?" 
...Likes:Technology, money, my car, 
friends ...Pet Peeves: School busses, 
making deposits. ..Favorite Poeple: 
Hans, Nick. ..Where found: School 
store, Rampart 101, Klaus's, Taco 
Bell... School Store 3,4; Rampart 101 

What happens when you pop the 

"Equal opportunities for everyone" 
T, RARA, RA, short; dark brown 
hair, brown eyes, "I don't think so!" 
"Excuse me?" "Who do you think 
you are?"... LIKES: good Clubs, BU, 
BC, Golden Abacus, BoneHeads 
1234&5, "Green" "OBB" "Arches" 
PET PEEVES: being Under Age, shar- 
ing cars, lunch at school, class, b 

— friends; ... Places Found: Nurse's 
room, BU, BC, Clubs, out to lunch, 
bathroom, on the phone ... Fav. 
People: SM JP, KR, AM, CL, CF, JB, 
EG, Maria B, MS, CM, CP, JP, SM, 
Victor A. ; Softball 1234, Volleyball 

Ke^y -La^kirv 
"Life can only be understood back- 
wards, but it must be lived for- 
wards." ... Kerry, Larks... Memories: 
Soccer- "Oh What a Night", CD, CS, 
JM, Nub, short-long-short, injuries; 
Math team- salt cookies, Aaron from 
Sharon, BP, Mr. P, EN, RK, DW; 
YSP'91 w/J+R+Y+F,theSEM,Mr.B, 
"The Look"; skiing w/AB; Peer Min- 
retreats, Easter fun, affirmations, 
KM+ talent shows, JK, MF, CF, Carla, 
FD; to my friends: Keenan- 
queerness+talking dramas; Nancy- 
obsessions+"crisis identity"; Becca- 
pool, men from Norwood, yearbook; 
BT-liofve; to all-"think tenderly of 



Snaia i_ciwtoK\ 

"Believe that life is worth living, and 
your belief will help create the 
fact."...Bri-guy, B..."Keg Party for 
4.","Look-the new Neapolitan 
Pizza!". ..Likes: Pizza Hut Buffet, 
UVA, warm weather.. .Peeves: po- 
litically correct, open windows at 
20d , double standards, slow hall- 
way walkers. ..People: SM, KF, RK, 
MR, MF, AD, BP, KO... where found: 
Mad Maggie's, pool, anywhere but 
home.. .Swim Team 1-4; Spring Track 
2-4; Drama Club 3-4; Explorers 2-4; 
Store 4; NHS; SHH; + Many more! 

(Zv\nssy Leoh 
It is only with the heart that one can 
see rightly; what is essential is invis- 
ible to the eye. 

"Bodacious", "You Goof" ...Likes: 
parties, food, guys, clothes ... Pet 
Peeves: Feet, cops, referral ...Favor- 
ite people: Tony, Steve, Amy; J.R., 
M.D., J.V., B.F., K.R., M.M., MOM 
...Where found: Steve's, Tony's car, 

^on J_yr\ck 
The more a man travels the less a 
man knows. 

Lynchy, Rinchy... Always ready to 
have a good time. .."What are we 
doing tonight? Party, I like to 
party". ..Likes: Road trips, VT/NH, 
China, nights in, camping, Becket, 
PB's, Bahamas. ..Pet Peeves: Jive talk, 
AP papers. ..Favorites: Nubs et al, 
Aides 91, family... Found: Sleeping, 
reading, Dirger, roofs, not paying 
attention, with the guys- Mike, Dan, 
Ken, Rick 

Activities: Football, Tennis, Ski 
Team, Student Council- Thanks 

I^cmciy TVlagiaanti 
I get by with a little help from my 

Randy, The Prince of Rock 'n' Roll, 
King of the Road... handsome, 
happy, helpful... "oh, man!", "No 
big deal.", "Hey, Ed, look at that hot 
babe!"... Likes: Oldies, Elvis, mov- 
ies, pizza... Pet Peeves: Bad weather, 
weathermen, snowdays... Favorite 
People: Mary, The guys... Where 
found: boys room, the bowling al- 
ley, any fast food restaurant in East- 
ern Mass. 

Teen Club, Sing and String, Swim- 
ming, bowling, Cole Club. 

:' In li 
1 you 
' HIG 

tag '*. ™ 



e be who you want to be 
people want you to be... T 
nky Monkey, Blackie, Bi 
erball, Likes: the Runaw 
Joplin, Kiss, music, Snoopy 
dstock, cartoons, collecta 
Butta Mobile, par 
ids. ..Favorite People: Ja 
ssy, Nora, Scott, Ted, B.J., 
a Trio-Sandra and Steenie, I 
A.S. L.M. D.A. A.H. T.L. 
Stacey, and Derek, Mrs. Ri 
Tosca and the rest know 

3 e^ni-fei** J\Ac\^c\ 
Nothing Can Hurt You Unless You 
want it to. Jen, jenny. Long, messy 
hair. UOME,PBN,OMH,Guard.Bat, 
R&BSweatshirts. Alt.routes, Jock 
Girl! Fake xams. Motel Party! The 
Stupid Zone. The List, Egg. I DONT 
Scirb Pile, Stogie, Booger, Carvel. 
ABC. L:we cleaned your locker! 
Frupeyes. Who brushed their teeth 
in my locker? Gr.Art passwords. 
JC=my Bro. Cliffs, Brats, Pan, 
Herbert. I LOVE: MJW, UT, AS, 
Bloodsisters, Laura Theresa SioSuz 
Rick Dan Ken Dave John Asadjoy 
LinEile Andy Nan Rose Citrus M&K 
Juro. REM, ART! 



3ames ]\Ac\rs\\ 
You don't always have to have the 
lead if you have the heart to come 
from behind Buddy, Scirb ... "Ted 
Striker" ... Likes: Maine, P-Prom 
Bash, Corona, Airplanesl+2, #4, Fr- 
Sr Soirees, Bachelor, Whitey's, M9, 
KofB, Softball-Polaroid ... Pet Peeves: 
5AM, K-Posse, Vark, teaching 3rd 
term srs. ... Fav People: Jess, The 
Boys, Bees, J.R. + the crew of girls ... 
Found: 6 Hedgerow, Tercel, Pal's, 
C.S., Cliffs, I A ... Baseball 1-4; Hockey 
1+3+4, State Champs; Football 1-4, 
S-bowl; Mentors; Peer Ed; class treas. 


Kate }\Ac\son 
Reach out your hand if your cup is 
empty; if your cup be full, may it be 
again. -Grateful Dead Kate, Mase, 
the Great Masoni... Funny and Beau- 
tiful! What?... Turn off those head- 
lights!, What a scene!, Did anything 
weird happen when you 
died?. .. Pasta Phests, gymnastic feats, 
Thanksgiving, yellow socks, Guy 
Smiley. ..Pet Peeves: Fidel. ..Favorite 
People: AL, The Cardinal, US, 
Campadres... Where Found: war 
wagon, camp, Loaf, Unos, 
HALE. ..Activities: Night Swimming, 
Bunk-bed building, SKIING, Ala- 
bama roadtrips 

jJeK\K\i|er ]\Ac\y 
No dream is too big and no dreamer 
is too small... LIKES: #14, Fla Wknd, 
the Cape, Prom 92, Whits NH, New 
Pond, P Rock, E block exams, 
MD's, Loon, NY, Bahamas 93, Den- 
nis, 2/19/93, TC's Prob's, Gloria, 
Beach, The Bomb, horns, lifts, Gulf 
station, New Years, DB's, 1 /20/93... 
PET PEEVES: boring weekends, 
cops, informers, the Wire... FAVOR- 
ITE PEOPLE: Rob, CK,SA, The Gang, 
the rest know who they are... Soccer 
1-4, Capt 4; SADD 3+4... Thanks 
Mom and Dad, I love ya. 

jAmy yVlazzola 
The heart has its reasons which rea- 
son can not know 

Aim, Ames. ..Short, green, 
colors.. ."Loosa" "I'm lost" "Huh?" 
"I hate.." ...LIKES: K.M., parties at 
K.O's, fights w/K.O..., PET PEEVES: 
people who think they know how to 
drive, no pass areas, walking behind 
people... FAV PEOPLE: K.M., K.O., 
S.P., B.P., B.G., M.S., the rest you 
know who you are.. .Found: K.M's, 
K.O.'s, lost, work... Cheerleading 1,2; 
Governance 2,3. Thanks Mom, Dad, 
Andrea, Lauren, Michael, Kevin I 
love you! Good luck Class of "93"! 

Scoff McCarthy 

Everything is legal until you get 

"Where do you want to go for 
lunch?" "Hey BaBy" "Who's gonna 
buy?" "I'mgonna rock your world"... 
Big Boy, fifty, Scotty. . .Likes. . .Parties, 
illegal substances, my car Dita, 
clothes. ..Pet Peeves... Superfreaks, 
big girls, math wing. ..favorite 
people.. .A.M, E.O., K.T., C.L., K.R., 
T.L., N.C., M.R., N.C., The A.M. 
Crew, A.H., G.P., and J.F.... Where 
found... Out to lunch, in my car, at 
the bank. 

Steve. J\AcC\ov&\^n 
A mind is a terrible thing to face. 
Jub... All black; Leather jacket, key 
chains, snakeskins... "Dude!", "True 
Saga?", "Totally Implied.", 
"TSMGO", "Gotcha there."... Likes: 
Rock-n-roll; driving slow in high- 
speed lanes; Kev's leg; to sleep... Pet 
Peeves: Rap, cats, dances, unused 
space in senior biographies... Favor- 
ite People: God, Jim, PC, JR, BL, KF, 
RK, JC, KO, CH, AB, AD, BP, AM, 
NS, MF, KS, KC, and anyone I for- 
got. Sorry. Where found: Maggies, 
Jay's, Kim's, Kitten; Football: 1,2,3,4; 
Track 1,2,3. 



Paul ]\Ao\one-y 
I am the master of my fate ; I am the 
captain of my soul. 
Paully-Boy, Pablo. ..quiet, well- 
dressed, nice, friendly ... "You are 
too cool" "Calm down Onk" "Slow 
it down" ... Likes: Domino's, 93', 
Babs, Swammy, study group... Pet 
Peeves: Tarea' math wing, snobs... 
Favorite People: Kara, M.T., L.T., 
R.C.,J.H.,J.M.,J.C.,K.L., P.J... .Where 
Found: My room, my bed, Dedham 
Cinema, my car, library, malls. Track 

Listen more to things 
Than to words that are said 
The water's voice sings 
And the Flame cries. 
And the wind that brings 
The woods to sigh 
Is the breathing of the dead. 
-Birayo Diop 

Slow it down, you're out of control. 
Check me out. ..Mark, Donk... tall, 
quiet, and confident... "Slow it 
down", "Check me out"... Likes: 
Girls, football, Mike's hits, talking 
about Matt's hair, subs from 
D'Angelos... Pet Peeves: Big hair, 
people that ask stupid questions, 
"Where are you going to college next 
year?" . . . Favorite People: RS, MF, EI, 
PM, MT, JH, CL, KC, Smartguy, 
Tinov... Where found: In the strang- 
est places, at football and basketball 
games, everywhere... Swimming 

Pa^x Toaster 
I'll have what the guy on the floor is 
having. PARX, Pasterr, Almighty. 
Funny, short, athletic. Here comes 
the Chief. Get off, Come on. Likes: 
popcorn with a spoon, baseball, snow 
days, Barty's Party, food . Pet Peeves: 
Grif, Nobles 5am, loud girls, school, 
Monday mornings, homework. Fa- 
vorite People: DA, TL, ST, JH, RS, 
MD, EG, MC,EI, KK, RF, VG and 
about 40 more. Where Found: Jidoo's 
basement, Sigs room, Lewis's 
kitchen, baseball last hangin out. 
Baseball 1 ,2,3,4; Hockey l,2,3,Capt4; 
Mentors 3,4; SADD 1 ,2,3. 


We stand accused, but you lied, 
varicosed veined finger, prejudiced 
evil mind. The young get stronger, 
free living fast, but you're a sap- 
sucker, you aint gonna last. LIKES: 
late nights, early starts, makin' a run, 
The Boys, Cancun 90, BINO the 
drunk dog, TO THE BAR, ES- 
TRANGED, Sophomore year, JEN, 
HATES: Wiggers, Fakes, the 
Westwood Wire, nowhere to go, 
Norwood, Hooper, lies, NARCS, 
Football 1,2,3,4; Baseball 1,2. 

Ck^cxce- Ketta 
Yea, OK, and I might have a quote. 
Gracie, teamster, The Party Crew... 
tall, long brown hair, brown eyes... 
"Let me tell ya." "Yeh Whateva." 
"Heybabee." "Hihowyadoin" "Hi, 
I'm Noreen!" "I like it wild."... Dave 
getting just a little too close to my car 
with his Mack truck. The party boots. 
Blowing that red light. Beeping at 
everyone. Scott dancing in the car. 
Leaving school and getting caught. 
Montreal. New Year's Eve. Wild 

Softball 1; Cheerleading 3; Powder 
Puff 4. 



The man who has no imagination 
has no wings. Greg, Pizza, Pizzaman, 
Pitz(pronounced peetz)... "Mentally 
irregular"... HOT for Teacher '91, 
Westwood High 02090, E.I.'s taste 
for women's clothing, Jidoo's An- 
tique Car Collection... Like: parties... 
Pet Peeves: Losing Seasons, Spanish 
Videos... Favorite People: 

Tennis 1,2,3,4 Captain 4; National 
Honor Society 3,4,V.P.4; Spanish 
National Honor Society 1,2,3,4; Year- 
book staff 4; Academic Decathalon 
3,4, Captain 4. 

I believe the man who said winning 
isn't everything, never won a thing 
in his life-to Dr M w/love. Nan, 
Nance, Rad. "What's up?", "KA- 
KA", "Hey Ladies", "What's going 
on this weekend?" MEMORIES: UZ 
'92, 11-1-91, #14, New Hampshire, 
Dennis, Zimbabwe, Brady's blow 
out, Pal Rock, Cliffs, Donna's, 
Charlie, Stitches, 1st Hockey Cham- 
pionship-Wild Women Do. ..Where 
Found : parties, mall, watching soaps, 
looking guys. ..Pet Peeves: Boring 
Weekends... Fav People: All those 
who've seen me at my best and 
laughed w/me. 

In my mind, I can see reminders of a 
past Decade, so far behind, like the 
shadows linger at the close of day... 
Jay, Reesh/Feesh... A voice of rea- 
son, usually... Totally... Fav. Ppl: SM 
more... Found: Loft, Bonney2, 1-95... 
Likes: Boston, Cult, driving, rituals, 
12-5-92, NYE 91/2, Providence... 
Hates: Lamarrappola... 
Football 1-4; Tennis 2; Baseball mgr. 
1 ; Fr. Treas; C YO 1 -4, Pres. 4; Acadec 
4; Thanx Mom Dad & Ally, see ya at 
BC!! For now, "The Show Must Go 

What lies behind us and what lies 
ahead of us is nothing compared to 
what is within us. 

J-J, Hamlet, BlacL.Becca Thatcher's 
twin. .."Wait, what were you 
like?", "You're a pal!". ..Likes: 
humor,Camp memories,free time, 
music, SNL, AMC, random 
things. ..Pet Peeves: filas, AWJ's, 
deadlines, decisions, loud chewing, 
fakeness... Friends: CW, CS, LC, and 
all my other Pals. .Where found: 
Cathy's house, in a video... 
Soccer 1 ,2; Tennis 2,3,4; Orch 1 ,2,3,4; 
Jazz Band 3,4; NHS 3,4; Musical 4; 
Yearbook 4. 

J\Ac\^y Tvoservtel 
"People of the Earth will not be at 
peace until people are at peace with 
themselves" Mary, Mary2, 
Marty. ..brown hair, brown eyes, 
short. .."I'm bored!","Is it cold in 
here?"... Likes: old cars, loud music, 
animals, golf balls, sleeping. ..Pet 
Peeves: attendance policies, term 
papers, slow hallway walkers, being 
kicked out of the bathroom, 
physics. ..Favorite People: Jay, Ellen, 
C.L. ... Where Found: Jay's, Ellen's, 
working, driving up Oak Street. 

Wendy Rov\'e 
Those who succeed do not do so 
because they fail fewer times; it is 
because they are willing to endure 

Memories... "The Loo" BAHAMAS, 
being late- or absent. ..Favorite 
People:all those who stuck by me 
although I was NEVER around-the 
ing practice, girl fights, cliques, get- 
ting lost... SWIMMING 1,2,3,4, 
COUNSELOR 3,4 Thanks Mom, Dad 
& Jon I LOVE U. 


Nancy Scmforo 
This is my letter to the world, that 
never wrote to me,- The simple mes- 
sage that nature told, with tender 
majesty. Nancy, Nance. .WHS, work, 
Around. ..Legacy 2,3, Capt; 
Colorguard 1 ,2,3, Capt; NHS 3,4, Sec; 
Key Club 1,2,3,4; No P 2,3,4,Co-Ed; 
Yearbook 3,4,Assoc-Ed; Mentors 
2,3,4; Saferides 2,3,4; Announcer 4; 
MAME 4; Peer Counsel 4; Peer Ed 
3,4; SADD 2,3,4; Circle of 
Friends. ..Two roads diverged in a 
wood, and I, I took the one less trav- 
eled by, and that has made all the 


'. vfffiR-^i^M^B WPb ; ' : hkV 

C^K^isfine Sceppa 

Kei+y Semyorvova 
One never goes so far as when one 
doesn't know where one is going. 
Come to the edge. Yes, it is a futile 
institution but if it means that much 
to you. ..Why must every thought 
slip back to the world of tick taks and 
Hanna Barbera? Big G's, fat ones, 
you're all right. This is the way it all 
begins, not with a whisper but with 
a bang. Edge is alive, a flat laced 
with silly puddy. Keep the traces, 
sleep when you die. -From a wild 
weird clime that lieth, sublime, out 
of space - out of time. 

T)ouq Sibley 

I'd rather push a Chevy than drive a 

Sibs, Doug, Mr. Goodwrench ... 
"Yeah, yeah, whatever", "That's 
boss!", "Not worth my time", "I think 
I'm bleeding here." ... Likes: half 
barrels, frostys, Chevys, croquet ... 
Pet Peeves: 7:55 AM, detention, 
speed limits, last call, late night zone 
runs ... Favorite People: Bob Hope ... 
Where found: ballroom dancing, 
asleep, under hood, playing yatzee. 

5 i g g s 
It's not whether you win or lose it's 
how you "play" the games. 
Siggs, Rich, Siggy ... "Get off, step 
off"... Likes: G-mama's, P-Prom 
Party Carolyn's party Chinese food 
girls sports Fast Foods ... Pet Peeves: 
Tests, snobs, conceited people, los- 
ing at the track... Favorite People: 
Mark, Con, Tibs, Ed, Dave, Russ, 
Elio, Finky, Styles, KG AH CD CK 
AO CM MD .. Where Found: Dave's 
& ED'S The Track, G-Mama's, PE- 
KING; FOOTBALL 1234; Baseball 
1234; Thanx MOM, DAD, Kids. 



There is no greater sorrow than to be 
mindful of the happy times in mis- 
ery. RIMMA...'T've got three left", 
"I'll put my boot in your eye" . LIKES: 
Reds,M.G.D., bed spins, "The Dime 
Game". HATES: Monkeys, pillow 
bitters, fake people, Westwood Wire. 
Favorite People: Pal, Kane-O, Rim 
Buddy, Christy, Sue, Jenny, Amy, 
and the rest... WHERE FOUND: 
Palumbos, my house with The Boys, 
at the parties 
HOCKEY: 1,2,3,4. 


Kerry S>uc\\mc\ 

"To have a friend, you must be a 

Kerr, Sook, Sookie... short, outgoing, 
quiet. .."Shut-up Steve", "Shut-up 
Jay", "What?', "It's a macho thing", 
"Na doubt it", "I'm SO tired". ..guys, 
talking on the phone, hanging out, 
driving around... people being late, 
being ranked on, people driving 
slow... Cathy 2 , Jay, Steve, Allison, 
Mary 2 , Nancy, Kate, Lindsay, Joy, 
Amy, Rich, Jim. ..Mad Maggies, the 
Mall, movies, Cathy's 
Field Hockey 1,2,3,4. 

Karen "Taylor 
Time it was and what a time it was, 
it was a time of innocence, a time of 
confidences. Long ago it must be, I 
have a photograph. Preserve your 
memories, they're all that's left you. 
S&G you're 2 cute!Did you sit on it? 
1 banana, 2 banana Yolanda & the 
shoppin' malLGOIN'UP! MY PART- 
Braving high tides in the Bronco RCT 
We are the roses in the garden, beauty 
with thorns among our leaves. To 
pick a rose you ask your hands to 
bleed. I LUV U MOM. 

In life you don't bet on the odds, you 
bet on yourself. 

Dave, Ten of SKY... LIKES: Guns n' 
Roses, Red Sox, Graphic Arts, Wade 
Boggs, WAAF, Senators, Bryant, 
Zephyr ... Pet Peeves: J.C., Holliston, 
NBA, Rap, '86 Mets ... Where Found: 
car, house, Graphic Arts room. 
Football 2,3,4. 

Do what you want just don't get 
caught. Tibs, Steve, Almighty, wolf... 
Loud, outgoing, funny... "Think", 
"Be Smart", "Super", "Con, I'll be 
there". ..Likes: honesty, imitating, 
parties, driving, popcorn w/ spoon, 
cards, Celtics, Grandma's... Pet 
Peeves: Liars, Let's just be friends, 
Partyheads, long hair. ..Favorite 
People: CON, D.A., Sigs, E.G., M.P., 
R.F., Pender... Where Found: Work- 
ing, Raynham, Ed's, Dave's... Foot- 
ball 1,2,3,4; Track 3; Judicial Council 
4; Basketball Manager 1 ,2,3,4; C.Y.O 
1,2,3,4. Adios93. 

.Lindsay Xisdale 
"What lies beyond us and what lies 
before us are tiny matters when com- 
pared to what lies within us." - 

Lin, Lin-Anne, Linny..."Babs, you're 
my favorite!", "Dan, what's 
this?". ..Likes: colored pasta; Jess, 
Kate and the yellow socks; gymnas- 
tic mermaids; Hale Runs... Favorite 
People: The Flowers, Cardinal Car- 
nation, Gorgeous, and anyone who's 
read this far and understood... Where 
Found: Hale, Unos... Field Hockey 
1,2,3,4; NHS 3,4; Student Advisory 
Board 2,4; Legislative Council 4. 

J_isa Xroiano 
It's so easy to travel the same old 
route, so go on an adventure and 
find a new one, and never be afraid 
to ask for help. Lis, Li, Li- 
Li.. .smiling... "Wanna hear a story?", 
"Athletic Ability" ... Likes: sports, 
laughs, lilbuddies ... Pet Peeves: nick- 
names, insensitivity ... Favorite 
People: Family, Mike and Ike, real 
friends ... Where Found: NH, w/my 
bro, or KT's. 

Field Hockey; Softball; SHH; Key 
Club; I Love You Mom, Dad, Jen, 
and Mike. 


JV\'\\<e. ~Cro\c\v\o 
You look at every face in a crowd, 
some shine and some keep you 
guessing. Mike, Sac, Hitman.. .A 
huge gentleman ... "You know what 
I mean.", "What's for dinner?" ... 
Likes: girls, football, Winning the 
Super Bowl, eating ... Pet Peeves: 
fake people, Holliston ... Favorite 
People: Lisa, P.M., M.R., K.T., E.O., 
family, everybody else ... Where 
Found: The Gym, The Olds, NH, w / 
my sis, at Pauls. 

Football 1,2,3,4; Track 2,3,capt.4. 
Thank you Mom, Dad, Jen and Lisa. 

Klaus lAllmaiaKv 
"Sammy A, God rest his soul!!!", 
"Ohhh Sane U!", "Ohhh, like 

Hans, Chous,Chister,Klausy... Dirty 
Blond, Blue eyes, Studd... 
"Cha! as if", "Oh really", "What-up 
dude"... Likes: Hats, girls, Cliff's 
Parties, music... Pet Peeves: Rand 
Candy, Long Integrals, Applications, 
Cars on Ice, Luxury vans... Favorite 
People: Nick, Shaf, Jay, S.M., CM., 
CD., M.F. ... Where Found: Shaf s, 
Cliffs, Police Station, School Store. 
Golf 3,4; Hockey Mgr . 4; School Store 
4; Green Years 4; Math team 3,4; 
Mentors 4; Band 1 ,3,4; Safe Rides 3,4. 
Good luck Class of -1993- 

je.v\n Van C\e\ae.\"- 
Cherish yesterday,live for today and 
dream of tomorrow. ..Memories: 
Spain, Filas, 9th Grade Spanish, 
NKOTB, "Nerd Fests", Prom and 
after-the-Prom parties, Florida, swim 
team sleepovers. . .My favorite people 
know who they are. Spansh Honor 
Society 3,4; Swimming 2-4; Peer Edu- 
cators 3,4; Peer Counselors 4; Year- 
book 4, NHS 3,4.. .Many thanks to 
Sra. P. and TJB, and to Mom, Dad,and 
Bill. ..To the class of '93, it'sbeen real, 
thanks for the memories. C-YA. 

Oatky \\)a\&v\c\s 

When you lose your power to laugh, 
you lose your power to think straight 
... Cathy, Cath... easily amused, not 
quiet.. "Wait, what were you like?", 
"Oh well", "That's funny" ... Likes: 
just about everything except ... Pet 
Peeves: the word "Rockabilly", 
AWJ's, mean people. ..Favorite 
People: C.S. J.R. L.C and everyone 
else I know and like ...Where Found: 
Where I'm not lost. 
Field Hockey 2,3,4; NHS 3,4; SHH 
3,4; Green Years Associate Editor 4; 
SAB 4; Safe Rides; Roller Skating 
Club 4. 








The freshmen bring a little knowledge in, and the seniors 
take none out, so it accumulates through the years. 

-A.L. Lowell 




ront Row (L to R): Pete Cafarella (Treas.) Jen Babcock (V.P.), Joyce Wagner (Pres.) Anne 
loherty (Sec.) Second Row: Mr. Edward Baker (Advs.). 

Rania Awde 
Jennifer Backcock 
Jessica Barsamian 
Hussein Bayat 
Elise Burgess 

Peter Cafarella 
Julie Chiofolo 
Benjamin Christian 
Jeffery Churwin 
Anne Cloherty 

Sam Coffey 
Robert Collins 
Andrew Corbett 
Denise Cullinane 
Theresa Curran 

Christopher Daniels 
Patricia Darcy 
Robert DiSabato 
Garrett Domina 
Andrew Dore 


Juniors - Class Of 1994 

H. Edward Duffy 

Carolyn Dunn 

Margaret Earls 

James Fitzgerald 

Joseph Flynn 

Kathleen Gallagher 

Nicholas Ganson 

Ellen Gorman 

Elizabeth Gurski 

Chris Harrington 

Kevin Harrington 

Cathleen Haverty 

Ryun Hee Hong 

Jacob House 

Amy Howard 

Amity Howland 

James Hunter 

Kimberly Jacobson 

Joshua Jones 

Samuel Jones 

Joesph Jowdy 

Robert Kaufman 

Sushma Komakula 

Sarah Lanning 

Erika Larch 

Nicole Levangie 
Bonnie Levinson 
Leanne Little 
Elizabeth Lynch 
Amy Magnuson 



•»^ f 

Juniors - Class Of 1994 

Raffael Maione 
Phillip Maloof 
Michael Mancuso 
Jennifer McDonald 
Paul McGrail 

Douglas Mclntyre 
Barbara Miller 
Carolyn Miner 
Brian Moore 
Sean Mullen 

Ryan Murphy 
Laurie Nalbandian 
Cara Nasisi 
Eileen Neville 
Kellie Noumi 

Paul O'Connor 
Jennifer Paris 
Courtney Patterson 
Mark Philbrick 
Rebecca Prout 

Christopher Queally 
Eric Rainey 
Nathaniel Razza 
William Riley 
Kerri Robertson 

Jill Santopietro 
Andrew Shabo 
Sauyma Sharma 
Shakira Soberanis 
Elizabeth Speros 


Juniors - Class Of 1994 

Christine Spiniello 

Ben Stuart 

Andre Suescun 

Elizabeth Sullivan 

Dennis Sykes 

Carmen Tilles 

Nancy Tilles 

Kurt Tondorf 

Rebecca Tremble 

Matthew Turk 

Kerry Vogelgesang 

Joyce Wagner 

Robert White 

Brooke Wire 

Christine York 

Peter Zarella 

What is a near-death or inju- 
rious experience that you 
had during your junior year? 

Kurt Tondorf: Near heart failure 

upon a Babiera verbal lashing. 

Courtney Patterson: I fell down 


Ted Duffy: Mr. Brown's AP U.S. 

History class. 

What is Mr. Rex Babiera's 
best nickname? 

Pete Cafarella: Hank. 

Ted Duffy: Tyrannosaurus Rex. 

Describe the contents of 
your locker in 7 words or 

Kurt Tondorf: Books along with 
five Cafarella roast beef's. 
Ted Duffy: I'm all set over here. 
Rob Kaufman: The best people 
I've met. 

Not Shown: Todd Collier, Robert Collins. Kim Dennis. Meghan Dolan, Carl Gelormini, Mara 
Giftopolous, Benson Ho, Ellen Houle, Maureen Ittig, Sean Kane, Jean Ladouceur, Victoria Lell 
mann, Magda Marseille, Deborah Martin, David McKissock, Donald Murphy, Amy O'Brien, Irvanrfl 
Paul, Mark Randlett, Peter Samiotes, Cory Sanders, Carol Wan, Christopher Woodly, Ian Zaft.r 


Pete Cafarella: 

Meat, meat, 

What has changed most 
about you during the course 
of the year? 

Kurt Tondorf: I tend to say 
"holmes" more often. 
Ted Duffy: My respect for Shaw 
has increased a great deal. 
Courtney Patterson: Once I cut 
my hair. 

What is the one thing you 
can learn in the high school 
that you can't learn any- 
where else? 

Pete Cafarella: How to sweat a 


Courtney Patterson: How not to 

do any work and still get A's. 

Kurt Tondorf: How to make 


Ted Duffy: How to Make 
Friends and Influence People 
Rob Kaufman: How to identify 
assorted odors. 

What is the first thing you'll 
do after your last exam ends 
this year? 

Kurt Tondorf: Make a Taco Bell 


Pete Cafarella: Wash the smell 

of academic advancement out of 

my soul. 

Courtney Patterson: Get out of 

my chair. 

Rob Kaufman: Hand it to the 


Ted Duffy: Go to the track. 

How are you spending your 

Kurt Tondorf: I'm launching my 
search for Bowers. 

Rob Kaufman: Alive. 
Courtney Patterson: I'm not 
buying anything with my sum- 
mer, so I won't be spending it. 
Ted Duffy: At the track. 

Describe what you want t 
do with yourself (in the best 
possible scenario) beyond 

Kurt Tondorf: Become "King oj 
the Stockboys" in Roche Bros. 
Rob Kaufman: Enjoy caffeinated 

Pete Cafarella: I want to starch 
my pants while in a sitting posi- 
tion so I can rest while I stand. 
Courtney Patterson: There is a 
street I would like to drive down 
beyond WHS. 
Ted Duffy: Own the track. 

Does anyone want to hear me play' 

No, Joe, dont sing. Play! 

Helloo! My name's Andy What's yours? 

raft j ■ n 



: ^HHF 

Front Row (L to R): Victor Servello (Treas.), Latifa Gordon (Sec), Heathe ' 
Liddell (V.P.), Stephanie Connelly (Pres.); Mrs. Anna Runci (Advs.). 

Shezad Akram 

Shiva Aliabadi 

Nylton Andrade 

Diana Aprea 

Patricia Baker 

Christopher Barry 
Carrie Beaumont 
Sophie Benjamin 

Brendan Cashman 
Dana Cassano 

Donna Cassano 

Kenley Cherefant 

Jessica Chiricotti 

Randall Clark 

Timothy Close 

Liam Coen 

Shawn Connelly 

Stephanie Connelly 

Julie Connors 

Suzanne Cosgrove 


Sophomores - Class Of 1995 

Matthew Cox 
Michael Cullinane 
Nora Curran 
Wesley Davis 
Nicole Deshaies 

Farah DiGangi 
Anthony Eadie 
Edward Farren 
Michael Federico 
Matthew Flynn 

Jennifer Foley 
Karen Froio 
Latifa Gordon 
Jennifer Grady 
Michael Griffin 

Gregory Grokulsky 
Francis Grueter 
Vincent Guerini 
Eric Gunderson 
Lindsay Hatch 

Erica Hesch 
Kirsten Hillberg 
Kent Hirshberg 
Margo Imbornone 
Luke Johnson 

Sean Kelly 
Nicholas Larkin 
David Layden 
Karen Lepri 
Aleecia Lewis 




Sophomores - Class Of 1995 

Heather Liddell 
David Lynch 

Julie MacQueen 
Maria Maione 
Kerry Malloy 

James Mara 

Lisa Martin 

Gregory Mattera 

Colleen McDermott 

Diane McDonough 

David McLaughlin 

Nancy McLaughlin 

Reed McLaughlin 

Ryan Menice 

Erin Mitchell 

Elizabeth Molloy 

Sarah Molloy 

Tanesha Montgomery 

Natalie Mullen 

William Murphy 

Kristine O'Brien 

Rory O'Dea 

Kim O'Donnell 

Megan Ordway 

Joseph Paparazzo 

David Paster 

Elizabeth Peavey 

Scott Peck 

Danielle Petrucci 

Ronald Rateau 



Sophomores - Class Of 1995 


Mm mm I 


Eve Anderson Leopold Martinez 

3 aul Baryski Mark Masterson 
3eorge Clapsis Jeremy McCann 

vlarisa Delapa Karen Petrous 

John Flaherty Stephen Prinn 

John Guindon Chris Shanahan 

Stephen Reissfelder 
Amy Riley 
Christine Riley 
Daniel Riley 
Jennifer Ryan 

Ronald Santiago 
William Scales 
Victor Servello 
Jonathon Small 
Michelle Smiley 

Amy Spangler 
Gillian Spangler 
Barbara St. Georges 
Gregory Staiti 
Marion Suh 

Molly Sweeney 
John Tenofsky 
Michael Tenofsky 
William Van Gelder 
Daniel Ware 

Thomas Welby 
Edmund White 




Uass Officers (L to R): Mr. Peter Geary (Faculty Advisor), George Hermiston 
[reasurer), Gina Duff (Secretary), Isaac Galvez (President), Sarah Larch (Vice- 
es), Mrs. JoAnn Staiti (Faculty Advisor). 

Michael Abate 
Nedal Awde 
Paul Baker 
Leanna Barucci 
Dan Belachew 

Sheila Bennett 
Michael Bernazzani 
Matthew Bolser 
Camille Boyd 
Gregory Brown 

John Cain 
Andrea Campbell 
Jamie Carrabis 
Stephen Carrio 
Katherine Ceron 


Freshmen - Class Of 1996 

Michael Chace 

Kathryn Chambers 

Jeremy Close 

Anthony Cocivera 

Jeffrey Coffey 

Enrico Coppola 

Allen Crede 

Jessica Delaney 

Allison Dick 

Carmine DiMascio 

Sarah Doherfy 

Kasey Donovan 

Anne Driscoll 

John Dudley 

Georgina Duff 

Amanda Elk 

Arthur Ellis 

Ralph Eugene 

Steven Farren 

William Federico 

Thomas Feeley 

Matthew Ferrantino 

Matthew Foley 

Carla Fontecchio 

Cory Fox 

Margaret Frank 

Keatra Fuller 

Thomas Gallagher 

Isaac Galvez 

Kathleen Galvin 

^ ^ 


Freshmen - Class Of 1996 

George Ganson 
Lisa Garaffo 
Matthew Gill 
Jessica Giudici 
A. Britt Greenbaum 

Jamie Griffin 
Kara Griffin 
Tammie Guerra 
Bruce Hannon 
Brian Harrington 

Julie Harrington 
Elizabeth Hennigan 
Tarleton Hill 
Stephanie Hoban 
Drew Howland 

Seth Hurvitz 
Lama Jarudi 
Sherell Johnson 
Tricia Jordan 
Maureen Keyo 

Sarah Larch 
Matthew Larkin 
Sara Laudon 
Justin Lenzo 
Allison Libbey 

Scott Liddell 
Steven Lin 
Annelena Lobb 
Allison Lynch 
Joseph Mancuso 

■r 1 1 

Freshmen - Class Of 1996 

Jamie Martin 

James Matthews 

Courtney McGowan 

Carolyn Mclntyre 

Christopher Mellen 

Joanna Michelson 

Mariah Moody 

Kevin Moore 

Brian Morrison 

Geoffrey Morrison 

Sara Morton 

Brian Mullen 

Christopher Murphy 

Carla Musto 

Mary Narciso 

Rebecca Nasman 

Nicole Neault 

Kathleen O'Connor 

Daniel O'Donnell 
Terrence O'Donnell 

Joshua Orr 

Nicole Pallai 

Patricia Patterson 

Andrea Petrolini 

Anna Piazza 

Edgar Pollak 

Paul Queally 

Lisa Radden 

Daniel Ricciato 

Kelly Ristaino 


Freshmen - Class Of 1996 

Rebecca Rizoli 
Christopher Robillard 
Marisa Rodgers 
Lindsay Rose 
Celia Rosenberg 

Michelle Ryan 
Marc Sarouphim 
James Scales 
Kathleen Scales 
Roberto Schiavo 

Linda Shea 
Kurt Smiley 
Hassan Smith 
Christopher Springer 
Melvin Steele 

John Struzziery 
Marisa Suescun 
Michael Sullivan 
Gregory Susco 
John Taylor 

Drew Thistlethwaite 
Tracy Tisdale 
David Weiner 

Not Pictured: 

'ennis Lewis 
essica MacClary 
teve Mordan 
awrence Vail 
oyce Wan 

Priscilla Anderson 
Michael Caruso 
George Hermiston 
Tamara Humphries 
Leslie Levinson 




666666 6 


What song title best de- 
scribes your freshman year? 

"Why?" Annie Lennox 
"Helter Skelter" Beatles 
"If Only" Anthrax 
"Standing in the Hallway" Ban- 

"Emotional Thing" Shake- 
spear's Sister 

"Work to Do" Vanessa Williams 
"Goodbye Yellow Brick Road" 
Elton John 

"Tradition" Fiddler on the Roof 
"Wasted Time" 

"End of the Innocence" Bruce 

"It's So Hard to Say Goodbye" 
Boyz II Men 

What is the weirdest thing 

you have ever done in the 
Media Center? 

Victorian tea party - great! 
Fell asleep on table 
Hung upside down from banis- 

Broke the Xerox 
Shut down computers 
Stole a book 

Got beating from librarian for 
eating cookie 
I studied 

What is the strangest thing 
you've ever done to get out 
of class or a study hall? 

I faked a contact lens problem (I 

don't wear lenses). 

I used an 18 by 21 inch recycled 


I went on a futile hunt for a pen- 
cil sharpener and went to the 

I feigned an asthma attack. 
I repeated a math problem over 
and over so I'd be late. 
I told a sub I was off to take a 
test- and took a side-trip to 

What animal best reflects 
our class and why? 

Kangeroo- bounces up and 


Cheetah- unpredictable, nasty at 

times, docile at others 

Peacock- all different colors 

Monkey- kind of off the wall 

Hyenna- constantly laughing 
Dalmation- spotted with diffe 
ent types of people 
Anteater- goes about its ow 
business, and when it wants t 
eat, it eats 

Fetal pig- Vulnerable to world 
Lion- proud and strong 

// you could hold the Senio 
Class in your hand, wha 
would you do with it? 

Ask them how they got so small 

Save it for later. 

Blow it up. 

Put it in my pocket. 

Bounce it. 

Eat it. 

I'd wash my hands. 


1 -*^B 


II ~ jBMfflKi 

r^^^^j / 



r d i J 




Junior Book Awards 

Boston College - Nicholas Ganson 

Boston University - Peter Cafarella 

Brown University - Robert Kaufman 

Cornell Book Award - Sushma Komakula 

Dartmouth Book Award - Benjamin Christian 

Emmanuel College Book Award - Anne Cloherty 

Fairfield University Book Award - Margaret Earls 

Harvard Book Award - Eileen Neville 

Holy Cross Award - Patricia Darcy 

Penn Award - Garrett Domina 

Rensselaer Medal - Barbara Miller 

Princeton Award - Rebecca Prout 

Wellesley College Book Award - Joyce Wagner 

Wheaton Book Award - Cara Nasisi 

Williams Book Award - Kurt Tondorf 

Xerox Award - Rebecca Prout 

Principal's Awards 

The Principal's awards were intitiated to honor outstanding members of the junior class who exemplify 
devotion to scholarship, dedicated leadership and generous service. This year's recipients were 

for scholarship: Robert Kaufman 
for leadership: Kurt Tondorf 
for service: Sushma Komakula 

Student Council Savings Bonds 

Each year the Student Council awards a $50.00 savings bond to the top student in grades 9, 10, and 11. This 
year the bonds were awarded to 

Grade 9: Matthew Gill 
Grade 10: David McLaughlin 
Grade 11: Rebecca Prout 



mm& '^mm^ 

As the Homecoming football 
game drew ever nearer, 
Westwood High students attend- 
ed the Homecoming Pep Rally 
for fall sports. MC Theresa Con- 
ley and the Westwood Wolver- 
ine kept everyone in the spirit of 
things as the captains of each 
sport spoke a bit about their on- 
going season. And the Home- 
coming Court promenaded 
around the gym, on the arms of 
their respective 'Kings' and 
some football players, in re- 
hearsal for their appearance on 
Homecoming Day. 


Pep Ra% 

Homecoming Queen Christy Doyle and her dad 

Homecoming Court 

(L to R): Sarah Doherty (Freshman), Heather Liddell (Sophomore) 
Ilg, Meaghan Gadd (Seniors), Jennifer MacDonald (Junior). 

Veronica Gozzo, Whitney 




Trick or treat! One way students 
and faculty expressed school spirit 
during the festive month of October 
was by arriving to school all decked 
out in Halloween attire. Costumes 
ranged from dragons and clowns to 
monsters and ballerinas. And to top 
things off, individual prizes were 
awarded to those in each grade 
who best knew how to dress for the 
occasion. People proved that no 
one is ever too old to partake in the 
wacky, weird Halloween tradition. 

Kenny struts his stuff in the cafeteria 


■ ■:> • 

• .■•'. 


r. ... . f 


Once again, the senior class 
threw a spectacular Winter 
Semi-Formal for all grades to en- 
joy. Dr. Gearon-cum-Santa 
Claus made his appearance in 
his jolly red outfit, and posed by 
the fireside with students for 
photos taken by NHS. The DJ 
created a sizzling atmosphere 
with popular dance music, and 
frequently slowed things down 
with romantic melodies for the 
lovebirds among the students at- 
tending. All attending looked 
magnificent in formal finery, up 
until the last slow song was 
played to end the evening. 


Let's dance as if there will be no tomorrow. 






The Mr. WHS contest was a great suc- 
cess again this year, with eight contes- 
tants: Matt Fink, Matt Keller, Kevin Kelly, 
George Koukos, Jim Marsh, Jay Resha, 
Rich Siggins, and Steve Tibbets. The gen- 
tlemen made their runs attired in various 
stunning outfits, performed various dares 
as directed by announcer Ken Carter, 
and demonstrated their talents. Nominat- 
ed by the panel of judges, then chosen by 
the audience's cheers, Matt Keller won 
the day as Mr. WHS. 

I'm having a wild time tonite 

Special Projects 

Daffodil Day American Cancer Society 
Sponsored by Student Advisory Board 


Handicapped Puppets Program 
Sponsored by Drama Club 

Handicapped Puppet Program presented at elementary schools 

Typing for a special cause 

Award winning art 

<IHE 'DI'HJ'KQ %pO c M 

Was that a crack?? 



"We think you're just sensational, Mame!" The revival of the spring musical brought 
Mame to Westwood High in early April. The three preformances brought rave reviews, 
packed auditoriums and standing ovations. The musical starts off in New York in 1928. 
After the death of both parents, little Patrick Dennis and his nanny, Agnes Gooch, head to 
the big city to find Patrick's Auntie Mame. Patrick's father's conservative lifestyle is 
drastically different from that of his flamboyant sister and the two arrive in the middle of a 
bang-up party. The many guests include the bootlegger, dancers, a bishop, and the 
famous movie actress, Vera Charles. Patrick grows up at Beckman Place with his family 
of Auntie Mame, Vera and Gooch and the antics continue. The musical was a great 
success and a solid foundation for future musicals to build on. Special thanks goes to 
Director Karen Hall, who made what people called "impossible," spectacular. Thanks 
also to the production staff, Mr. Babiera, the parents, Beaver Country Day School and 
the WHS Performing Arts Department. 




1 shall pass this way but once; any good, therefore, that I can do 
or any kindness that I can show to any human being, let me do it 
now. Let me not defer or neglect it, for I shall not pass this way 


Front Row (L to R): Meghan Gadd (Regional Representative), Garrett Domina 
(Regional Representative & Public Relations Officer), Lindsay Tisdale (Pres.), 
Cara Nasisi (Sec.) Second Row: Stephanie Connelly, Anna Piazza, Joyce Wag- 
ner, Laura Iskendarian (V.P.), Joy Howland, Jake House, Carolyn Dunn, Cathy 
Walencis Third Row: Mr. Charles Flahive (Advs.) Mrs. Fran Petrakos (Advs.), 
Josh Orr, Sean Connelly, Kurt Tondorf, Jen McDonald. 


The Student Advisory Board is an organization which is 
required by state law. The purpose of the group is to listen to 
the ideas and concerns of the student body. This year, with the 
new governance bodies in place, the Student Advisory Board 
assumed new responsibilities. 

We did our best to support the Legislative Council. We 
were also responsible for bringing in speakers on issues such as 
AIDS and date rape. We sponsored our annual Daffodil Day to 
benefit the American Cancer Society and distributed the daffo- 
dils to thank all the faculty and staff for all the time and effort 
they put in to make this school an excellent place to be. 
However, our most important job was to create an environ- 
ment in the school where the faculty and the students would 
be able to voice their concerns. We would like to thank 
everyone who participated in this process, and especially 
thank Mrs. Petrakos and Mr. Flahive for sponsoring the group. 
Good luck to next year's Student Advisory Board! 

Front Row (L-R): Hyun Chung (Sec), Kenneth Carter (Pres.), Theresa Conley 
(Treas.), Meghan Gadd (V.P.) Second Row: Anne Driscoll, Sarah Larch, Leanne 
Little, Nicole LeVangie, Heather Liddell, Donna Casano, Julie Connors, Natalie 
Mullen Third Row: Christy Doyle, Lisa Radden, Irv-Anne Paul, Tracy Tisdale, 
Mike Hall, Amy Howland, Lindsay Hatch, Rebecca Tremble, Dan Hannon, Mike 
Tenofsky, Scott Liddell, Eileen Nevill, Mrs. Mary Furber (Advs.) 

ofodfoct LOUMJCii 

This year's Student Council was led by officers: Ken Carter 
(Pres.), Meaghan Gadd (V-P), Hyun Chung (Sec), and Theresa 
Conley (Treas.) We met every Tuesday morning at 7:40 in the 
conference room. We started the year off by decorating the 
halls and selling candy apples for Halloween. We held dances 
periodically throughout the year. Our highlights were during 
Homecoming Week with Clash Day, Hippie Day, Dress as the 
Opposite Sex Day, and Green Pride Day. Christmas-time we 
were again in the caf selling candy canes and tickets to the 
Winter Semi-Formal, both of which were a great success. 
During the next event, Spring Fling, we had three new colors: 
Sunshine, with captain Veronica Gozzo; Fuchsia, with captains 
Whitney Ilg and Rich Siggens; and Jade, led by Nancy Radden 
and Dave Abdou. The Sunshine Team had a crowning victory 
after a week of volleyball, a Mr. WHS dance, with winner Matt 
Keller and a floor hockey game. We had a great year. Special 
thanks to our advisor, Mrs. Furber, and good luck to Student 
Council next year! 




• \- -" 


Lequiath/b Omid 

Like the federal government, Westwood High School has its 
own Legislative Branch known as the Legislative Council. The 
Legislative Council creates recommendations and legislation 
involving the activities, policies, procedures, programs, and 
rules of the Westwood High School Community consistent 
with the principles enumerated in the Constitution, and the 
laws governing the town, state and country. 

Front Row (L to R): Kurt Tondorf, Ms. Nancy Walsh- Saumsiegle (Co-modera- 
tor), Lindsay Tisdale (Co-moderator), Cathy Walencis (Sec.) Second Row: Anna 
Piazza, Barbara St. Georges, Mrs. Marge Hall, Joyce Wagner, Mrs. Susan Born- 
stien, Carolyn Dunn, Marisa Delapa Third Row: Stephanie Connellly, Chris 
Shanahan, Bill Scales, Ms. Carol Armstrong, Mrs. Mary Furber, Mrs. Holly Perry. 
Joy Howland, Jen Mc Donald, Laura Iskendarian, Amy Howe, Meghan Gadd, 
Jake House Fourth Row: Shawn Connelly, Alan Creed, Issac Galvez, Josh Orr, 
Garrett Domina, Cara Nasisi, Diana Rice 

Judlciac CoaKjCic 

This year, the Judicial Council was a vital part of the 
school's newly implemented government. The Judicial Coun- 
cil's primary function was to interpret the Westwood High 
School Constitution and its legislation. The Judicial Council 
was also called upon to adjudicate and resolve those cases 
involving disputes, complaints and grievances that arose 
among the citizens of Westwood High School concerning the 
activities, programs, and the application of the rules and pro- 
cedures found in the Constitution. 

Front Row (L to R): Mrs. Mary Levangie, Mr. David Dore, Jennifer Fox (Co- 
Moderator), Mr Harvey Fischler, Miss H Joan Dillon, Mrs Elaine Dhosi Second 
Row: Chip Grueter, Jessica Chiricotti, Steve Tibbetts, Kimberlyn Dennis, Patricia 
Darcy, Jay Struzziery, Bruce Hannon 

Executive, Standi 

The Executive Branch of Westwood High School consists of 
the Principal and the Assistant Principal who exercise the 
powers to assume the responsibilities, including disciplinary 
actions, normally associated with their respective positions 
and outlined in their respective job descriptions. The Principal 
is considered to be the Chief Executive, and implements the 
policies and rules of the School Committee, the Central Ad- 
ministration, the Legislative Council, and the decisions of the 
Judicial Council. The Chief Executive also has the power to 
amend any decision or policy that he deems to be unreason- 
able or inconsistent with the Constitution's policies. 

Mr. Phillip Flaherty, Chief Executive 

Mr Charles Flahive 



E&oHoai & NomtwftmA 

The Election and Nominations Committee's purpose is to 
run all the school elections and to fill vacancies that occur. The 
Committee consists of three faculty members and four stu- 
dents who are drawn from each incoming class. Its members 
are appointed in March by a simple majority vote of the 
Legislative Council to serve a one year term, and may be 
reappointed for further terms. Members of the Election and 
Nominations Committee are forbidden from serving on any 
other council or committee during their time in office. 

(L to R): Ms. Karen Hall, Jill Santopietro, Megan Ordway, Ms. Christine Kelley, 
Lisa Garaffo, Kevin Kelly 

AnbiSujtim Couwctf 

Enumerated under the Judicial Branch of the Constitution, 
the Arbitration Council is called upon to settle disputes. The 
members of this committee also serve as members of the 
Harvard Negotiations Committee. The members of these joint 
committees ran seminars instructing first year students, as well 
as students from surrounding towns, to find creative resolu- 
tions to their conflicts that satisfied all parties involved. 

Co-Moderator Jennifer VanGelder 

Co-Moderator Mr. Wayne Chatter- 

Members of the School Climate 
Committee included Ms. Susan Pe- 
ters, Jaime Griffin, Ryun Hee 
Hong, Aileecia Lewis, Jeslyn Mac- 
Clary, Julie MacQueen, Shakira 
Soberanis, & Carol Wan. 

C&mdtl Coufmttee 

The School Climate Committee's mission is to address is- 
sues which concern the school community. Under the direction 
of Ms. Susan Peters, this committee met weekly. A survey was 
administered in order to identify the issues that were of the 
greatest concern. The committee chose to focus on the issue 
of RESPECT, and sponsored a successful poster contest. 




Ecolibrium, in only its second year of existence, once again 
harassed Westwood kids in attempts to inspire them to care 
more and pollute less. With our school clean up in the fall, hike 
in the spring, production of a newsletter, participation in the 
ELNA project and the Mass Hope Conferences, and recycling 
efforts throughout the year, Ecolibrium has once again made it 
through another year with a great deal of finesse. Thank you, 
Mrs. Staiti and members, for all your support and enthusiasm! 

Front Row (L to R): Mrs. Joanne Staiti (Advs), Karen Lepri (Treas.), Kate 
Mason (Pres), Eileen O'Dea (V.P.), Erica Hesch (Sec.) Second Row: Dan Han- 
non, Carolyn Miner, Christine Sceppa, Mike Churwin, Kellie Noumi, Ryun Hee 
Hong Third Row: Jim Fitzgerald, Theresa Conley, Siobhan Connelly, Laura 
Iskendarian, Jen Ryan, Jessica Chiricotti, Lisa Garaffo, Michelle Ryan, Lindsay 
Rose, Stephanie Connelly, Shelia Bennett, Maureen Keyo, Nicole Neault, Ali 
Lynch Fourth Row: Nancy McLaughlin, Allison Libbey, Katie Galvin, Sarah 
Lynch, Sarah Scales, Gina Duff, Amanda Elk, Jessica Giudici, Tracy Tisdale, 
Marisa Suescun, Joanna Michelson, Annelena Lobb Fifth Row: Beth Molloy, 
Andre Suescun, Jim Hunter, Brian Moore, Rob Kaufman, Karen Taylor, Court- 
ney McGowan, Paul Kremer, Lama Jaroudi. 


The Westwood Mentors is a group of students who both run 
and participate in many community activities. Through programs 
such as Teen Centers, the Smoking Prevention Program, and 
various activities concerning the homeless, Mentors go out into 
the community to provide awareness and safe entertainment to 
people of all ages on a variety of subjects. Many thanks to Rob 
Stadolnik and Grace Mignosa for all their time and hard work. 

Junior and Senior Mentors 


Freshman and Sophomore Mentors 


Ndtloim Hoiw 

Front Row (L to R): Nancy Santoro (Sec), Kate Mason (Pres .), Greg Piazza 
(V.P.), Nancy Radden (Treas.) Second Row: Sarah Brett, Amy Beneway, Rebec- 
ca Burk, Tricia Higgins, Christine Sceppa, Jennifer Van Gelder, Lindsay Tisdale 
Janet Rosenblad Third Row: Laura Corcoran, Brian Lawton, Mark Connelly, 
Hyun Chung, Kevin Foster, Cathy Walencis, Kerry Larkin, Dave Abdou. 

National Honor Society once again took the school by storm 
with its upbeat ideas and 'good will towards all' attitude. Each 
member completed thirty hours of community service work 
during the year, with most of us volunteering our time to help 
out at the Mass. Hospital School. We also accomplished a lot 
as far as fund raising goes: 'Pictures with Santa' (thanks to Dr. 
Gearon) and 'Win an NHS Member to Do With As You Please' 
(which the school store staff was ecstatic about). The money 
raised supported the Christina Grueter Scholarship Fund. 
NHS also made a few trips to the local bowling alley for some 
group bonding, but somehow the idea of a WHS bowling 
league did not catch on. Good luck to next year's members 
and, of course, many, many thanks to Miss Dillon, our dedicat- 
ed advisor and supportive mentor. 

£otiedad HomnMcu 



Sociedad Honoraria Hispanica (SHH) had another success- 
ful year. We continued our tradition and sold ice cream in the 
cafeteria during lunch block on the first Friday of every month. 
Instead of the usual "Chispas de Chocolate" and "Bizcochitas 
de Crema," we broke tradition by selling exciting flavors like 
"Tortuga," "Chispas de Menta," "Frambuesas Negras" and 
"Cafe." For the third consecutive year, we visited Mrs. Fitz- 
patrick's kindergarten class at the Hanlon School so that we 
could teach the children Spanish. This activity was capped off 
by the party in December where all SHH members went to the 
Hanlon School to play games in Spanish like "Pin the Tail on 
the Snowman." The foreign language seminar also opened this 
year, and SHH members were instrumental in staffing it and 
providing assistance to those students who needed help. We 
also started a program known as "La Sombra," Which paired 
an SHH member with another student who needed assistance 
in Spanish. Although this program had its flaws, we still helped 
a considerable number of students to better their knowledge of 
Spanish. Muchismas gracias to our dedicated and loyal advisor 
Senora Perry for all her hard work as she contributed greatly 
to the success of SHH. 

Front Row (L to R): Tina Spiniello, Patricia Darcy, Tricia Higgins (V.P.), 
Jennifer Van Gelder (Pres.), Lisa Troiano, Carol Wan, Janet Rosenblad Second 
Row: Senora Holly Perry (Advs.), Karen Lepri, Jen Ryan, Joy Howland, Kim 
Dennis, Donna Guglielmi, Nancy Santoro, Veronica Gozzo, Cara Nasisi Third 
Row: Beth Molloy, Cathy Walencis, Anne Cloherty, Brian Lawton, Ben Christian, 
Garrett Domina, Laura Corcoran, Christine Sceppa, David Abdou, Greg Piazza, 
Mark Connelly, Hyun Chung. 

Front Row (L to R): Sarah Brett (Pres.), Amy Beneway (V.P.), Rebecca Burk 
(Sec), Kerry Larkin (Treas.) Second Row: Saumy a Sharma, Kate Mason, Becky 
Prout, Eileen Neville, Barbara Miller, Sarah Lanning, Mrs. Diane Rice (Advs.) 
Third Row: Ellen Houle, Sushma Komakula, Victor Ganson, Rob Kaufman, Kurt 

De> FuwtuxU 

The French National Honor Society serves as a means of 
utilizing the French language and culture outside of the class- 
room for increased enjoyment and learning. This year the 
society had a potluck winter dinner and gift exchange with the 
Spanish Honor Society. Many members brought home such 
gifts as candy and cassette tapes, all typical of the winter 
holidays. The society also offered tutoring throughout the year 
in the foreign language seminar room. In the spring, the Food 
Festival took place. Not only was the food delicious, but it 
gave members several new recipes to add to the bilingual 
cookbook. An induction ceremony did not take place this 
spring; it will now take place every fall. Thank you, Mrs. Rice, 
for all of your efforts. 


Front Row (L to R): Kevin Foster, Greg Piazza, Kerry Larkin Second Row: 
Brian Lawton, Kate Mason. 

NdUuomi M&ufi 

The National Merit Scholarship Corporation announced in 
September, 1992, that five students from Westwood High 
School earned honors for their performance on the October, 
1991 National Merit Qualifying Exam. To earn the status of 
National Merit Semi-Finalist, a student must earn a qualifying 
score that places him/her in the top 1/2 percent of the over 
one million students in the 19,000 secondary schools that 
participated in this program. In all, 15,000 students nation- 
wide earned this status. At Westwood High School, we are 
proud that one student was among this select group: Kerry 
Larkin. Kerry also qualified as a Finalist. 

To earn status of National Merit Commended Student, a 
student must earn a qualifying score that places him/her in the 
top 5% of all student participants across the country. In all 
35,000 students earned this status. Westwood High School is 
proud that four students are among this group: Kevin Foster, 
Kate Mason, Brian Lawton, & Greg Piazza. 



Dn/mou Cmb 

While the new P.A.C.E. program was developing, the WHS 
Drama Club, under the brilliant guidance of Mrs. Kelsch, was 
busy entertaining itself and the school with new and exciting 
adventures. One and all enjoyed an evening of laughter at our 
annual After Dinner Theater in November. This year's theme 
was "The Marx Brothers meet Monty Python." The new year 
saw the club busy with "Kids on the Block," a series of 
informative puppet skits about kids with handicaps, performed 
for school children around town. And the club closed out a 
great year by dabbling in some radio-oriented theater. As 
always, our director's skill and our members' talents assured a 
great display every time. WE CAN'T WAIT TO DO IT AGAIN 
NEXT YEAR! ... A MILLION thanks to Mrs. Kelsch . . . 

Front Row (L to R): Sushma Komakula (Sec), Eileen Neville (Pres.). Garrett 
Domina (V.P.) Second Row: Amanda Elk, Jessica Guidici, Dave Weiner, Nancy 
Santoro, Kerry Larkin, Meg Earls, Mary Foster, Joanna Michelson. Annelena 
Lobb Third Row: Maureen Ittig, Elise Burgess, Melissa Hener, Ms. Karen Hall 
(Advs), Daniel Hannon, Brian Lawton, Saumya Sharma, Carolyn Miner, Erica 
Hesch Missing: Ms. Stephanie Kelsch (Advs.) 

N<r Pamthiei 

No Parentheses, WHS's literary magazine, had another suc- 
cessful year. Taking a new turn, No P. created one edition this 
year. The magazine compiled creative works from the fall to the 
spring. Artwork, poetry, and prose were submitted and published 
from all grades. Members gave time to read, evaluate, type and 
collate the many articles. Although fighting computers and collat- 
ing page after page was not the most delightful task, the end 
result was fantastic! No Parentheses "93" was on sale in June. 
The staff wishes to thank our advisors, Mrs. Hayes and Mrs. 
Barraza, for all of their help and guidance throughout the year. 

Co-Editor Rebecca Burk 

Co-Editor Nancy Santoro 

Other staff members included Art Editor Pete Cafarella, Amy Beneway. Melissa 
Hener, Jim Hunter, Maureen Ittig, Jeremy Close, Annalena Lobb, Joanna Michel- 
son, Marc Sarouphim, and David Weiner. 


Front Row (L to R): Kerry Suchma, Jessica Chiricotti (Sophomore Rep), 
Jessica Guidici, Amanda Elk, Mary Rosentel, Carol Wan Second Row: Barbara 
St. Georges (Sophomore Rep.), Jennifer Van Gelder (Sec), Meghan Gadd (Pres .), 
Kerry Larkin (V.P.), Mrs. Ann Matteson (Advs.) Third Row: Rebecca Nashman, 
Rania Awde, Nancy Santoro, Julie McQueen, Sarah Brett, Anne Driscoll, Meg 
Earls (Junior Rep), Fourth Row: Amy Spangler, Anna Piazza, Suzanne Cos- 
grove, Melissa Hener, Tricia Higgins, Kristine Farren, Rebecca Burk, Debbie 
Martin, Sarah Molloy Fifth Row: Stephanie Connelly, Karen Lepri, Jill Spangler, 
Maureen Keyo, Siobhan Connelly, Whitney llg, Veronica Gozzo, Cara Nasisi 
(Junior Rep), Maria Maione, Beth Molloy. 

% CM 

As an organization with participation coming from all four 
grades, WHS Key Club achieved much during the 1992-1993 
year. Designed for volunteer services in all areas, Key Club 
successfully organized the Thanksgiving food drive and Christ- 
mas toy collection. The profits of this year's Valentine carna- 
tion sale went towards adopting beds at the Pine Street Inn. 
The members worked on an individual basis at the Ellis Nurs- 
ing Home, Circle of Friends here at Westwood High, Norwood 
Hospital, and a variety of other volunteer programs. The 
officers this year are very thankful to Mrs. Ann Matteson, 
faculty advisor, for her leadership, support, and encourage- 
ment. Special thanks to all the dedicated members who gave 
their time and energy to help make this a great year for Key 

Presidential Classroom participant John Collins. 


"Presidential Classroom is a program in which high school 
students from around the country travel to Washington D.C. 
for a week in the summer to learn about our government and 
how it works. The program was started by President John F. 
Kennedy in 1962. During my week 1 met with Rep. Joe 
Moakley and Senators John Kerry and Edward Kennedy, all of 
whom expressed a genuine interest in the P.C. program and 
my questions. I had the opportunity to sit in on a Supreme 
Court proceeding and attend sessions of Congress. We attend- 
ed seminars with prominent Washington journalists, lobbyists, 
and politicians. The most interesting part of the program, 
however, was the kids themselves. Above all, I learned how to 
listen and respect the opinions and ideas of others, and how to 
negotiate a consensus of common values and goals. 1 would 
like to thank the League of Women Voters for their generous 
scholarship, without which I would not have had this great 
opportunity. Stay free." (John Collins) 


Botji & Got& Stifo 

Thanks to the sponsorship of the Westwood Posts of the 
American Legion and the American Legion Auxiliary, six stu- 
dents from the Class of 1993 were given the opportunity to 
experience and participate in a mock government forum. 
Jonathan Lynch, Elio Imbornone, David Cronin, and Jim 
Marsh travelled to Bentley College in Waltham with hundreds 
of other boys from across the state while Jennifer Van Gelder 
and Jennifer Fox ventured out to Mount Holyoke in South 
Hadley with approximately 250 young women. For the dura- 
tion of the week, the citizens of "Boys' & Girls' State" were 
divided into two political parties, the Nationalists and the 
Federalists. Each party nominated officials, created a platform 
and devised campaign strategies for the final political rally. 
While the weather could have been a little cooler, the food a 
little better, and the male/female ratio a little higher, it was a 
great chance to make new friends and learn about the govern- 
mental process firsthand from the local to national level. 

Front Row (L to R): Jim Marsh, Jenn Van Gelder, Jon Lynch Second Row: 
Elio Imbornone, Dave Cronin Missing: Jen Fox. 

Jen and I, as appointed delegates to Student Government 
Day, went to the State House. Prior to our visit, we attended a 
meeting at Quincy High School to prepare us for the activities 
on April 2, 1993. At the State House on April 2, the delegates 
were asked to sit in the House of Representative, while their 
alternates were asked to go to the Senate Chambers. During 
the morning session, students from high schools all over Mas- 
sachusetts ran a mock legislature meeting. We later broke for 
lunch where we listened to Governor Weld speak. The after- 
noon session was broken down into smaller discussion groups 
in which the topic of bills was discussed. One of the bills was a 
mandatory AIDS test for all high school juniors and seniors; 
this would be a requirement for graduation. The second bill 
was to waiver the gym requirement for students who played a 
varsity sport. Later, on our wanderings around the State 
House, Jen and I met Senator Walsh. We found her to be an 
inspiring and extremely dedicated woman. 

Jennifer Fox 

Joy Howland 




Front Row (L 
Gelder Second 
Corbett, Greg P 

to R): Asad Kureshy, Lindsay Tisdale, Matt Keller, Jenn Van 
Row: Becky Prout, Jon Lynch, Jay Resha, Klaus Ullmann, Andy 

Academic Decathalon consists of a team of students who, 
after much practicing, participate in a multischool academic 
meet. When we first started the year it seemed as if we were 
going to have a really strong team. As the practices marched 
on, however, we began to lose members and yet the team as a 
whole got stronger. Many of the members were actually spe- 
cialized in one area which helped us in the competition overall. 
As the day of the competition loomed ahead, several people 
realized they could not attend the event. We went with what 
we had and, much to our surprise, came out with a few 

^E Xw ^1 


McSk Turn 

Front Row (L to R): Rob Kaufman, Kelli Noumi, Benson Ho, Becky Prout 
(Capt.) Kerry Larkin (Capt), Christine Sceppa, Dave Weiner Second Row: Mr 
James Pender (Advs.) Andy Corbett, Klaus Ullmann, Dan Hannon, Dave 
McLaughlin, Matt Keller, Soni Hysi 

A few days a month, Math Team met to compete in the 
SMML and the GBML Math meets. After practicing in the two 
excused blocks, we piled into Mr. Pender's van and drove off 
to spend the next few hours attempting to correctly solve the 
the problem sets in our competition rounds. We ate Math 
Team cookies, laughed together over the "ivy" bunch and 
Pete's bizarre hairstyles. We may not have come out on top of 
the math team world, but we had a great time with Mr. 
Pender, and even learned a thing or two about math. 


£cjum oW 

The School Store had a very successful year as we sur- 
passed the earnings of the past years. We expanded our sales 
through the acquisition of Coke products and sport drinks, as 
well as our always friendly and efficient service. We still 
prospered despite an unfortunate break-in. However, we have 
secured the store to make an unlawful entry near impossible as 
booby traps have been placed everywhere. We would like to 
thank Mr. Flahive and Mrs. Rosengarten for their support. 

Front Row (L to R): Shafie Kureshy, Matthew Keller (Manager) 
(Assitant Manager), Klaus Ullmann, Andy Hughes. 

Dan Hannon 

Safe, Ruk 

The Safe Rides program at Westwood High School served 
an important part in both the community and the school. One 
night a month, Safe Ride members waited by the phone on a 
Friday or Saturday night and picked up anyone who had been 
drinking or was with someone who had been drinking and gave 
that person a ride home. The Safe Rides program encumbered 
some difficulties this year, and started later than usual. Howev- 
er, due to a small but dedicated group of juniors, Safe Rides 
overcame those problems and successfully functioned through 
the end of the year. Many thanks to our advisor, Mr. Flahive- 
we never could have made it without his help! 

Front Row (L to R): Eileen Neville, Jill Santopietro Second Row: Janet 
Rosenblad, Karen Lepri, Erica Hesch, Nicole Levangie Third Row: Tricia Hig- 
gins, Kerry Larkin, Carolyn Dunn, Becky Prout. Rebecca Burk Fourth Row: 
Andy Hughes, Cathy Walencis, Ryun Hee Hong, Brooke Wire, Christine York, 
Nancy Santoro, Joe Flynn Fifth Row: Jennifer Van Gelder (Pres), Dan Hannon. 
Klaus Ullmann, Paul O'Connor, Kevin Foster, Pete Cafarella, Matt Keller, Garrett 


Under the direction of Mrs. Kelsch, six tired seniors took to 
the school's P. A. each morning to bring to the students and 
faculty the all important messages of the day. While at times it 
may have seemed as if no one was listening, we all knew the 
school would simply would have shut down were it not for 
morning announcements. But hey, someone must have been 
paying attention because Mr. Flahive's office was always full! 

Front Row (L to R): Nancy Santoro, Mary Foster 
Jennifer Van Gelder, Jonathan Lynch, Jay Resha 

Diana Rice Second Row: 


Front Row (L to R): Dave Abdou, Joy Howland, Theresa Conley, Rick Coci- 
vera, Rebecca Burk, Mrs. Linda Hanlon (Advs.), Nicole LeVangie, Denise Cullin- 
ane Second Row: Ken Carter, Jen Mara, Whitney Ilg, Christy Doyle, Nancy 
Santoro, Jenn Van Gelder, Karen Lepri Third Row: Mm Marsh, Natalie Mullen, 
Mary Foster, Matt Fink, Karen Taylor Fourth Row: Sophie Benjamin, Matt 
Keller, Laura Iskendarian, Siobhan Connelly, Mike Hall, Ben Christian. 



This year, the Peer Educators got together and made a list 
of issues we thought would be important to kids at the Middle 
School. We split up into groups of four and five, and each 
group picked a different topic, such as drugs, peer pressure, 
resolution of conflicts, to talk about at the Middle School. We 
played icebreaker games and performed skits with them. The 
Peer Educators and the kids from the Middle School got some 
pretty good discussions going about issues concerning adoles- 
cence. We would like to thank Mrs. Linda Hanlon for her 
expertise and support. 


Front Row (L to R): Matt Fink, Wendy Rowe, Laura Iskendarian, Mary Foster 
Ms. Carol Armstrong (Advs.) Second Row: Lindsay Tisdale, Matt Keller, Joy 
Howland, Jennifer Mara, Mike Hall Third Row: Madga Marseille, Shakira Sober- 
anis, Barbara St. Georges, Rebecca Burk, Karen Taylor, Nancy Santoro, Jill 
Santopietro, Denise Cullinane, Nicole Levangie, Garrett Domina Fourth Row: 
Pete Cafarella, Ben Christian, Whitney Ilg, Siobhan Connelly Betsy Speros, 
Theresa Conley, Anne Cloherty Jennifer Van Gelder, Kate Gallagher, Andy Dore. 

Peer Counselors is a group of dedicated students who give 
up their free time to talk to other students who may be in need 
of guidance. This year we helped the freshman class with the 
Discovery program. We had sessions after school and at night 
to discuss relevant issues that are common problems to high 
school students. With help from our advisor, Ms. Armstrong, 
we learned a lot and helped a few people along the way. 




The yearbook holds the memories of four years of high 
school, influencing the way we remember each other and the 
lives we lived in this time of our lives. The 1993 Green Years 
staff wanted to represent the memories of the good times so 
that, like our theme, we would be "Looking Forward To 
Looking Back." Creating the yearbook was a time-consuming, 
demanding task, but each of us knew that our reward would lie 
within the finished work. We often took work home with us, 
spending hours drawing layouts and cropping photos. Our 
creative urges were gratified in seeing the pages take form out 
of random photos and boxes drawn on grid layouts. 

We watched the Class of 1993 emerge on the pages while 
we worked: the faces of our classmates looked out at us 
smiling, laughing, dancing, joking, participating in school life. 
The Class of 1993 had great character and spirit, and that 
more than anything came through in the yearbook. 

The Green Years staff would like to thank Mrs. Petrakos for 
her dedication in completing the 1993 yearbook, giving her 
time and concentration through much of the school year and 
the summer. Thanks also to Mr. Flahave and the other "free- 
lance" photographers who contributed to the yearbook. The 
memories we have created within this yearbook will last 
throughout our lives, a standing tribute to the Class of 1993 
and the Green Years staff. 

Business Editors: 

Hyun Chung & Dan Hannon 

Front Row (L to R): Rebecca Burk (Co-editor), Mrs. Frances Petrakos (Advs.), 
Kerry Larkin (Co-editor) Second Row: Nancy Radden, Cathy Walencis. Melissa 
Hener, Laura Corcoran, Janet Rosenblad, Nancy Santoro, Christine Sceppa 
Third Row: Klaus Ullmann, Jennifer Van Gelder, Hyun Chung, Dan Hannon, 
Greg Piazza, Sarah Brett 

Advisor & Co-Editors: 

Mrs. Frances Petrakos, Kerry Larkin, and Rebecca Burk 

Associate Editors: 

Nancy Santoro, Klaus Ullmann, Cathy Walencis, & Christine Sceppa 


Senior Biography Editors: 
Laura Corcoran & Sarah Brett 

Activities Editors: 

Janet Rosenblad & Jennifer Van Gelder 

Senior Activities Editors: 

Laura Iskenderian & Melissa Hener 

Sports Editors: 

Nancy Radden & Gregory Piazza 


Human Rigfll 

The Human Rights Club of 1992-1993 met and planned 
activities for the forthcoming year. Despite the fact that it 
took a little more than a term to find a staff advisor, Mr. 
Flahive came to our rescue and served as our advisor for 
the year. The 1993-1994 Human Rights Club will be more 
active than ever since this year's group has prepared an 
exciting new agenda. 

Front Row (L to R): Darci Gargone (Leader), Patrice Jefferson (Leader/Organ- 
izer), Megan Burnett (Leader) Second Row: Carol Wan, Kimberlyn Dennis 
Sophie Benjamin, Keatra Fuller, Barbara St. Georges, Shakira Soberanis, Magda 
Marseille, Carmen Tilles Third Row: Irv-Anne Paul, Jamie Griffin, Leo Martinez, 
Edmund White, Ronald Rateau, Anthony Eadie Missing: Aisha Owens (Leader). 


The UNICEF support group at WHS was established with 
the purpose of helping young people to understand the needs 
of other children in the third world countries and to give them 
the opportunity to share this information with the school 
community and to make a contribution. This year, we chose 
Somalia. We raised money through the Halloween Collection, 
Christmas and Mother's Day card sale. Cards were sold to 
students, faculty, and the community. All proceeds were do- 
nated to a fund for the people of Somalia. 


Front Row (L to R): Ellen Houle (Sec), Elise Burgess (Pres), Ryun Hee Hong 
(Treas.) Second Row: Mrs. Virginia McCoubrey (Advs), Sarah Molloy, Beth 
Molloy, Maria Maione, Erica Hesch, Amy Magnuson, Carolyn Dunn, Carol Wan. 






i. aW " 



1 *v 

1 ** 

'** Jvf 


The black-suited beauties on the beach. 

To love the game beyond 
the prize. 

-Henry Newbolt 



The Superbowl match-up against 
Weston was the most memorable 
event in the 1992 Superbowl Cham- 
pionshiop season. The Boston Globe 
predicted the score to be Weston 28 
and Westwood 14. Before the game in 
the locker room, the seniors realized 
that it would be the last game of their 
high school careers. The game came 
down to Weston having possession of 
the ball with three minutes left in the 
game and a one point lead. Elio Imbor- 
none caused the fumble and recovered 
it. The eventual outcome was a PJ 
McGrail touchdown run. Then Weston 
was able to march down the field to 
the Wolverine 35 with forty seconds 
left. Weston's final attempt at the end 
zone was denied when Matt Fink and 
Rich Siggens gave Cy a crushing hit. 
The Wolverines were victorious and 
1992 Superbowl champions. 

Superbowl Day at the State House 


Can 't Stop the ROWER! 'j^Jjf* 

^tr j^% 


Summary of the season: 
Hopkinton: The first game 
against Hopkington ended in a 
game winning field goal by Mark 
Connelly. Elio Imbornone led 
the young defense. Dover 
Sherborn: The offense was 
sparked by Ted Duffy and Steve 
Prinn. The starting defense did 
not give up any points. Ash- 
land: The game was back and 
forth until Reed McLaughlin 
picked off a pass and returned it 
for a TD and secured the vic- 
tory. Defensively Mike Troiano 
had six sacks. Millis: The of- 
fense was led by Bill Van 
Gelder's 100 yard effort. The 
defense had an all-around good 
effort. Med way: The offense 
was sparked by Rich Cocivera's 
TD catch. The defense was led 
by the hard hitting Elio Imbor- 
none. Med field: The offense 
was led by a couple of Steve 
Prinn's TD receptions. The de- 
fense recorded its second shut- 
out. Wayland: The offense and 
defense were led by Elio Imbor- 
none's hard running and hitting. 
Bellinghan: PJ McGrail 
emerged for over 200 yards 
rushing. The defense had great 
efforts from tackle Rich Siggens. 
Holllston: The offense was 
sparked once again by a 100 
yard effort by PJ McGrail. The 
defense was led by Matt Fink's 
sacks and caused fumble and re- 
covery. Weston: The offense 
once again was sparked by the 
game winning touchdown run by 
PJ McGrail. The defense was led 
by the play of Joe Jowdy. 

double sessions, Carroll speech- 
es, Sperandio's shivers, Smash- 
er, Queally imitations, Legion 
dinners, Wolf's speech against 
Medfield, Marsh draw play 
against Hoptown, Troiano's 6 
sacks in one game. Reed's inter- 
ception against Ashland, Fink's 
hit against the quarterback at 
Wayland, Elio's hit on Cy which 
enabled us to score and win, 
practices in the gym, defensive 
hits, The 4 horsemen, and the 
quarterback sacks by Fink, Sig- 
gens, and Troiano. Think, deliv- 
er, beating Holliston, you can't 
stop the power, either snow or 
rain every game, you can't block 
me, oh ya, we're #1, Scrub O, 
Bellingham looks top heavy, re- 
alistically between 3rd and 7th, 
headwound, 10 jumpin jacks, all 
night party, be smart, get off 
these balls and come around, 
Wayland locker room, Cy not, 
Holliston not, jacked up sleeves 
(Fink). 3 year losing streak 
against Holliston was ended. Su- 
per Bowl victory every election 
year, gold rings, leather sleeves, 
and finally the t-shirts. Winning 
isn't everything, it is the only 
thing. There is no I in team. Su- 
per bowl party at Elio's (all night 
party), Wonderland Motel, Pla- 
queless team, goal line stand 
12/5/92 at the Super Bowl, a 
locker room party after the Su- 
perbowl game, TV coverage, 
Susi's candy, and most of all an 
undefeated SuperBowl season. 

What would you bequeath to 
next year's team? 

ception of Jowdy, no I in team, 
repeat of the 11-0-0 SUPEF 
BOWL season, the POWER 
body by Fink t-shirts, a rankin 
in the state better than 18, fan 
for every game, team unifies 
tion, an extension in Susi'f 

Memories: Captain's practices, A plagueless team with the ex- 







There's no "I" 
in team. 



FuAi Hockey 

Victory At Last 

The 1992 Field Hockey Team 
was the best one since 1989. 
Our record was 3-9-2. Despite 
the nine losses, this Field Hock- 
ey Team fought hard, and, 
therefore, earned the respect 
from other teams in the league. 
We were led by Betsy Dugan, 
our fourth coach in 4 years. She 
was the main reason for the turn- 
around. Having played Division I 
hockey, she brought 
her knowledge of 
the game and creat- 
ed a competitive 
team. And this team 
was eager to learn 
and compete on a 
higher level than 
usual. We opened 
the season against ri- 
val Holliston and 
fought hard to a 2-1 loss. This 
loss was a moral victory for us. 
We got our first win against 
Hopkington and carried this mo- 
mentum with a win over Dover- 
Sherborn. The second half of the 
season, we beat Dover-Sherborn 
again and tied Medfield 1-1 and 
Ashland 1-1. Our captains led by 
example and all the seniors en- 

This Field 
Hockey Team 
fought hard. 

couraged the younger players. 
This encouragement was espe- 
cially given to sophomore Jill 
Spangler who stepped into goa- 
lee for the injured Lisa Troiano. 
She responded admirably to this 

MEMORIES: Kelly injuring half 
of the team with her rocket 
drives. Cathy falling for no ap- 
parent reason. 
"Arches, Arches!", 
forgetting the balls, 
"New York 

Groove", busrides, 
running, "S-O-U-L- 
A." All the luck to 
next year's team! 


Front Row (L to R): L. Sullivan, K. Suchma, J. Wagner, N. McLaughlin, T. 
Darcy, K. Taylor, M. Earls, S. Brett (Capt.), L. Troiano (Capt.). Second Row: 
Coach Betsy Dugan, L. Little, B. Lynch, L. Tisdale, J. Howland, S. Connelly, K. 
Mason (Capt.), C. Walencis, L. Iskenderian, K. Noumi, B. Molloy, R. Hong, J. 
Spangler, J. Madge (JV Coach). 


W L T 
3 9 2 




Boifi £t 



Side Kicks 

BEQUEATHAL: A sense of hu- 
mor with a losing record. Many 
yellow and red cards. The same 
caliber of referees we had. One 

The most memo- 
rable game was 
the first time we A young 

played Ashland we were 

at Ashland. At surprise 

the half we were Tri-Val 

losing 2-0 to a League 

team that on a 
good day six of us 
could have beat- __^__^ 
en their eleven. 
We were simply pitiful. In the 
second half, we came out strong 
in the first ten minutes to tie the 
game 2-2 only to be lulled to 
sleep again. Soon the score was 
4-2 and we were frantically try- 
ing to catch up yet a second 
time. With ten minutes left we 
scored three unanswered goals 
with the fifth coming with about 
one minute left. This game was 
memorable because it was one 
of the worst displays of soccer, 
but somehow we managed to 

MEMORIES: The new coach 
and his creative sayings like, 
"Only in America," "You 
couldn't finish a hot dinner," 
"This isn't Christmas and we're 
not giving out presents," and 
"What do you think, it's your 
birthday?" Captain's practices 
before double sessions were fun 
as usual, especially with the 
great turnout of freshmen. They 
enjoyed goal-hanging which sep- 
arated the boys from the littler 

boys. Having a JV is an impor- 
tant memory. Having two sets of 
twins was just great. The game 
against Bellingham when we had 
thirty shots on net with no goals 
to count for it 
when they had 
but three shots 
on net and three 
team . . . goals to count for 

to be the them. This game 

of of the was a freak of na- 

ley ture that said 

something about 
the season and 
how we always 
gave our best 
~y? without a great 
end result. 

young team under a new coach, 
we were to be the surprise of the 
Tri-Valley League, and despite a 
few games, we always stayed in 
the game, and had a chance to 
win. The coach liked the Euro- 
pean style of having players on 
the field playing the whole 
game, so the team needed to be 
in excellent shape. We learned 
how to play together as a team, 
and always enjoyed the camara- 
derie and friendships which su- 
perceded our success in terms of 
record. Most of us stayed 
healthy, and for the most part 
had a good time. We would not 
exchange that for an undefeated 






■ JFr? "^Ww^^P^^ 

■ *-*^t:- W^ ?, '*IP^ 

FRONT ROW (L to R):Matt Larkin, Tom Feeley, Chris Robillard, Jake House, Sam 
Jones, Ryan Collins, Hussein Bayat, Rob Collins. SECOND ROW: Ross Irwin 
(Coach), Matt Keller (Capt.), Sam Coffey, Josh Jones, Raphael Maione, Chris Har- 
rington, Ben Christian (Capt.), Don Murphy, Hyun Chung, Andy Hughes (Capt.) 



























Cath. Mem. 




















r. ; -_ s£. ' -„• 





GuA £o<wv 

A Turn of the Tides 

At the beginning of the sea- 
son, the Girls' Soccer Team was 
predicted to be a big competitor 
on the field. Filled with strong, 
skilled players who knew the 
game, Mr. Niles and his team 
were looking to- 
wards a great 
season; but then 
the tides turned. 
Multiple injuries 
and sickness 
plagued the team 
taking out key 
players for long 
periods of time. It 
seemed every 
game brought a 
new name onto 
the injured-reserve list; howev 
er, the injuries and losses could 
not damper their spirits. They 
had great team spirit and were 
always there for each other. 
Though their record may not 

have been as great as they had 
hoped, their team spirit sur- 
passed everyone's expectations. 
Bequeathal: No injuries! 

Memories: "I need a volunteer. 
Oh, Jen Grady, 
you'll do." 

"The team was 
predicted to be a 
big competitor on 
the field." 

Mr Niles calling 
for all the "survi- 
vors" to come 
out and practice. 





Fronf ffow (L fo R):C. Sceppa, N. Tillis, C. Doyle (Capt.), J. May (Capt.), K. Larkin 
(Capt.), N. Curran. Second Row: J. Grady, V. Lehmann, C. Miner, A. O'Brien, B. 
Prout, T. Curran, R. Tremble, A. Howland. Third Row: Coach Niles, D. Cullinane, 
E. Larch, B. Miller, C. Dunn, B. Speros, K. Vogelgesang, C. Tillis, K. Gallagher. 





3i- - J 

B, - - ' |M 








5 "* ,. . 

\ k 


ff - 


\ •:■' 

— -■- J0L " 

1 m 

" '■ -: ^#-- 


































6 8 



CtoU CouMJuf 

On the Road Again! 


in September, the team was 
called together for first practice. 
After some discussion, it was dis- 
covered that many had worked 
hard over the 
summer. So, we 
started with a sol- 
id foundation of 
strength and en- 
durance. The 
team, itself, stum- 
bled in its first 
meet against Holliston, but many 
personal goals were attained. 
Unfortunately, the rest of the 
'92 season ended similarly. De- 
spite our losing record, every- 
one put in solid practices day 
after day and substantial im- 
provement was seen in all. 
MEMORIES: The best memory 
of 1992 is undoubtedly our only 
win over a young Hopkinton 

BEQUEATHAL: We, the Cross- 
country Team of 1992, be- 
queath a winning record and 
new and better uniforms for the 
team of 1993. 

We started with 
a solid founda- 
tion of strength 
and endurance. 

Although our only win was very 
memorable, the most memora- 
ble meet was held in Franklin 
Park, Boston. It was not the race 
that was memora- 
ble but the events 
that transpired af- 
terwards. As the 
team waited to 
leave, one of our 
team members 
proceeded to 
break the horn of the bus. When 
the busdriver discovered that 
her horn was no longer function- 
al, she let him know how she 

HONORS: Dan Dobra received 
Tri-Valley League All-Star 





Staying T 

The season started off shakey 
for the Girls' Volley Ball Team 
with a tough loss to Holliston. 
However, the girls came togeth- 
er to play their best game of the 
season against their arch rival 
Holliston. With a great win un- 
der their belts 

they seemed to 
be on the road to 
a winning season; 
then one of their 
best players got 
hurt. With one of 
their leaders out, 
the team had to 
pull together - 
and they did. Ev- 
eryone showed 
excellence on and 
off the court. 
Though they nev- 
er made it to the play-offs, they 
had a great time throughout the 

Memories: Darlene's sweat 
and depression, the Haunted 
House, Coupons at Papa Gino's, 
Whit's party and Margo's gross 
comments, the Governance trial, 
letter to coach saying "Play ev- 

They seemed to 
be on the road to 
a winning sea- 

eryone", Cheeky Cheeky, Mi- 
chelle on the bus, Boodah doll, 
Tara's accident, Whit and Tara's 
head on collision. 

Creative Awards: Tara - Most 
likely not to show up for prac- 

tice but have the 

best excuse. 
Kim - Most likely 
to have an injury. 
Megan - Most 
likely to be self- 

To next year's 

team we leave a 


winning season!! 
Awards: Whit- 
ney Ilg - MVP, 
League All-Star, 
Transcript All-Star. 
Veronica Gozzo - Unsung Hero, 
Tri-Valley honorable mention. 
Margo Imbornone - Most im- 
proved, Sportsmanship Award. 
Kim Jacobson - Tri-Valley Hon- 
orable Mention. 

Carrie Beaumont - Tri-Valley 
Honorable Mention. 




Got& SuJimwMq 

South Sectional Champs 


The Westwood Girls' Swim 
Team continued their undefeat- 
ed dual meet season for the sec- 
ond consecutive year and 25 


consecutive meets, 
wins included the 
Bishop Feehan 
and especially the 
Ursuline teams. 
Ursuline was the 
reigning South 
Sectional Cham- 
pions, but was de- 
feated in a dual 
meet for the sec- 
ond year in a row 
by the Wolver- 
ines. The team 
prepared for the 
South Sectionals ^^^^^^™ 
with wins over 
Seekonk, Duntee, Notre Dame, 
Stoughton and Canton, and 
along the way many school re- 
cords and personal bests were 
achieved. The team won the 
South Sectionals for the first 

time in history with Wendy 
Rowe winning 2 events and 
Chrissy Riley winning 1. Other 
great performances included 
Donna Guglielmi, Gina Duff, Sa- 
rah Lanning, Eileen O'Dea, Julie 
Harrington, and 
Courney Patter- 

Many school re- 
cords and person- 
al bests were 


Defeating Ursu- 
line, Winning the 
Meet, Throwing 
Mr. and Mrs. Ril- 
ey in the pool, 

To next year's 

^^^3^7 team we leave a 
warm pool and 
the best of luck. 





Front Row (L to R):S. Laudon, K. Chambers, G. Duff, J. Harrington, K. Galvin, S. 
Larch. Second Row: Coaches Bill and Mary Ellen Riley, A. Lynch, M. Moody, K. 
O'Brien, K. Lepri, K. Hillburg, J. Connors, C. Riley, E. Anderson, L. Hennigan. 
Third Row: C. Patterson, N. Levangie, J. Santapietro, T. Spinello, A. Howard, J. 
Barsamian, S. Lanning, W. Rowe (Capt.) D. Guglielmi (Capt.), J. Van Gelder, E. 






















Notre Dame (H) 



Bishop Feehan 







Foo&oM Oumkadm 

Through Rain, Sleet, and Snow 

The season started out 
"rough" for the football cheer- 
leaders. The lack of a coach led 
to unproductive practices and 
however, after 
the team got a 
coach, they set- 
tled down and 
really began to 
improve. As the 
games passed, 
the team looked 
stronger than it 
had ever looked. 

But they were 
not without the 
pitfalls of every 
football season. 
They suffered through cold and 
rainy games, loud bus rides, and 
snow. Yet through it all, the 

The team looked 
stronger than it 
had ever looked. 

cheerleaders stuck to their rou 
tines and impressed the crowij 
keeping up both the spirits 
the team and the crowd. 
Patty Patterson 
most likely til 
have her hair h™ 
her face. 
Aisha Owens 
most likely to at 
tract men at 

Leslie Levinson 1 

most likely to b* 

yelling at Bonnie | 

Sarah Molloy 

most likely to b(] 

at all practices. 

% 15 p 

j£" \&J ■'' 

"^f/^- 5 " 

Front Row (L to R):E. Levinson (Capt.), A. Owens, L. Nalbandian (Capt.) Second 
Row: J. Carrabis, K. Dennis, S. Molloy, P. Patterson. Third Row: K. Ristaino, M. • 
Marsielle, T. Guerra, L. Levinson Missing: C York (Capt), Coach French. 

■■■■,■■■ \ •■■.-. . 

Saihetbai Clfmfleadw 

The Magnificent Seven 


Despite the fact that every 
other day someone quit the 
team, the "Magnificent Seven" 
stuck it out to the end and did a 

great job. At one 

point, the team 
was down to only 
five cheerleaders; 
however, the 
team continued 
to cheer well. 
They kept their 
spirits up and 
gave the basket- 
ball team enough 
support to go all 
the way to the 
Eastern Mass 
Overall, we had a great season. 
The seven cheerleaders: Kim, 
Bonnie, Aisha, Magda, Nancy, 

Latifa and Kasey were the best. 
There will never be another sev- 
en like them. The team wishes 
the boys the best of luck next 

year and hopes 

the cheerleading 
team is success- 

one point, 
team was 
down to only 


Red Hot mess up, 
game, having 
only 5 cheerlead- 
ers, not hearing 
the music in Do- 
ver-Sherborn, Ka- 
sey without her 




Front Row (L to R): N. Tillis, K. Dennis (Capt.) M. Marseilles. Back Row: L. 
Gordon, A. Owens, Coach Tina. Missing: B. Levinson (Capt), K. Donovan. 


Boifl BahkdbcM 

A Fairy Tale Season 

l *3l 


started off strong, winning the 
Avon Tournament then faltered 
during the beginning of Tri-Val- 
ley League play. We won 
eight out of nine games 
at home but struggled on 
the road. Near the end of 
the season with a chance 
to capture first place, we 
lost our last three games. 
We ended the season in 
fifth place in a competitive 
T.V.L. It didn't look good head- 
ing into the tourney, but we 
brought it all together and went 
to the South Sectional Finals. 
MEMORIES: -Avon Tourna- 
ment -Beating Carroll's Medway 
team -Beating Medfield twice - 
Elio slapping the backboard to 
get us a good seed in the tour- 
ney -Nick "the bus driver" and 
the back of the bus -Beating Sa- 
cred Heart and the lead scorer 
in the state -Rippy and the dogs - 

Elios first 3-pointer 
AWARDS: The One and Out 

Award- David Abdou. The Bos- 
ton T-shirt Award- Elio Imbor- 
none. The Absent 
Award- Jeremy Steele. 
The Draino Award- Mark 

chance to go to the 
South Sectionals next 
year and beat D.S. 
ning four games in the tourney 
then losing in the final seconds 
of the South Sectional Finals. 
We beat P-town by a convincing 
50 pts., beat Bristol-Plymouth 
the #3 seed by 15 pts., Sacred 
Heart the #6 seed by 20, beat 
Cohasset by 6 pts., and finally 
lost to D.S. by two points at the 

HONORS: South Sectional Fi- 




GoA ' Bakkdbd 

Living Up to Their Heritage 

The Girl's Basketball Team 
started off strong with an unpre- 
dicted win against Holliston in 
the second game of the season. 

Left out of the 

newspapers' pre- *" *— *«■ 

dictions for the 
top twenty, the 
girls slowly crept 
back in turning a 
few heads as they 
did. They played 
tenacious defense 
led by seniors 
Whitney llg, Nan- 
cy Radden, and 
Theresa Conley, 
and played a run and gun game 
under the leadership of point 
guard Christy Kiriacopoulos, 
which often led in easy lay-ups 
or jumpshots put in by Tricia 
Higgins. However the girls hit a 
slump with losses to Medway 
and Medfield and even Hollis- 
ton. The girls fought hard and 
played well, but could not pull 
out close games. With splits to 
Medway and Holliston and two 
losses to Medfield and Hopkin- 
ton, the girls had to regroup for 
tournament. After tears, anger, 

and a lot of soul searching, the 
girls came together and dis- 
played why they deserve the 
high respect the Westwood girls 

have earned over 

the years. They 
played a beautiful 
game against 
The tradition of Norton before 

pride and hard falling to Med- 

work remained way. Led by five 

unbroken. seniors, the team 

was experienced, 
talented and they 
^^^_^_ were friends. And 

^^^77 despite outside 

propaganda, the 
girls surged ahead against the 
beliefs and criticisms of the me- 
dia and other coaches. And most 
importantly they did it together 
as a team. And though the 
streak was broken last year, and 
the '93 team faced tough losses, 
the tradition of pride and hard 
work remained unbroken and is 
one which will never end. 

To next year's team we leave 
a year without Saturday morn- 
ing practices and the pride of the 
Westwood tradition. 


Boijl S>tfiumim 

All Wet! 


entire season was a struggle. We 
had an inexperienced and very 
small team. Everyone worked 
hard, but the team ran into fur- 
ther problems when — 
the pool heater 
broke. The team im- 
proved as the sea- 
son progressed and 
the new members 
fell into place. We 
managed to win two 
meets towards the 
end of the season. 
Tom's car accident, 
CakeFest III- the Re- 
union, Daily bus trips to Blue 
Hills, the rapacious Blue Hills fe- 
male water polo players, "Bri, I 
think those girls are checking out 
my leg." 

AN LAWTON- the almost 
award; RORY O'DEA- most 
likely to have name mispro- 
nounced; MILTON HIGH 

The team 
as the year 

SCHOOL- most likely to con- 
demn hacky-sacks. 
BEQUEATHAL: The continu- 
ance of CakeFest - A reliable 

^^^^^ MEMORA- 
The game of 
water polo 
against the 
Blue Hills 
Coed swim 
team. Battling 
a larger team, 
poor visibility 
and unscrupu- 
^^ lous girls, we 

managed to prevail. The girls 
had no qualms regarding the use 
of their nails but we returned 
their hospitality with our own 
fair share of dunks. 
HONORS: MVP- Jim Fitzger- 
ald. Sportmanship- Rory O'Dea. 
Unsung hero- Tom Gallagher. 
League All-Stars- Kevin Foster, 
Jim Fitzgerald. 

FRONT ROW (L to R): Mark Onderdonk, Jim Fitzgerald, John Loncrgan (Coach), 
Kevin Foster, Brian Lawton SECOND ROW: Rory O'Dea, Vincent Guerini, Josh 
Jones, Joe Paparazzo, Bill Riley 




L T 


Most memorable event - Wa- 
ter polo against vs. Blue Hills 
coed swim team 

pi ^q 



I " ' 

Boiji Hockey 

Too Cold To Hold 

SUMMARY: The season start- 
ed with a lot of question marks, 
but they were soon all answered. 
A lot of people said that we lost 
too much but we vowed to 
prove them 
wrong and did. 
Although the re- 
cord suggests a 
season, the team 
managed to rally 
during the latter 
half of the season, winning seven 
games and capturing a 10th 
straight TVL Championship. We 
vaulted into the tourney beating 
Southeastern Regional, Martha's 
Vineyard, and Lynnfield in OT 
before a heartbreaking loss in 
quadruple OT on a heavily dis- 
puted goal that never crossed 
the goal line. 

MEMORIES: The anchor, the 
O.L., the Irish Mob, Billy, Nuts 
and Bolts, Klaus, Nick Chants, 
Shaving Griffs head, The mus- 
tangs, Nobles- Sam, Queer 
Street, The Tourney-getting 
shafted. Quadruple OT, Rusty, 
Styles, Father Stag, Bruno, Cul- 
ly, Spooge, Buddy, Anchor, 

What arc lost 
from last year. 
we made up 
for In heart. 

Welbs, The Chemist, Whitey, 
Sammy Otis. Kane-O, Feels, 
Parx, Murf, and Joey. 
numbers game- Russ Flynne. 
Most Penalties- 
Mark Paster. The 
Smart Guy 

Award- Sean 
Kane, Pete Sa- 
miotes, Craig Sin- 
clair. On Time 
For Practice 
Award- M. Paster. "Skipper" 
Award- Chris Shanahan. Dr. M- 
9- Sean Kane. MOST MEMO- 
RABLE GAME Quadruple 
overtime loss in EMass Finals. 
HONORS: MVP- Russ Flynne. 
Unsung Hero- Kevin Kelly. Wol- 
verine Award- Mark Paster. Of- 
fensive Player of the Year- Mike 
Cullinane. Defensive Player of 
the Year- Chris Shanahan. Most 
Improved Player- Tom Welby. 
Sportsmanship- Ed Galvin. TVL 
All Stars- Russ Flynne, Mike Cul- 
linane, Chris Shanahan, Mark 
Paster, Tom Welby. Daily Tran- 
script All Stars- Russ Flynne, 
Mark Paster, Tom Welby, Ed 

o a 

• •■ 






Front Row (L to R): Carolyn Miner, Meaghan Gadd (Capt.), Nancy McLaughlin, Ann 
Cloherty, Leanne Little, Lisa Garaffo, Row 2: Jean Ladouceur (Capt), Eve Anderson, 
Liam Coen, Geo Hermiston Back Row: Dan Hannon (Capt), Eric Shaw, Andy Shabo, 
Gregory Susco, Matthew Gill, Coach. 

They practiced on a backyard 
pond with portable lights, but 
still the girls fought the weather 
and practicing conditions to be- 
come the first Girls' Hockey 
Team at Westwood High 
School. The team began as a re- 
quest from Jill Santopietro to 
Athletic Director Joe Gearon 
last season. Though Dr. Gearon 
was hesitant, Jill persisted and 
rounded up a list of interested 
girls, a list of expenses, equip- 
ment, ice time and coaches. The 
girls got the go-ahead from Dr. 
Gearon, raised funds, found 
equipment and ice; all they 
needed now were some coach- 
es. That's OK - the girls recruit- 
ed their dads. Mr. Santopietro, 
Mr. Speros and Mr. Connors be- 

came the first coaches. Practic- 
ing at night and dawn in rinks 
and on ponds, the team and 
coaches learned the ropes. 
Though many of the girls had 
never played hockey before, 
they did very well and gained 
much needed experience. The 
girls also acquired loyal fans who 
came to cheer them on. The 
Girls' Hockey Team was a wel- 
comed addition to the athletic 
department and an advance- 
ment in girls' sports. In the fu- 
ture the girls hope to become a 
real force and maybe encourage 
other schools to build a girls' 
hockey team. 

Thanks Mr. Santopietro, Mr. 
Speros and Mr. Connors. 


Front Row (L to R): L. Santopietro, D. Guglielmi, J. Connors, K Lepri, C. Tillis, 
Ryan, E. McKissock, Back Row: Mr. Santopietro, Mr Connors, B. Levinson, 
Speros, B. Lynch, K. Noumi, S. Molloy, B. Molloy, H. Liddell, Mr. Speros, S. Conn 
ley, Mr. Lynch. 





GoA hack 






With the substantial increase 
in runners this season, the near- 
forgotten enthusiasm of past 
seasons was revived and will 
pave the way for many more 
successful seasons in the future. 
Whether it was the devoted 
work ethic to practice rain or 
shine, a sacrifice for the team to 
earn needed points, the quest to 
break a record, or the denial of 
pain for the pursuit of victory, 
this enthusiasm became a char- 
acteristic of every member of 
the team and brought the team 
to a level it had not reached in 
many years. Guided by the sup- 
portive coaching of Mr. Relleva 
and Mr. Hargreaves, the team 
tied for fifth place in the Tri- 
Valley League and showed that 
the program was finally getting 
back on track. 


After this season Relleva's 
ego has been severely dimin- 

ished due to the shotput GANG, 
with added help from the Mat 
Queens and Captain Sun God- 
dess. Delaney, Riley, and a dizzy 
Rose forced Jeff to do his job. 
Hurdle Master Conley taught 
the Frosh her techniques and 
gave rise to a star in Petrolini. 
The 400 Relay won second in 
the TVL and ran well at the 
States. Higgins remained unde- 
feated in the 400 and three fesh- 
men received honorable men- 
tion all-star status. 
MVP Patricia Higgins, UNSUNG 
HERO Sheila Bennett, 
Carolyn Miner, ALL-STAR Pa- 
tricia Higgins (400m), HONOR- 
Patricia Higgins (200m), Sheila 
Bennett (400m), Andrea Petro- 
lini (Int. Hdls), Nicole Neault 
(800m), Captains: Patricia Hig- 
gins, Theresa Curran, Eileen 

Front Row (L to R): Celia Rosenberg, Eileen O'Dea (Capt.), Patricia Higgins (Capt.), 
Erika Larch, Gina Duff, Christine Riley, Sarah Malloy Row 2: Carla Musto, Nicole 
Pallai, Lisa Garaffo, Allison Dick, Katie Galvin, Jessica Delaney, Julie MacQueen, 
Julie Connors, Lindsay Rose, Linda Shea Row 3: Priscilla Anderson, Mariah Moody, 
Nicole Neault, Maureen Keyo, Tracy Tisdale, Sheila Bennett, Carolyn Miner, Amy 
Riley, Jean Ladouceur, Karen Lepri, Rebecca Prout. Missing: Andrea Petrolini, 
Theresa Curran (Capt.). 

A Hardhitting Season!! 


: ^ v *" 






Summary of Season: Started 
off slow-then a winning streak, 

PEAKED. Last game chocked! 
Memories: Aardvark, no wel- 
lions, Hamond, "The Big Fight," 
"I beat my face," "ATTACK 
THE BALL," "It's as big as a 

Creative Award: Dart Throw- 
er - Chip Grueter. Hitting with a 
split - Rafael Maione. No Show 
Award - Bob DiSabasto. Best 
Lefty Pitcher - Hyung Chung. 
Bequeathal: A jug of water, 
hydration, better luck in the 
tournament, lemonade. 

Most Memorable Meet: Arch- 
bishop Williams game- fun field, 
big win, "Fight." 
Honors: TriValley League All 
Stars: Jake House, David Ab- 
dou, Mark Randlett, Elio Imbor- 

Dailty Transcript All-Star: Mark 
Paster, Jake House, Elio Imbor- 

TriValley League MVP: Elio Im- 

Daily Transcript All-Star: Elio 

Unsung Hero: David Abdou. 
Sportsmanship Award; Rich Sig- 



'•* if- *■- 

rj> -a 

ft / I ' 

L ^«' ^ ^% 

Front Row (L to R): Dan Hannon, Dave Abdou, Hyung Chung, Rick Cocivera, Mark 
Paster, Jim Marsh, Elio Imbornone, Rich Siggens Back Row: Assistant Coach, Jake 
House, Mike Moore, Donald Murphy, Mike Mancuso, Bob DiSabato, Rafael Maione, 
Bill Riley, Mark Randlett, Coach Jack Farrell. 



a Great Start 

Led by seniors Joy Howland 
and Lisa Troiano, the Westwood 
High Girls' Softball Team got off 
to a great start with a big win 
over Bellingham. Then things 
went downhill. 
The team had a 
lot of talent, but 
too many errors 
cost them too 
many games. 
However the 
team did pick up 
two wins over 
Millis and played 
in a lot of close ^^^^^ 

games. The Wol- ^^^^^ 
verines even gave 
powerhouse Ashland a real 
scare. Despite the losses the 
team had a lot of fun and will 
never forget practices with their 
favorite coach Mrs. Hillberg. 

"Too many er- 
rors led to too 
many losses." 


Bag and Box, Shiny Red Bat, 
BBT, Barbecue, Jugs, Joy the 
Hero, Grand-ma-ma, Ribba's 
educational talks, Thunder How- 
ard, The Three 
Sophs, Champ, 
Lefty, Nisey, 

To next year's 
team we leave a 
winning season 
and a lot of pa- 
tience and deter- 






f>$*y < 

Front Uoiv f£ to H): J. Howland, K. Petrous, D. Cullinane, B. Lynch, K. Vogelge- 
sang, K. Hillberg, Back How: Coach Hillberg, M. Dolan, R. Tremble, A. Howland, J. 
Grady, K. Noumi, L. Troiano, A. Howard. 


t \ 







Boifl TemU 

Back To The Future 

SUMMARY: As first practice 
rolled around, the season looked 
promising. Sure, we had lost 6 
of our 7 starters, but we expect- 
ed a lot of new talent and strong 
returning players. Well, 
not many returned, but 
the freshmen that joined 
showed spark and aggres- 
sion along with talent. Se- 
nior Captain Greg Piazza 
played first singles and 
Sophomore Victor Ser- 
vello played second while fresh- 
man sensation Britt Greenbaum 
stepped up to play third singles 
with his tenacious counterpunch- 
ing and non-stop trashtalking. 
Freshman Drew Thistlethwaite 
displayed early brilliance with 
his first doubles partners Chris 
Barry and Ben Christian. Second 
doubles consisted of freshman 
Dave Weiner and Junior Andy 
Corbett. Although the team 
went 3-9, Piazza went the dis- 
tance with some of the best in 
the TVL, while Servello not only 
avenged some early losses but 
established a name for himself in 
the league. 

MEMORIES: Coach Damish's 
quotes, "I think Justin's coming 
today!", "Wait, I thought Brad 
graduated.", "We're the best 3- 
9 team in the league.", "As a 
coach I get really ticked . . .", 
"Has anyone seen Chris Barry 
today?", "There's no reason 
why we shouldn't beat every 
team in the league.", "It's a re- 
building year!" Britt's Ice Tea, 
hot sweaty men, Poppin' fresh, 
"Piz", Hairclub, Dave Weiner's 

A young team. 
we showed 
•park and 
along with tal- 

wise mouth. 

A WARDS: Most Likely to Wise 
Off to Coach- Drew Thistlewaite 
Most Likely to forget where he 
lives- Britt Greenbaum. Trash- 
talking Award- Vic Ser- 
vello and Britt Green- 

Tri-Valley League Title 
-A State Tournament 

-The best of luck to VJ, 
Britt, and Drew. 
last match against Millis was 
probably the most memorable 
not only because it was the only 
other match we won besides 
Ashland, but because last year's 
team came to watch. A reunion 
match showcased returning dou- 
bles players Chris Blomquist and 
Mark Sullivan. Jimmy Caruso re- 
fused to take part in the festivi- 
ties prefering to undergo male- 
bonding with Coach Damish. 
HONORS: MVP- Victor Ser- 
vello. Unsung Hero- Greg Piaz- 
za. Sportmanship- Britt Green- 

> *> ■> > > 



The Girls' Tennis Team had 
an exceptionally short pre-sea- 
son due to the foot of snow on 
the courts. The lack of practice, 
however, did not 
seem to be a 
problem because 
the team won 
most of its match- 
es with ease - all 
except for Dover- 
Sherborn, in 
which we were 
narrowly defeat- 
ed both times. ^^^^^ 
These defeats 
could not stop us 
as we confidentently entered the 
State Tournament. The team 
beat Carver and Norwell but lost 
the semifinals to Sharon. 
Memories: Sarah's elegant 
dive over the net . . . Did Anna 
eat all the food? 
Our loyal fan: Dad Wagner . . . 
That's a winna . . . 
Bequeathal: We bequeath to 
next year's team an endless sup- 
ply of junk food. 
Most memorable event: Our 

most memorable match was 
against Norwell in the quarter- 
finals of the South Sectionals. 
Liz Sullivan played her best ten- 
nis of the year, 6- 
0, 6-1. Joyce 
Wagner and Jen 
Westwood's first 
doubles tean, 
produced a con- 
vincing 6-1, 6-1 
victory. The sec- 
ond doubles team 
^^_^_ °f Laura Corco- 

^^^^y ran and Ali Lynch 

won easily. Sau- 
mya Sharma fought her way 
back from a 1st set loss to win 3- 
6, 6-2, 6-0, and Sarah Lanninng, 
the queen of 3 set matches, was 
barely defeated in three sets. 
Honors: Saumya Sharma, Liz 
Sullivan, Joyce Wagner and Jen 
McDonald were all Transcript 
All-Stars. Saumya Sharma was 
team MVP; Liz Sullivan was the 
team's Unsung Hero; and Laura 
Corcoran received the Sports- 
manship Award. 

W 'Z 






y / 

* ■^••^ 


4 : - ::::::: ' 


Boi/4 Ttack 

Faster, Higher, Farther 



■ a 


Front Row (L to R): Dan Riley, Rory O'Dea, P. J. McGrail, Dan Ricciato, Sam Jones 
Row 2: , Jon Small, George Clapsis, , , Jeremy Close, Matt Flynn 

Row 3:P.J. Fitzgerald, Brendan Cashman, Matt Turk, Chris Queally, Joe Paparazzo, 
Chris Murphy, John Dudley, Justin Lenzo. 




Swingin' Good Times 

SUMMARY: This year was the first 
year in four years that we lost the Tri- 
Valley League. We managed to lose 
more matches in half a season 
than in the last three years 
combined. We finished 
around .500, but our team 
had the most laughs in the 

MEMORIES: -The hand- 
crafted Louisville putter -The broken 
clubs -The rides to the away courses - 
The days when Russ and Mark just 
had fun -Russ and Mark's side bets 
$$$$ -Ed's golf swing 
Award- Ed Galvin Temper Award- 
Russ Flynne Biggest Downfall- Mark 
Connelly Let's Make a Deal Award- 
Klaus Ullman 

BEQUEATHAL: Russ' broken clubs 
and the ability to place over .500. 


Our team bad 
the moat 

laughs In the 


Holliston at Pinecrest Golf Course. 

Westwood and Holliston had tied after 
the first 5 scores. Westwood 
decides that instead of going 
to a sixth score to have a 
rumble on the ninth green to 
determine the outcome and 
the victor of the match. Hol- 
liston wisely declined the 

challenge, but ended up winning the 

real way, by score. 




W L T 
8 8 

wMgm ->*. ..■■ "$* 


We seemed to come sudden- 
ly upon happiness as if we 
had surprised a butterfly in 
the winter woods. 

-Edith Wharton 



Poof went the boys 

The senior festivities 
began on November 
10, 1992 with a Pre- 
Powder Puff Bash. 
Competition was in the 
air and already the 
boys envisioned 
themselves as the 
victors. The following 
morning, after many 
hours of grueling 
practice, the girls 
finally had the chance 
to strut their stuff. 
Needless to say, the 
boys were put to 
shame. With the help 
of coaches Mark 
Connelly, Rick 
Cocivera, Matt Fink, 
And Elio Imbornone 
the girls fought their 
way to victory. 

Offensive teams, Fink's 
Ferocious Lifting Ladies 
and Son's Hot Buns, and 
defensive teams, Con's 
Kinky Kittens and Rick's 
Ruthless Chic's, worked 
well together guarding, 
tackling, and passing up 
and down the WHS 
football field. 


> ■" 


• \ ■.''••■ 



On May 26, 1993, the Senior 
Class gathered in the beautifully 
decorated WHS cafeteria for a 
night of memories. As the histo- 
ry of the class was read, each 
and every one of us relived the 
pasts we had shared together. 
The traditional playing of "Nov- 
el Quest" united our class one 
last time and provided us all with 
laughs. The long awaited Senior 
Superlatives were announced 
and gifts of appreciation were 
given to deserving administra- 
tion, Mr. Flaherty and Mr. Fla- 
hive. And finally, with the show- 
ing of the slide show, the Class 
of 1993 laughed, cried, and cele- 
brated the wonderful memories 
that we had shared. Thanks to 
all who made the banquet a per- 
manent memory in our hearts 
and minds. 



The Senior Class journeyed to 
Crane's Beach for the annual senior 
class beach trip. After an exacting 
graduation rehearsal that same morn- 
ing, almost everyone was ready to 
catch some rays. When we arrived at 
Crane's, the sun was shining brightly 
and with a temperature of 80 degrees, 
it was a perfect day for all the games 
and the getting of tans. The catered 
meals were plentiful, good and en- 
joyed by all. It seemed as if we would 
never stop eating. We hated to see this 
day come to an end as we realized it 
was one of the last chances that we 
would share together as a class. How- 
ever, end it did - with wonderful mem- 
ories for all. 

UK •*-;• •fv^ 



Thanks, Joy, and Mrs Rosengartcn 




Forever Young" 


On May 21, the Sheraton Tara Hotel in 
Braintree hosted the 1993 Junior-Senior 
Prom. Prom Queen, Jen Mara, and her 
court, seniors Kristine Farren, Patrice 
Jefferson, Kerry Larkin, Aisha Owens, 
and juniors Kim Dennis, Meg Earls, Cara 
Nassisi, and Kerry Robertson, represent- 
ed the school with unique style. The 
dance floor displayed an array of colors 
as we danced our way through the night. 
With the theme "Forever Young" we 
knew it would be a night to remember. 
Thanks to Mr. Baker and the Junior Class 
- the prom was a smashing success! 

Senior Court 

m m 

^t Ji 

w ■ 




m^-M l 


mm F> i 


Junior Court 

. ' ■ 


BB^^ r "- , ^^BP^E. 


L ■ 


j ^B 

-* W 'M 

» - ^ 




1 \ n 

EL /J 

■m* * 1 


IIHr^Bsl * JhI^^I 




As your class president, I proudly stand before you to welcome our families, 
administration, faculty and friends to celebrate as we end our years in Westwood 
schools and move on to an new educational experience. 

Today, our last and most important day as the graduating Class of 1993, we reflect 
on our years together. We have all grown together. We have shared hardships and 
triumphs. The hardships have made us stronger in facing the adversities of the future. 
The triumphs have made us humble in knowing that determination makes for success. 

In the fall of 1989 we entered the illustrious Westwood High School . . . During this 
first year at Westwood High School, we carried our pride in our pockets, and we went 
about our schooolwork with this feeling resting heavily in our hearts. Until we 
discovered what intelligence, courage, and determination really were. A fellow class- 
mate inspired us to always strive for the best and to always persevere no matter how 
hard things may seem. Her name was Christina. Our graduation ceremony could not 
be complete unless we recognize what an important special individual she was and is to 
all of us - For it was Christina who showed us what courage was all about. From the 
sadness, our lives were transformed, our hearts were softened and we carried on with 
mutual respect for one another . . . The Class was not alone, though. We had the 
support of our parents. Our parents instilled our admirable qualities so we could 
become the diversified, good citizens that we are today. Through all of the sadness, 
the disappointment and jubilation, our parents were there. So thank you, Mom's and 
Dad's, for rooting us on and leading us to our success . . . We thank our public school 
system for providing us with a strong foundation - caring teachers and a pleasant 

Now the graduating Class of 1993 is prepared to leave its sheltered environment. 
As we leave our shelter, we enter a world filled with uncertainty. No one knows what 
the future holds. We are living in a changing world. It is up to each one of us to secure 
our own future by choosing the right path . . . Congratulations, Class of 1993! We 
finally made it! 

We are the music makers. 

And we are the dreamers of dreams . . . 

We are now graduating from high school, and the words of Arthur O'Shaughnessy's 
"Ode" are meant for us, the Class of 1993, the generation now making its way into 
the world. We, the dreamers of dreams, face the possibilities of our future, a future 
that will be driven by our emerging ambitions. Thanks to parents, teachers, and 
friends, we possess the confidence, the knowledge, and the skills to draw from deep 
within us, to create lives for ourselves in this world. 

Each generation has the power to shift the outlook of its society. Social and political 
empires have been built and then destroyed generation after generation, time and time 
again. Our generation is emerging in an age in which old empires are falling, leaving 
the way clear to build an era of our own, an empire which attempts to deal with the 
problems within our society. Communism is failing around the world; our adult lives 
will influence and witness the creation of a new world order in which military warfare is 
no longer crucial. The national and worldwide economy is transforming itself once 
again through the Information Revolution, and our generation will be the first to enter 
the business world with considerable exposure to and instruction in computer technol- 
ogy throughout our initial development. Our awareness of the environment, the 
threats to its well-being, and its impact on our lives have again been an emphasized 
part of our upbringing, at home, in school, and in the media . . . 

We, as graduates of Westwood High, as the prospective movers and shakers of the 
world, possess the necessary elements to be a part of our generation's influence on the 
world around us. We are independent, trained in analytical thought by our teachers, 
urged to use our talents to the best of our ability. In seeking success, we know to work 
hard, yet to constantly seek a better way to achieve an end result. In short, we have 
grown into the legacy of America's independence and innovation. These years ahead 
of us will now call us to cultivate and refine our abilities, so that we may follow the 
course of our dreams. Our generation's empire will be built on the results of these 
dreams; its essense will be the qualities of independence and innovativeness which we 
have been brought up to demonstrate; its physical manifestation will be our genera- 
tion's response to the situations and problems within our society as we find them to be 

Joy Howland 
Class President 

Kerry Larkin 

The upcoming years are not important merely because of our possible impact on 
the world, however. We are individuals, brought up to follow our ideals and principles 
. . . Let us take these years to enhance our individuality, to brighten the inner light of 
life within us. Let us be the music-makers; let us follow the dreams, our dreams, that 
are coming to birth. 

WH'^^'.SJ' if* 








The Julie Babineau Memorial Award 
The George Bader Memorial Awards 

The Judith A. Bolles Memorial Award 

The Frances J. Burns Award 

The C. Louis Cedrone Education Awards 

The Isaiah Chase Award 

The Timothy P. Coleman Memorial Award 

The Thomas Darcy Memorial Award 

The Michael J. Devlin Memorial Award 

The William N. Duffey Memorial Scholarship 

The Dr. Alexander N. Fisher Award 

The Christina Grueter Memorial Award 

The Kevin Harnett Memorial Award 
The Edward J. Huber Memorial Award 
The Duane E. Kocina Memorial Awards 

The Albert Lester Memorial Award 

The Lions' Club Achievement Scholarships 

The Jim McCoy Memorial Award 
The Paul Mitchell Memorial Award 
The Principal's Awards 

The Robert L. Raymond Memorial Award 

The Christos T. Sards Award 

The Thomas Michael Smith Memorial Award 

The Richard J. Stack Memorial Award 

The Superintendent's Award 

The E.W. Thurston Memorial Awards 

The Calvin Topalian Memorial Award 

Katherine Mason 
Theresa Conley 
Elio Imbornone 
Kerry Larkin 
Kerry Larkin 
Sarah Brett 
Laura Corcoran 
Jonathan Lynch 
Kerry Larkin 
Ernst Fred Herard 
Jennifer May 
John Collins 
David Abdou 
Kevin Foster 
Christy Doyle 
Mark Connelly 
Laura Iskenderian 
Lindsay Tisdale 
Patricia Higgins 
Stephen Tibbetts 
Rebecca Burk 
Hyun Chung 
Mark Connelly 
Nancy Radden 
Elio Imbornone 
Nancy Santoro 
Service: Matthew Keller 
Leadership: Joy Howland 
Gregory Piazza 
Gregory Piazza 
Catherine Walencis 
Jennifer VanGelder 
Kerry Larkin 
Janet Rosenblad 
Christine Sceppa 
Brian Lawton 



David Abdou 
, Suzanne Adams 
i Amy Beneway 
Sarah Brett 
Rebecca Burk 
Megan Burnett 
Jeff Campanelli 
Ken Carter 
Sunghyun Chung 
Richard Cocivera 
John Collins 
Theresa Conley 
Mark Connelly 
Siobhan Connelly 
Laura Corcoran 
John Corlito 
David Cronin 
Noreen Curtin 
Daniel Dobra 
Christy Doyle 
Kristine Farren 
Corinna Federico 
Matthew Fink 
Michelle Fisher 
Paul Flaherty 
Russell Flynn 
Kevin Foster 
Mary Foster 
Jennifer Fox 
Meaghan Gadd 
Ed Galvin 
Veronica Gozzo 
David Green 
Fred Herard 
John Griffin 
Donna Guglielmi 
Michael Hall 
Daniel Hannon 
Melissa Hener 
Darrell Higginbottom 
Patricia Higgins 
Amy Howe 
Joy Howland 
Andrew Hughes 
Sony Hysi 
Whitney Ilg 
Elio Imbornone 
Laura Iskenderian 
Patrice Jefferson 
Sean Keaney 
Matthew Keller 
Kevin Kelly 

Christine Kiriacopoulos 
George Koukkos 

Holy Cross 

Lasell College 

Boston College 

Boston College 

Muhlenberg College 

College of New Rochelle 

Dean Jr. College 

Univ. of Arizona 

Colby College 

Villanova University 

Univ. Colorado-Boulder 

U. Mass - Amherst 

James Madison University 

Boston College 

Boston College 


U. Mass - Amherst 

Bridgewater State 

Univ. of Vermont 

Northeastern Univ. 

U. Mass - Amherst 

Univ. of Rhode Island 

Univ. of Maryland 

Eastern Nazarene College 

Mass Bay 

Canterbury School 

Brown University 

St. Louis University 

Clark University 

Denver University 


Northeastern University 

Franklin Institute 

Northeastern University 

Northeastern University 

George Washington University 

Boston College 

Univ. of New Hampshire 

Boston University 

Norfolk State Univ. 

University of Richmond 

North Adams State 

U. Mass - Amherst 

Mary Washington College 

Northfield Mount Hermon 

St. Lawrence Univ. 

Suffield Academy 

Bentley College 


Rensselaer Polytech 

Grove City College 

Univ. So. Carolina 

Roger Williams College 

Ithaca College 

Paul Kremer 
Asad Kureshy 
Shafie Kureshy 
Tara Laham 
Kerry Larkin 
Brian Lawton 
Christine Leon 
Jonathan Lynch 
Tony Mallios 
James Manning 
Jennifer Mara 
James Marsh 
Katherine Mason 
Jen May 
Amy Mazzola 
R. Scott McCarthy 
Michael McDonald 
Stephen McGovern 
Justin McNair 
Paul Moloney 
Eileen O'Dea 
Mark Onderdonk 
Aisha Owens 
Mark Paster 
Christopher Payne 
Matt Pellegrini 
Grace Petta 

Greg Piazza 
Nancy Radden 
James Resha 
Diana Rice 
Janet Rosenblad 
Mary Rosentel 
Wendy Rowe 
Nancy Santoro 
Christine Sceppa 
Keity Semyonova 
Douglas Sibley 
Richard Siggens 
Craig Sinclair 
Jeremy Steele 
Kerry Suchma 
Karen Taylor 
David Tenofsky 
Stephen Tibbetts 
Linsday Tisdale 
Lisa Troiano 
Michael Troiano 
Klaus Ullmann 
Jennifer Van Gelder 
Cathy Walencis 
Scott Wood 


Univ. of Texas at Arlington 

Baylor University 

Bridgewater State 

Princeton University 

University of Virginia 

U. Mass - Dartmouth 

Washington & Lee Univ. 


N.E. School Art & Design 

Kansas City Art Institute 

Gettysburg College 

Brown University 

Roger Williams 

Univ. of New Hampshire 

U. Mass-Amherst 


S.W. Texas State Univ. 

Howard University 

Providence College 

U-Mass - Amherst 

Hobart College 

Virginia State University 

Quinnipiac College 


Providence College 

St. Elizabeth's School of 


Dartmouth College 

Georgetown University 

Boston College 

Pratt Institute 

Wheaton College 

Framingham State 

Penn State 

Tufts University 

Univ. of Vermont 


N.E. Institute of Technology 

Bridgton Academy 

Salem State 

Worcester Polytech Institute 

Bridgewater State 

Hollins College 

Bryant College 

Providence College 

Vassar College 

Univ. of New Hampshire 

Western Ct. State University 

Rensselaer Polytech 

Bates College 

Univ. of New Hampshire 





We first entered Westwood 
High School as a class in Sep- 
tember of 1989. Some of us 
were lucky enough to have been 
given a tour earlier on by a 
friend, a sibling, or even a 
friend's sibling. But when classes 
started, that help quickly van- 
ished and many of us were di- 
rected towards the math wing 
through the boiler room by se- 
cretly insecure upperclassmen. 
Others had the incredible oppor- 
tunity to participate in double 
sessions, where hazing was- 
ahem-NOT to be tolerated. 
Luckily, we had Matthew Fink as 
president, Lisa Troiano as vice- 
president, Tricia Higgins as sec- 
retary, and James Resha as trea- 
surer to guide us through the 
trials and tribulations of our 
freshman year. 

And as if being freshmen, the 
lowest of the low, wasn't 
enough, we were dubbed by the 
media as the Westwood class 
which had suffered the "Brain 
Drain." As a class, we had a lot 
to prove academically. 

Athletically, most of us saw 
our action in the JV games or 
warming the varsity benches. 
But a chosen few of us saw some 
varsity action. Still others who 
cheered from the sidelines were 
able to cheer on some incredible 
teams. Both of the Boys' Hock- 

ey Team and Girls' Basketball 
Team earned well-deserved Tri 
Valley League championship ti- 
tles. The Girls' Soccer Team and 
the Football Team also had su- 
perb records, as did both the 
Winter and Spring Track Teams. 
The Boys' Basketball and Soc- 
cer Teams finished off their sea- 
sons on a high note. And the 
Field Hockey Team managed to 
score a spirit-lifting goal. 

Sports was not the only area 
that we, as first year students, 
excelled in. Other extracurricu- 
lar activties were helped along 
with our help and encourage- 
ment. Two After Dinner The- 
atres were put on by the Drama 
Club, as was the spring play, 
"Twain by the Tail." The March- 
ing Band placed third in the New 
England Finals and it received 
two honorable mentions. The 
Key Club sponsored a bloodmo- 
bile, and SADD and Safe Rides 
both kept up their ongoing battle 
against drunk driving. Student 
Council raised our awareness 
through "A Day in the Life of a 
Homeless Person," as did the 
Student Advisory Board with its 
"adoption" of East Clarendon 
High School after Hurricane 
Hugo. We were also lucky to be 
the entering class for events now 
annual, such as the Arts Festival 
and Spring Fling Week. 

We said, "So long," to the 
Double Quartet and "Auf Wie- 
dersehen" to the huge German 
exchange program. We also said 
"Farewell" to some fantastic 
teachers who retired: Mr. 
George Hancox, Mr. Thomas E. 
Nelson, and Miss Priscilla J. 
Congdon (from whom we 
learned never to face our backs 
to the teacher). And, sadly, said 
"Goodbye" to a much respected 
and much loved teacher, Miss 
Judith Bolles, who will live for- 
ever in the memories of those 
students lucky enough to have 
had her as a teacher. 

As June rolled around, our 
long-term goals of college, a pro- 
fession, and a family changed to 
a mere survival to our senior 
year. And as the last day of our 
first final exams came upon us, 

we only hoped to make it to be 
come sophomores. It wasn't ; 
great aspiration, but it couldn' 
possibly be as bad as being fresh 
men, could it? 


In September of 1990, the 
Class of 1993 confidently re 
turned to Westwood High, real 
izing we were no longer little 
tiny freshmen. Sophomore yeai 
had begun; we were not at the 
bottom anymore and thought 
things would continue to get bet 
ter and better. Our class offi 
cers, Joy Howland (President). 
Christy Doyle (Vice President), 
Christine Sceppa (Secretary), 
and Jim Marsh (Treasurer) 
worked closely with our advisor, 
Mrs. Runci, throughout the year. 

But tenth grade got off to a 
rough start. When Christina 
Grueter pased away the whole 
class felt an immense loss. Chris- 
tina will always be an important 
member of the Class of 1993. 

As our sophomore year pro- 
gressed, it became a year of 
champions and great accom- 
plishments. The Hockey Team 
became the memorable 1991 Di- 
vision III State Champions. Also 
in athletics, the Football Team, 
Girls' Basketball, and the Golf 
Team were all named Tri-Valley 
Champions. During its first year 
"Legacy" became the 1991 
Novice Division NESBA Winter- 
guard Champions. The second 
annual Arts Festival was again a 
success with art and perfor- 
mances from a wide range of 
students. Many in the Class of 
1993 were also involved in help- 
ing others. In Key Club, mem- 
bers of our class volunteered at 
places such as Norwood Hospi- 
tal, the Recreation Department, 
and Circle of Friends. Many 
were also involved in the UNI- 
CEF Support Group, which 
sponsored activities such as the 
Mother's Day Card Sale, helping 
those less fortunate. Amnesty 
International sponsored a "Bat- 
tle of the Bands," which was a 
great success. Also Student Ad- 
visory Board began a tradition of 


aving a Valentine's Day Party 
Sr the children at the Italian 
dome for Children. The Sopho- 
nore Class gave much of its 
ime in achieving these 

Now as June rolled around we 
,11 looked forward to that all im- 
lortant Junior Year. The Class 
if 1993 was finally going to be- 
ome upperclassmen. 


The autumn of 1991 fell upon 
i s, and we came back to the 
iigh school, this time as juniors, 
-fowever, we would soon learn 
hat our first year as upperclass- 
nen did not include all fun and 

1 As juniors, we had to develop 
ind prove ourselves, both scho- 
astically and personally. But 
eadership from President Joy 
-lowland, Vice President Christy 
Doyle, Secretary Mark Connel- 
y, and Treasurer Tricia Higgins, 
juided us in the right direction. 

Juniors were introduced to 
he harsh realities and rituals of 
he academic world, which in- 
:luded SAT's, Achievement 
Tests, and AP exams. Right 
rom the beginning, most of us 
jecame intimidated with com- 
nents such as, "This is the most 
mportant year of your lives," or 
'You're going to have to work 
'eally hard this year, because it 
ineans a lot." But with aid from 
Dur dedicated teachers, we 
earned we could survive. 

Sportswise, we showed we 
:ould more than survive; we 
:ould conquer. Football played 
an excellent 9-1 season, while 
the Girls' Swim Team, with its 
highly talented junior members, 
Lvon the South Sectionals. Al- 
though field hockey did not 
:ome out on top, the team had 
serious potential for a great next 
season. The highly and rightfully 
acclaimed Girls' Basketball 
Team led Westwood High all the 
Way to Boston Garden. The 
Baseball Team became the vic- 
tors of the Tri-Valley League 
and also played in post season. 
And last, but certainly not least, 
Boys' Hockey defeated all in its 

path for another Division Three 
win for the second year in a row! 
Okay, so maybe being academic 
was not our forte. 

We also came out on top in 
the Music Department. The Col- 
or Guard "Legacy" definitely 
proved its legendary efforts in 
various competitions, where the 
group always placed in a top po- 
sition. Juniors also played a 
large role in implementing a new 
and original Constitution for the 
school community in the Gover- 
nance Board, which instituted 
new committees such as the 
Legislative, Judicial, and Arbi- 
tration Councils, and the School 
Climate and Elections and Nomi- 
nations Committee. 

Many of us would take part in 
these activities during our senior 
year, a year we definitely looked 
forward to as we jealously 
watched the former seniors 
graduate in 1992. The year 
1993 would mean a whole new 
experience for us, in which we 
would develop the ability to fur- 
ther recognize and fulfill our in- 
terests and goals, especially 
those of the future. 


Despite the extra week of va- 
cation, the Senior Class entered 
this school year already afflicted 
with severe cases of senioritis. 
But thanks to the dedicated 
leadership of President Joy 
Howland, Vice-President Christy 
Doyle, Treasurer Sarah Brett, 
and Secretary Mark Connelly, 
we managed to survive the year 
with some semblance of success. 

Right from the start we were 
swamped with the usual stress of 
college applications and a never- 
ending amount of deadlines. 
However, many seniors took the 
easy way out and had an over- 
whelming rate of success when it 
came to early decision accep- 
tances. The rest of the class ap- 
plied using the usual amount of 
time and had to suffer the end- 
less wait to hear from the col- 
leges of our choice. But we all 
survived the grueling process. 

The Westwood High School 
sports teams had extremely suc- 

cessful seasons this year despite 
dire predictions. The Football 
Team once again won the Su- 
perbowl, while the Girls' Swim 
Team were the South Sectional 
champions. Wendy Rowe won 
an honored spot on Hi Five and 
the team participated in an "I 
like Mike" commercial for Chan- 
nel 5 Sports. The Boys' Basket- 
ball Team were finalists in the 
South Sectionals and the Girls' 
Team qualified for the State 
Tournament. Also for the first 
time ever in the history of 
Westwood High, a Girls' Hockey 
Team was formed and gave a 
very good showing for their first 
try. The Girls' Tennis Team 
were semifinalists in the State 
Tournament and the Baseball 
Team won a spot in the State 
Tourney as well. And once 
again, the Boys' Hockey Team 
captured the title of Eastern 
Mass. champions. 

In the fall, the PACE program 
was created which enabled stu- 
dents to learn about theater, mu- 
sic, set design, and creation. 
With the outstanding support of 
advisor Ms. Karen Hall, PACE 
gave spectacular performances 
of "The Dining Room" and 
"Mame." And the students in 
the handicap puppet program, 
headed by Mrs. Stephanie 
Kelsch, performed for elemen- 
tary students to provide infor- 
mation on handicap awareness 
issues. The Fine Arts Depart- 
ment certainly enjoyed a very 
busy year. 

The Westwood High School 
Constitution, created and ac- 
cepted by the high school com- 
munity last year, was finally put 
into action. The Legislative 
Council enjoyed a busy year full 
of lunch block meetings and dis- 
cussions on submitted "bills." 
For example, next year the 
school will finally have a student 
lounge due to the efforts of 
some dedicated seniors. The Ju- 
dicial Council and the Elections 
and Nominations Committee de- 
liberated on issues that arose 
during the course of the year, 
while the School Environment 
Committee was formed to con- 

sider important issues about re- 
lationships between community 
members. The Arbitration Coun- 
cil expanded to include mem- 
bers of the Harvard Negotiations 
Team, trained in settling dis- 
putes between individual 
groups. Overall, it looked like 
the governance system was be- 
ginning to stand on its feet and 
begin to actively participate in 
school life. 

Senior activities reached new 
heights this year. We started the 
year off with a great Homecom- 
ing Week with a Powder Puff 
dance, Powder Puff football 
game (girls had an outstanding 
showing), and a homecoming 
victory. The class turned out in 
its winter finery for the Winter 
Semi-formal which raised money 
for the Senior Class. Spring 
Fling Week introduced three 
new colors-Jade, Fuchsia, and 
the winning Sunshine team. The 
senior guys strutted their stuff 
on the walkway in competition 
for the coveted Mr. Westwood 
High title and Matt Keller came 
out as King of the Mountain. The 
Junior-Senior Class Prom was a 
stunning success due to the ef- 
forts of the Junior Class. The 
Senior Banquet emphasized the 
unity of our class as friends gath- 
ered to look at baby photos, 
play Novel Quest, and receive 
their paper plate awards for Se- 
nior Superlatives. And a great 
time was had by all students who 
attended the class Beach Trip, 
especially due to the incredible 
weather, high spirits, and good 
music to dance to on the bus ride 

These are only a few of the 
memories that we will all look 
back on in the years to come. 
Others may have had private 
doubts, but as a class we defi- 
nitely did not lack talent, spirit, 
and most importantly, unity. So 
we, the Class of 1993, would 
like to thank those people who 
helped us arrive at this point and 
each other for the memories we 
will always have of our years 



We the members of the Class of 1993 of Westwood High School, 
Westwood, Massachusetts, county of Norfolk, USA, Planet Earth, 
here by declare this last will and testament, thus voiding any previ- 
ous wills and codicils. 

We leave to the Class of 1994 all of those invigorating college 
processes, i.e. applications, interviews, deposits, rejections, as well 
as a year of "sanity" and "reckless living." 

We leave to the Class of 1995 the Junior/Senior Prom, as well as 
the privilege of taking on a new identity and coming that much closer 

to being one of us An UPPERCLASSMAN. 

We leave to the Class of 1996 a place at Westwood High School 
were they belong, their own sophomoric behavior, and the ability 
not to get caught. 

We leave to the Class of 1997 a handbook detailing proper behav- 
ior when around any upperclassmen, the ability to calm down, and 
specific instructions for getting off to a great start at WHS. 

I, David Abdou, leave to Mr. James Pender many thanks for 
always being there for me and for being such a good friend. 
I, Sue Adams, leave to Amy O'Brien "her father" to refill her glass 
whenever she's thirsty and "the roof" to remind her of Bahamas 

I, Sarah Brett, leave to Stephanie Connelly a two years' supply of 
dogs and tots and the address 14 Indian Hill Road. 
I, Rebecca Burk, leave to Heath-NBOE's, Mel-Attacking thorn 
bushes, Nancy-pantyhose . . . , Buddy-American Music and strange 
people, and Norwood guys-My thanks for anything but normal year. 
I, Megan Burnett, leave to Darci Gorgone a 19oz. pool stick, the 
tiny country of Guam, and a box of macaroni and cheese. 
I, Jeff Campanelli, leave to Eric Gunderson, Skoal. 
I, Kenneth Carter, leave to the three remaining Us: Happy memo- 
ries of our brief but everlasting friendship. I love you guys. 
I, Hyun Chung, leave to the class, all my letters of rejection. 
I, Rick Cocivera, leave to Anthony Cocivera, the memories of me 
beating you at every game that we've ever played. 
I, John Collins, leave to All present and future employees, the 
courage to say "no," then go, and tell someone you trust. 
I, Theresa Conley, leave to Nicole LeVangie, a lab partner, the 
legacy of the bench and to Kellie Noumi, Moby Dick, hard cover. 
I, Mark Connelly, leave to my brother, Shawn, the lucky number 
22. May it be as lucky for you as it was for me. 
I, Siobhan Connelly, leave to Stephanie Connelly good luck and 

the key to the cool ranch slurpie machine. 

I, Laura Corcoran, leave to Amity Howland, a pair of aqua pants, 
a box of Gushers, and the saticfaction of having known me. 
I, Dave Cronin, leave to Fudge and Zapp, second year Dodd 
stories and all the cookies in the jar. 

I, Daniel W. Dobra, leave to Ms. DesPres, a dozen frozen white 

I, Christy Doyle, leave to the shoop shoops, a blue shimering 
dress, to the soccer team my knee brace, and to Kerry, the silver 

I, Kristine Farren, leave to Amy O'Brien, your father to supply 
enough hurricanes to put out the roof that's on fire. 
I, Corinna Federico, leave to Bonnie "Doc" Levinson, a stetho- 
scope and medical bag to take care of the hockey team. 
I, Matthew Fink, leave to Joe Jowdy, a free bowl of soup for that 
haircut, it looks good on you though. 

I, Michelle Fisher, leave to Cara Nasisi, my upcoming love saga, 
and all her other F blocks to come free. 

I, Paul Flaherty, leave to Westwood High School, the note that 
yes, one day I will succeed in something or die trying. 
I, Russ Flynne, leave to the golf team, ten broken clubs and a 
Louisville putter custom built. 

I, Kevin Foster, leave to Steve McGovern, a permission slip and 
registration for our field trip. 

I, Mary Foster, leave to Allison D., a map of Sharon, and to Kelly 
R. a microphone and an audience. 

1, Jennifer Fox, leave to W. Chatterton, a crayon full of springtime 
and the ability to be elsewhere when you're supposed to be 

I, Meaghan Gadd, leave to All the Belindas on the ski team, my 
muffin scale, my pick up lines for the chairlift and a tranquilizer for 
'Ruth Rulebook' bus driver. 

I, Ed Galvin, leave to the hockey team, the will, commitment and 
determination to get back in the Championship. 
I, Donna Guglielmi, leave to the girls' swim team - Many more 
years of fun and success. 

I, Mike Hall, leave to Victor, 2 more years with the bad boy of 

I, Dan Hannon, leave to cousin Bruce Hannon, a great last name; 
to Dan Ricciato, the legend of the Ying-Yang; and to Mame gang, my 
love, best wishes and thanks. 

I, Melissa Hener, leave to Rania Awde, my E block math class with 
Debbie and Doc. To Eileen Nevile, I leave my half of the 

I, Patricia Higgins, leave to T.C. a juicy, red apple; to N.R. a hot, 
well-buttered muffin; and to T.H. a dozen donuts. 



I, Joy-Marie Howland, leave to Bag, Box Skittles; Grandma-ma, 
and my new, red bat. 

I, Andrew Hughes, leave to Jim Fitzgerald, Sarah and the 

1, Whitney Ilg, leave to Teddy memories of Boca and the everlast- 
ing wish to have joined me in the Bahamas. 

I, Elio Imbornone, leave to Ted and Bob, the ability to dry heave 
and rub one out 8 times a day. 

I, Laura Aline Iskenderian, leave to my junior field hockey girls a 
great last season with many scoops, scores and wins. Have a blast, 

I, Patrice Jefferson, leave to SS: backseat of the bus; K.A.: a 
friendship smile; A.O.: good luck; Mag: much success. GP: future. 
I, Matthew Keller, leave to Jim Fitzgerald, the Mr. WHS crown. 
I, Kevin Kelly, leave to Joe Jowdy, my collection of silk shirts. 
I, Christy Kiriacopoulos, leave to Amy O'Brien, the 21st floor in 
N.Y., and as many boxes of tissues she needs. 
I, George Koukkos, leave to All the people who are afraid to 
achieve: my drive for success and my love for life. 
I, Paul Kremer, leave to Megan Burnett, the keys to my car, 

I, Shafie Kureshy, leave to Nick Larkin, the right to be "Gee," and 
a place in the school store. To E.B., the ability to make an armiture. 
I, Tara Laham, leave to Jen Paris my sweet, pleasant, and sunny 
disposition. My nail file, and my tapes cause "you showed me." 
I, Kerry Larkin, leave to Greg, my room-and the sleeping bag + 
blankets to go with it; to Matt, my soccer jacket, and may these '4' 
years bring out the person you are. 

I, Brian Lawton, leave to Becky Prout, a rejuvenated "Bessie" of 
her own and to the swim team, all the cake they can eat in the 

1, Chrissy Leon, leave to Kerry R. and Ellen G., my bathroom, my 
attitude and my guy troubles. 

I, Jonathan Lynch, leave to my sister Beth, many fun weekends in 
the "Dirger." 

I, Randy Magnanti, leave skid marks in the hall!!! 
I, Antonis Mallios, leave to Nora Curran, all my love! 
I, Jennifer Mara, leave to Sam Jones, arguments about lawyers 
and arguing in art. 

I, James W. Marsh, leave to Westwood High School, my red 
beaten-up Sooners baseball hat to hang from the rafters in the Bader 

I, Katherine E. Mason, leave to Eileen and Garrett, pasta galore 
and many many more Jackie-like gifts. To Ben, a silo and the open 

I, Jen May, leave to Julie and Laurie, all the horns they'll ever need 
and to Amy O'Brien, her father for all those late night drinks for 

I, Eileen O'Dea, leave to Rory O'Dea, a new group of senior girls 
to replace Jen, Lindsay and Keity. 

I, Mark A. Onderdonk, leave to the Class of '93, my heart and 
mind for the future. 

I, Mark Paster, leave to Dave Paster, my Buick Electra station 
wagon, which he loves dearly. 

I, Matt Pellegrini, leave to Sean Kane, locker 580, and the 1-800 
hotline card attached for all the times he's fallen and can't get up. 
I, Greg Piazza, leave to the future tennis teams, the only legal copy 
of the forbidden "instructional" tennis video. 
I, Nancy Radden, leave to Tricia, an alibi and to Treen, a life 
without wrestlers. 

I, James J. Resha, leave to all present and future posses in 
Westwood High School a king as powerful as Rick Kranz. 
I, Janet Rosenblad, leave to Anna Piazza, the Samurai and all the 
"winners" it may bring. 

I, Mary Rosentel, leave to Ellen Gorman, my good standing and to 
Jen Babcock my common sense. 

I, Nancy Santoro, leave to Miss Dillon, Ms. Tosca and Ms. Hall, my 
courage, laughter and admiration. 

I, Christine Sceppa, leave to Meg Earls, all the roles where the 
guy dumps you. 

I, Keity Semyonova, leave to Rory O'Dea, a big space in my little 
black book. 

I, Craig Sinclair, leave to Sean (the goat man) Kane, my car to live 
in next year. 

I, Kerry Suchma, leave to Cathy Haverty, my locker 1402; may 
she treat it with care. 

I, Karen Taylor, leave to John Taylor, a romantic candlelight 
dinner with Giant Gina to keep their romance alive. 
I, Steve Tibbetts, leave to Chris Queally, the task of imitating 
Wilfinger; and to Pender, Gearon and Duffy, the most thunderous 
"THINK" ever heard. 

I, Lindsay Tisdale, leave to my sister, Tracy, the mildew in my 

I, Lisa Troiano, leave to Gina Duff, continued success in swimming, 
some cold cheese pizza, a violin sponge, and my friendship. 
I, Mike Troiano, leave to next year's football team, the hope of 
another superbowl year. 

1, Klaus R. Ullmann, leave to Nick Larkin, the covetted "Trash 
locker," and a subscription to Explorer weekly; to Joe Flynn, per- 
mission to touch my drums! 

I, Jennifer VanGelder, leave to Bill VanGelder, a Barrons' book, 
college essays, your own telephone line, eternally clean dishes, and 
two more years with Mom and Dad. 



Superlatives jjfc 



u h 


i n 

.... ~ ^B/ v tt 



Best Natured 

Mike Troiano 
Lisa Troiano 


Best Dressed 

Veronica Gozzo 
Kevin Kelly 


Best Looking 

Christy Doyle 
Mike Hall 

Best Eyes 

Eileen O'Dea 
Andy Hughes 


Best Smile 

Wendy Rowe 
Matt Pelligrini 


Best Laugh 

Cathy Walencis 
George Koukos 

Best Voice 

George Koukos 
Patrice Jefferson 


Best Hair 

Steve McGovern 
Christy Kiriacopoulos 


Best Actor/Actress 

Christine Sceppa 
Dan Hannon 


Best Artists 

Jen Mara 
John Collins 

Best Athletes 

Wendy Rowe 
Elio Imbornone 


Dave Abdou 
Sarah Brett 


Unsung Heroes 

Mark Connelly 
Rebecca Burk 





UB ^^^r^\ 

Done Most for Class 

Ken Carter 
Joy Howland 

Most Gullible 

Mark Onderdonk 
Kristine Farren 


Most Versatile 

Kate Mason 
Mark Connelly 


Most Musical 

Matt Keller 
Patrice Jefferson 





Most Creative 

Jen Mara 
John Collins 


Most Dependable 

Paul Maloney 
Nancy Radden 


Most Desirable Date 

Mike Hall 
Meaghan Gadd 


Most School Spirit 

Joy Howland 
Ken Carter 


Most Likely to Succeed 

Kerry Larkin 
Greg Piazza 



Most Likely to Attract 

Ken Carter 
Christy Kiriacopoulos 


Most Likely to Take 
Home to Mom and Dad 

Christy Doyle 
Matt Keller 


Most Likely to be Seen 
on a Commercial 

Laura Corcoran 
Dan Hannon 



Most Likely Not to be 
Seen in School 

Noreen Curtin 
Asad Kureshy 

Class Couple 

Wendy Rowe 
Mike Hall 

Class Wit 

Steve Tibbets 
Whitney Ilg 


Class Flirts 

Rich Siggens 
Lindsay Tisdale 


Class Preppies 

Jon Lynch 
Jenn VanGelder 


Class Clowns 

Christy Kiriacopoulos 
Jim Marsh 


Class Radicals 

Diana Rice 
Dave Cronin 



Class Saints 

Ed Galvin 
Sarah Brett 


Class Devils 

Craig Sinclair 
Sarah Brett 


Best Leg 

Kevin Foster 



Looking Back 
At The Past 

1 Kerry Suchma 

2 Ken Carter 

3 Jay Resha 

4 Nancy Radden 

5 Joy Howland 

6 Jen Mara 

7 Jenn Van Gelder 

8 Kerry Larkin 

9 Christine Sceppa 

10 Nancy Santoro 

11 Amy Beneway 

12 Laura Iskenderian 

13 Lindsay Tisdale 

14 Matt Keller 

15 Brian Lawton 

16 Rebecca Burk 



1 Ed Galvin 

2 Kevin Foster 

3 Mike Troiano 

4 Siobhan Connelly 

5 Randy Magnanti 

6 Andy Hughes 

7 Christy Doyle 

8 Jim Marsh 

9 Corinna Federico 
10 Jon Lynch 

11 Dave Tenofsky 

12 Steve Tibbetts 

13 Mark Onderdonk 

14 Keity Semyonova 

15 Mary Foster 

16 Cathy Walencis 

17 Laura Corcoran 

18 George Koukkos 

19 Tara Laham 

20 Melissa Hener 



1 Dave Abdou 

6 Dan Dobra 

11 Donna Guglielmi 

16 Eileen O'Dea 

2 Meaghan Gadd 

7 Jen Fox 

12 John Griffin 

17 Dan Hannon 

3 Steve McGovern 

8 Mark Connelly 

13 Patrice Jefferson 

18 Amy Howe 

4 Sarah Brett 

9 Amy Mazzola 

14 Mary Rosentel 

19 Scott McCarthy 

5 Karen Taylor 

10 Christine Leon 

15 Theresa Conley 

20 Rich Siggens 


1 Paul Moloney 

2 Tricia Higgins 

3 Paul Kremer 

4 Kristy Kiriacopoulos 

5 Klaus Ullmann 

6 Wendy Rowe 

7 Whitney Illg 

8 Elio Imbornone 

9 Mike Hall 

10 Michelle Fisher 

11 Jenny May 

12 Greg Piazza 

13 Janet Rosenblad 

14 Kevin Kelly 

15 Rick Cocivera 

16 Kristine Farren 

17 Lisa Troiano 

18 Sue Adams 

19 Veronica Gozzo 

20 Matt Fink 







Corporate sponsorships and a little 
fame aren't things Charles Flahive en- 
counters every day with his job as the 
assistant principal at Westwood High 

However, Flahive is off to Las Vegas 
early next month for a conference, with 
McDonalds paying his fee. Then he's 
off to Illinois in April for a three-day 
conference called Leadership Forum 
for the 21st Century. McDonalds will 
also pick up the tab. 

In May Flahive will be recognized in 
a ceremony here in this state. 

All the excitement has occurred since 
Flahive was named the state's vice- 
principal of the year by the Massachu- 
setts Secondary Schools 
Administration Association (MSSAA). 

The title was awarded to an unknow- 
ing Flahive last November, after a 
committee of four officials with the 
MSSAA narrowed the field from about 
a dozen to just one. 

Flahive started his education career 
35 years ago when he took a job as a 
business teacher in the Westwood 
schools after graduating from Boston 

He became the high school's assist- 
ant principal 13 years ago. 

During his tenure with the school, 
Flahive has been active in education 
well beyond the classroom. 

Flahive is directly involved with the 
Westwood students, working with the 
student council, the student advisory 
board and various activities like the 

Before becoming assistant principal, 
Flahive worked on 23 yearbooks as an 

A real commitment to the Westwood 
High School can be seen in FlahivVs 
office, which contains plaques, tro- 
phies or other tributes to the school's 
successes or to the students' activities. 

In one area of his office is a box of red 
ribbons used in the campaign against 
drunk drivers. Flahive is involved with 
several student activities aimed at al- 
cohol awareness. 

On the wall is a large, framed letter 
from former Gov. Michael Dukakis, 
thanking the school for its help on a 
Valentine's Day project, with which 
Flahive was involved. 

Beside his desk is n picture of the 
front of Westwood High School nfler 
the Blizzard of l!(7R. The photograph 
was taken by a former student, and 
Flahive noted that he still keeps in 
touch with the student. 

Being chosen for such a title helps 
Westwood High School receive some re- 
cognition too. 

"A lot of the good programs the 
school has get known this way," Fla- 
herty said. 

Flahive credits the students — not 
himself — with much of the school's 
successes that have led to the honor he 

"We just have great kids here. They 
come up with some great ideas." 

While Flahive may not take full 
credit for being recognized as vice- 
principal of the year, others quickly 
praise the Westwood administrator. 

Assistant Principal Of The Year 

CHARLES W. FLAHIVE, assistant principal at Westwooc 
High School, was recognized as Massachusetts' Assistan 
Principal of the Year during the "Leadershiop Forum fo 
the 21st Century," sponsored by McDonald's Corporatior 
and the National Association of Secondary Principal: 
(NASSP). Mr. Flahive was presented with a plaque at ; 
national four-day forum. Congratulations, Mr. Flahive! 

Educator receives award 
from Goldin Foundation 

The Goldin Foundation for 
Excellence in Education has an- 
nounced the recipients of its 
1993 awards. Wayne Chatterton, 
an English teacher at Westwood 
High School is among the edu- 
cators recognized for outstand- 
ing contribution in the class- 
room, school and community. 

One of six award winners, 
Chatterton demonstrates a com- 
mitment to excellence in educa- 
tion while providing a learning 
environment which takes into 
account individual student 
needs. Peer nominators for the 
award reflected, "Much of the 
strength of Wayne's candidacy 
comes from his consistent every- 
day excellence. His approach to 
his courses is fresh. He works 
within the parameters of the cur- 
riculum provided, but always 
with the question of how he can 

make the courses more interest- 
ing, exciting and relevant" 

Students, too, provided over- 
whelming positive responses to 
his teaching: "He relates to stu- 
dents. We feel that we are ac- 
complishing something together. 
He asks us to answer one ques- 
tion, and somehow the class 
takes over.. .He teaches us to 
work together — to figure things 
out and to solve things 
together...We start talking about 
one topic but everything seems 
connected, even our first journal 
entry at the beginning of the year 
is connected to everything we've 


We are so proud of 

Mom, Dad, Tammy, 
Sandra, & Margo 

Good Luck, Paul! 

We are very proud of you and wish you all the 
happiness and success you deserve. 

Mom, Dad, and Joseph 

(The Flaherty Family) 

The Green Years staff gratefully thanks the 
following for their support: 


Ed and Kathy Connelly 
Robert & Karen Campanelli 
Terrence & Joan Earls & Family 
Doug and Joyce Green 
Jan, Dave, Jake and Zak House 
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Kremer 
Judith Mara 


The Green Years staff gratefully thanks 
the following for their support: 


Congratulations, David, and the Class of '93. 
Mum and Dad 
(Jerry and Ann Cronin) 

Congratulations to the Class of 1993; and thanks 
for your help and support over the last year and a 

-Kevin and the Foster family 

Congratulations, Ed. We're proud of you! 
Love, Mom and Dad, Katie, Mike and Kevin 
(Eileen and Jim Galvin) 

Best of luck to the Class of 1993! 

Fred and Sherrill Hannon 

Congratulations to you, Melissa, and to the Class 

of 1993. 

Love, Taska, Bob, and Merrilyn 
(Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Hener) 

Kerry L. - On to the next successful chapter! 
F.U.T. and F.A.M. 

Congratulations, Scott! We are very proud of 

Love, Mom, Dad and Ryan 
(Richard and Nancy McCarthy) 

Best of of everything to the Class of 1993! 
Margie Moloney 

Hooray for you, Kerry! You're the greatest! 
Love, Mom, Dad and Damian 
(Don and Kathy Suchma) 

Jen: Best of luck now and in the future. We love 
you - 

Dad, Mom, and Bill 
(Mr. and Mrs. W. VanGelder) 





the Class of 1993! 

Best of luck in the future . . 

Andy and Jill Onderdonk 

Congratulations, Dan! 
We are very proud of 
you. You have wonder- 
ful spirit and character. 
We wish you happiness 
and success at college. 
May they be fun-filled 
and memorable years. 
Love always, 
Mom and Dad 

Dan Hannon 


We love you! 
Mom, Dad, Tracy 
and Nate 

Lindsay Tisdalc 



To Kerry: 

Enjoy the success you 
have worked so hard to 
accomplish. Congratu- 
lations and the best of 
luck in the future for 
the Class of 1993. 
Mom, Dad, Matt and 

Kerry Larkin 

To Tricia and her class- 
mates we wish you: 
Pride for your past 
Success in your present 
endeavors; and. Fulfill- 
ment for your future 

Jim, Paul, Mom and Dad 

Tricia Higgins 









Friends are those rare people who 
ask how you are and then wait to 
hear the answer. 

Christy Doyle 

Mark Paster 

We wish health, happiness, and success 
to Mark and the Class of 1993. 
Mom, Dad, Dave and Craig 



Congratulations, Wendy. 
We are so proud of you! 

Mom, Dad, and Jon 
Best of luck to the Class of '93. 

Wendy Rowe 



Jennifer May 

Congratulations, Jen! 
May that smile always light your 
way! Our love to you always, 
Mom and Dad 

Congratulations, Janet! 
We are very proud of 
you and wish you all the 
happiness and success 
you deserve. 
Mom and Dad 


Janet Rosenblad 

Our best wishes to the 

Class of 1993 

The Dobra Family 

Tke/W. iH ~&£, lUHitdKt, 

ate, uuf lagltfit 
aipixatunu . . . I 
can look, uf> and lee, 
ttefo beauty, be&eve, 
in, thm, and 1tuf to 
foSbw uikexe, Hey 

Mary Foster 

Congratulations, Mary! We are so very proud of 

the young woman you have become. May your 

world always be filled with love and sunshine! 

All our love, 

Mom, Dad, Anthony and Don 

Jennifer Fox 
Congtau~t/atu>i(l, Jetuufexl Youie, off & Gwat Plow! You iave 
biaim in gout iead. You have feet in goat kkoek. You can {tee*, 
tfouxieff any diwdtlon you cLooie. 

Mum and Pad, 




IN . 

"Wtoy you &e tetuciided fa* <*££ t6eU tf^cc d& eoit/i cote 

"Tttom <utd Z><ut 

Congratulations and Best Wishes 

to the 

Class of 1993. 

It has been a pleasure to know you! 

The Howland Family 


Kate Mason 

Dear Kate, 

You've been eighteen years of pure pleasure! Con- 
gratulations on your high school success. We're all 
proud of your achievements. 

Love you, 

Mom and Dad 

Alicia, John, Carolyn, Mike and Fran 


The best is yet to come, Matt! 


Mom and Dad 




262 Broad St., North Attleboro, MA 02761 

Best of Luck 
to the Class of 1993 


Open 6 Days Mon thru Sat 

CoLoniaL -Ljqxuex _3a/c 



Walk-In Service 

921 High St , Westwood 

% A] )] )lesee( Is 

680 High Street 

Westwood, Massachusetts 02090 

(6 17) 329-5190 

Congratulations, Class of 1993! 

IA Supermarket 

American and Oriental Food 

501 Washington Street 

Norwood, MA 

(617) 762-7350 

Centre Cleaners 

"A Standard of Quality" 

629 Main Street 

Walpole, MA 02081 

(508) 668-1293 

Congratulations, Class of 1993! 




■ • 



TEL. (617)329-8110 





yt to/a/ i/tierwr t/&uy/i s/vojb* 


(61 7) 326-939/1 

Gail K. Becker 

Located in: 


695 High Street (Rlc. 109) 

West wood. MA 02090 
(617) .126-9394 


<G4im r tOWguy/BL 0UttoU 



ST. Denis Parish 



Class of 1993 

Sokos Pizza 

Pizzas - Grinders - Spaghetti - Shells 

514 Washington Street 

Norwood, MA 02062 

769-3738 769-3739 

■ Worn m 




The Future Belongs To You, 
Best Wishes, 

%gcht (Bros, and Sudbury J arms 







(And have we got a bank to help you take care of it.) 

South Shore j 


Mi-mlxri I'ixlnnil IVpcisil lusi u.c-( i>r|x>i:iiiim 



We wish you the very 








Aubgupk / e "\^ 




TBI |q 



. fljd '%T^ 

Q^fr Cu^jxjumuUA, 










i ■ ■< 








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